Friday, December 01, 2006

Open University course

Start Writing Family History - Open University course: "This 12-week online course, price £135, will help you to interpret and write about family history.
Through interactive exercises, short readings and longer assignments marked by your tutor you will have an opportunity to practise, improve and reflect on a range of core skills in historical research, concentrating throughout on family history.
These skills include distinguishing between primary and secondary sources and interpreting oral and visual sources."

and some links
T180_5: Genealogical resources - OpenLearn LearningSpace - The Open University

LearningSpace - OpenLearn LearningSpace - The Open University: "Welcome to The Open University's OpenLearn website - free and open educational resources for learners and educators around the world.

You are in the LearningSpace where Open University learning materials are freely available for you to study in your own time, away from any formal teaching environment.

Visit the LabSpace to share and reuse educational resources. Download some learning materials, adapt to your needs: translate, shorten, extend, add examples... and then of course, place it back for others to benefit!"


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