Monday, December 11, 2006

Useful URLS for instant gratification of one-namers

The URLs listed on are some that they have used in their search for Gumbletons and may be of use to others. "

Most one-namers, when faced with any list of names, will have a quick look, just to see if their favourite name is represented: these sites are online sources for such random searching for one's name of interest. In order to feature on this page, the sites should meet the following criteria:
  • Access to the site is free. I don't pay unless there is a good chance of finding particular individuals.
  • It provides enough online information to be useful (so I have excluded sites which are merely indexes to offline or commercial sites).
  • There is a substantial body of information. Random sightings of the 'Gumbleton' surname (my one-name study) are unlikely in lists shorter than, say, 100,000 names.
  • They are not accessed by general search engines. Searching for occurrences of a particlar name on plain HTML pages is best accomplished by using a search engine such as Google, which regularly crawls the web, indexing pages. However, if data is stored in some kind of database, it is inaccessible to ordinary search engines.
  • Some reasonable chance of finding people of British origin...because that's where the Gumbletons come from.
For the one-namer with a few minutes to spare, the following sites are worth a few mouse clicks to search for your favourite name."

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