Friday, June 15, 2007

Patricia Geary

Volunteer Spotlight » Patricia Geary: "Pat Geary has been a valued member of the RootsWeb community since she started using RootsWeb more than eight years ago.

When we started looking for nominations for exemplary volunteers, we heard Pat’s name first and often. She is always going the extra mile when answering questions on the Freepages-Help, Freepages-Advanced, and RootsWeb-Help mailing lists, as well as on the lists she admins.

Pat is an avid genealogist and Web designer, and she also does a bit of cross-stitching on the side. She has been doing genealogy “work” since she got her first computer in 1987, and it was only a few years later that she uploaded her first family website to the Internet."

Pat Geary - Google Search


Blogger Happy Dae said...

I can only add two words:
Pat ROX!

Happy Dae.

6:47 am  

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