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Irish Pension database

this is surviving fragments of the 1841 and 1851 Irish census returns.

Transcribers are indexing the microfim and do searches off line on request for a fee - Family History Library Catalog
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Ireland old age pension claims name index

Dubbo, New South Wales : Janice Beresford Brooks, c1996
Balgowah, New South Wales : W.F. Pascoe Pty. Ltd., 1996 [fiche]

Brooks, Janice Beresford (Main Author)

Includes a book, Ireland Old Age Pension claims : introduction to the claims and guide to the name index, parts 1 & 2. Contents of book repeated on Fiche 1.
Old Age Pension claims filed between 1908 and 1922 include abstracts from the 1841and 1851 censuses of Ireland as proof of age.
For the records referred to in this index, see: Old age pension claims, 1901-1922 / Ireland. Public Records Office of Northern Ireland.
Contents: Fiche 1. Guide to the name index, pts. 1 & 2. -- Part 1 (All counties of Ireland, but particularly Ulster counties), Fiche 2. Abernathy, J. - Creanor, C. -- Fiche 3. Creanor, E. - Gallagher, M. -- Fiche 4. Gallagher, M. - Kerr, Aa. -- Fiche 5. Kerr, Aa - McCrudden, B. -- Fiche 6. McCrudden, B. - McLoughlin, C. -- Fiche 7. McLoughlin, C. - O'Neill, J. -- Fiche 8. O'Neill, J. - Winters, J. -- Fiche 9. Winters, J. - Young, W. -- Part 2 (Mostly County Antrim claims, but many from Tyrone, Armagh, Londonderry and Fermanagh, a very few from other counties), Fiche 10. Abbott, A.J. - Devlin, R. -- Fiche 11. Devlin, R. - Kearns, E. -- Fiche 12. Kearns, E. -- McCulloch, J. -- Fiche 13. McCulloch, J. - Mitchell, E. -- Fiche 14. Mitchell, E. - Thorburn, A. -- Fiche 15. Thorn, M. - ZZZ, J.
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Ireland - Pensions - Indexes

Call Number - Location
941.5 N27bj 1996 - FHL BRITISH Book - Available


Old age pension claims, 1908-1922, from 1841/1851 census abstracts and miscellaneous sources

Northern Ireland. Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast) (Main Author)

Microfilm of original records in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast.
PRONI record nos.: T550/1-37
Includes duplicate 1841 or 1851 census records for those who applied for government pensions in the early 1900's. They are arranged by counties, and then by baronies within counties. A few applications include letters and/or documents verifying the age of the applicant.

37 volumes in two versions

and a commercial effort:-

Pensear - Irish Pension Search Homepage:
"The Old Age Pension Act was introduced in Ireland in 1908. This meant that people over a certain age were guaranteed a pension from the state.
However, because the compulsory registration of births had only begun in 1864, claimants of the pension were unable to provide a birth certificate to prove their age.
The government therefore found it necessary to establish a person’s age by allowing a search to be made of the 1841 and 1851 census returns.

The claimant of the pension would give the name of the Townland and Parish where he/she was born or resided in at the time of the 1841/51 census, a search would be made of that townland’s census returns and the result recorded. In some cases the family would not be found and so only the result “No trace” was entered. However, on many occasions the search was successful.

In these cases the additional information could state only the age of applicant at the time of the census, but, in many records the names and ages of every person living there is supplied.

The Irish Pension Records are stored on microfilm, are very difficult to read and are not indexed. Our researchers have worked on these records, transcribing them to compile our database."


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