Saturday, December 09, 2006

RootsWeb disaster day 3

from my email:-

But I am forbidden to quote it
there was a confidential but very limited beta test August to November
but only of an empty data base and of data entry and not for example cleaning boards and moving messages.

The very experienced users were ignored except in the request for "no smiley faces" and threatened with excommunication, or even the law, if they had gone public.

It sounds as if MyFamily Inc are as naive as the politicians world wide who think they can control whistle blowers

It is time to contact key people about this damage to their investment

Private company but with public data:-
Founded 1983
Headquarters Provo, Utah, USA

Key people

Tim Sullivan, President and CEO [PRESS RELEASE]
David H. Rinn, CFO
Daren Thayne, CTO
Andrew Wait, Senior VP, Marketing[2]
Michael Graff, Senior VP, Product
Katherine R. Lofft, General Counsel[3]
Mary-Kay Evans, Director, PR,_Inc.

Web site:

Mary-Kay Evans, Director, PR - Google Search

CONTACT: Mary-Kay Evans, Director of PR of, Inc.,
+1-801-705-7378, or; or Paul
Manager, Public Relations of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints Family and Church History Department,
+1-801-240-6498, or

or Salt Lake Tribune - Help & Contact:

Tribune Newsroom
News tips, general information
(801) 257-8742
Fax: (801) 257-8525

90 S. 400 West, Suite 700
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

note (801) is an area code not  a freebie number


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