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Edward Jones - Grocer

Edward Jones - Emily Moody

I was looking for my own but found the above well set out page from another Jones Family Tree

This is the family of Linda Margaret Jones (the author) and Richard Prys Jones. A great deal of time has been spent researching our respective Jones families, but if you are related in any way and are not mentioned, please get in touch. Links to connected genealogy websites have only been made with the express permission of the website owner. This website is a work in progress and will (hopefully) be updated and expanded in the future.

My own great grandfather is here:-

Jones, Edward
b: 3 JAN 1842 in Raglan, Mon.
He studied in Cheltenham and took over the family shop, now the Post Office in Raglan, from his father
Jones, John b: 1816 in Raglan, Monmouth, England d: 19 February 1887 in Raglan, Monmouthshire )
d: 18 JUL 1900 in Raglan, Monmouthshire

his daughter, my granny - min farmor - , is to the right
Jones, Blanche Eveline
b: 5 JUN 1874 in Raglan, Monmouthshire (AHW BB)
she studied at Southampton General Hospital an qualified as a nurse
d: 5 JUL 1953 in The Haven Monmouth Road Usk Monmouthshire ?July 5 1953

and his son in law, her husband, is to the left
Watkins, Alfred Henry
b: 13 AUG 1862 in Llanvair Kilgeddin, Monmouthshire AML BB
articled clerk then solicitor, and freemason
d: 5 JAN 1935 in late afternoon, Woodbank House, Bridge Street, Usk Mon

and two of Edward Jones fouteen or so grand children are with the little girl to the left
Watkins, Hilda Mary
b: 19 MAY 1903 registered in Pontypool 11a 207
a governess in St Petersburg until caught in the revolution and consequently mortally ill
d: 21 MAR 1928 in Usk

and the little boy to the right is my father
Watkins, Alfred Henry (David)
b: 17 AUG 1907 in Usk Monmouthshire
bank clerk and accountant with the National Provincial Bank, finally in Solihull
d: 24 SEP 1942 when HMS Somali was sunk

my thanks to my second cousin in Australia where these pictures are now

some wills
the Raglan grocer Edward Jones died 18 July 1900


Raglan grocer, and brick,tile and pipe works owner John Jones died 19 February 1887

will-jj-18870219d.jpg View
will-jj-18870219e.jpg View
will-jj-18870219f.jpg View
will-jj-18870219g.jpg View

from my on GENEALOGE: monmouthshire wills


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