Friday, December 08, 2006


from:- - Message Boards: "I posted a similar posting on several boards complaining of the new rootsweb 'new and improved' system. BUT, they ALL disappeared. What do you know. The AMERICAN right of Free Speech does not include ROOTSWEB.

I'll say it again, your new Bulletin Board system needs to come down and the old one returned. CENSOR THAT.

Ron Bestrom"

when I replied I got a slow response and clicked again like a newbie
only about 8.53 am in New York and the system was noticably slowing down preview button did not work

RBestrom7380 8 Dec 2006 4:24AM GMT
HughW36 8 Dec 2006 1:53PM GMT
HughW36 8 Dec 2006 1:53PM GMT


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