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scottish census

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1901 Scotland+
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1841 Scotland - Search the largest UK Census collection Online

use keyword(s) Scotland
if you want to research only that country or people born there

NB in 1901 estimated dates of birth are ten years too early
transcribed ages are correct

for example my 1st cousin twice removed Daniel Cormack Lapham who was born 28 Oct 1884:-

in 1901 his age was about 16 years

Daniel Lapham Robert abt 1875 Abernethy, Inverness Son Abernethy and Kincardine Inverness
and in 1891, this is correct, he was aged about 6
Daniel Lapham Robert,
abt 1885 Abernethy, Inverness Son Abernethy and Kincardine Inverness

I have emailed them and spoken on the phone to PROVO - 4:00 am their time and they are working to correct this

to see images you must use the pay per view


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