Friday, January 19, 2007

Member Trees export GEDCOM - Member Trees Tutorial: "Recent Updates and Improvements

Family Tree Homepage

To help you see at a glance all the work that is happening in your family tree, we’ve created a homepage for your tree (see image at right) that shows a summary of all the photos, records, stories, etc. in your family tree.

Improved Edit

As we’ve watched people work with their tree, it became apparent that we had some room to improve our tools for editing a person. The new edit groups items to make it easier to edit common fields, while still providing access to the sources and alternates for each event.


You've asked for this feature and we're happy to say it is finally here. On the 'My Ancestry' page look for the 'Export GEDCOM' link. This process will allow you to export all the names, sources, relationships, etc. in GEDCOM format. For information that GEDCOM does not handle well (e.g., photos, stories, Ancestry records) we provide a link back to the original item on Ancestry.

Start a tree from OneWorldTree

For those who began a family tree using OneWorldTree, this is a welcome option allowing you to transfer the information you entered into OneWorldTree into a Member tree.


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