Tuesday, January 23, 2007

british oral family history

Ancestry.co.uk Media Room - Press release 14 Decembe 2006

"New research commissioned by Ancestry.co.uk reveals that the majority of British adults know surprisingly little about their own families, including where members were born and their occupations.

The research findings, which highlight the need for British families to share family facts and stories this holiday season, reveals that 54 per cent* of Brits do not know where their grandparents were born, while 43 per cent* do not know their grandmothers’ maiden names and 38 per cent* their grandfathers’ occupations.

Perhaps not surprisingly, women have more knowledge of their families - 50 per cent* know where their grandparents were born compared to 42 per cent* of men.

The research also highlights that the average British family’s knowledge of its history goes back just 128 years*, or around three generations, to 1878.

Those in the South East, with an average of 137 years*, keep a better track of their family history, while those from Wales know the least, with an average of just with 108 years* of family history.



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