Sunday, December 10, 2006

RootsWeb good intentions

RootsWeb Newsroom

About the Authors

Carrie Who?

Carrie is the Product Manager devoted to all things RootsWeb and will initially be working on updating the UserDB process. She loves helping implement new features that add tremendous value to the RootsWeb community.

Eric Who?

Eric is currently working on UserDBs, processing all of those fabulous databases that our community has uploaded and also working on improving the current system.

Jamie Who?

Jamie is the Dev Lead on RootsWeb. She started with in November 2004 and finally saw the light and came over to RootsWeb in March 2006 after working on

Melissa Philips

Melissa is a Product Manager with a passion for message boards, mailing lists, blogs and other online community products. She began working with RootsWeb in Aug. 2005 and is currently acting as ListMaster for the RootsWeb mailing lists.

Randy Winch

Randy is the Lord of all RootsWeb Development! He started working on RootsWeb way back in 1998 and has contributed innumerable features and tools to the RootsWeb community."

I have been writng my name in full Hugh Watkins on the net since February 1996 and, with good spam filters. an open email address gives far more advantages than disadvantages


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