Tuesday, December 12, 2006

developer tools

from my email extracts and links from the vbug newsletter:-

a real Geek-out edition as we are talking hardware and software in this edition.

Welcome to VBUG - VBUG.NET: The UKs leading group for Microsoft Developers: "the UK's number one developer group for Microsoft Products. VBUG is dedicated to supplying IT professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to keep up with constant change in development technology."

SQL Server tools, .NET developer tools - Red Gate Software

Vista's EULA product activation worries | The Register

a profile for the next three years computer

". . . final build is a real beast. Athlon X2 FX processor, with 8GB RAM (yep pointless from XP but Vista really rocks.) Western Digital Hard drives all using SATA interfaces.

3 WD 500GB drives and moved over 4 drives from my older system.

"if you exclude graphics cards, any hardware that is good for games, is great for development. I say exclude graphics hardware simply because you don't need 32 pipelines and multi-terapixel shaders for running VS2005. So, I was going to have a nice graphics card, but nothing that was out of the ordinary. I settled for a 7900 GT

"This machine really cooks through a compile that took over 10 minutes on my old machine in less than 1 minute, so dual core is where it's at."
and which mother board?

but one of their redgate portal links was broken

BT Business blog: "It may seem like just a typical, cold wet Monday in the UK. Actually though, it's the last two weeks before Christmas - one of the peak, if not the peak, shopping period of the year."


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