Monday, October 15, 2007


Footnote and the National Archives in USA : " about the National Archives Documents Available on

The National Archives and are working as partners to bring unprecedented access to selections of the vast holdings of the National Archives. * Learn more about how this partnership helps you access records of American history. Through our partnership, a selection of historical records is available for viewing and downloading (via subscription) on the web site."

National Archives and Footnote Launch Project to Digitize Historic Documents: "This non-exclusive agreement, beginning with the sizeable collection of materials currently on microfilm,will enable researchers and the general public to access millions of newly-digitized images of the National Archives historic records on a subscription basis from the Footnote web site. By February 6, the digitized materials will also be available at no charge in National Archives research rooms in Washington D.C. and regional facilities across the country.

After an interval of five years, all images digitized through this agreement will be available at no charge through the National Archives web site.

'This is an exciting step forward for the National Archives,' said Professor Weinstein. 'It will immediately allow much greater access to approximately 4.5 million pages of important documents that are currently available only in their original format or on microfilm. The digitization of documents will also enhance our efforts to preserve our original records.'"

About Footnote, Inc.

Founded in 1997 as iArchives, Inc., Footnote is a subscription based web site that features searchable original documents that provide users with an unaltered view of the events , places and people that shaped the American nation and the world. At all are invited to come to share, discuss, and collaborate on their discoveries with friends, family, and colleagues.

For more information, visit Footnote - The place for original documents online

iArchives - Leaders in Document Digitization

Archives’ vision is to be the world leader in transforming microfilm and other print content into searchable, digitized, online databases. To achieve that vision, iArchives is providing technology and a process that will substantially reduce the cost and time it takes to archive documents while enhancing the user's experience in exploring those documents.

Our process uses off-the-shelf hardware and state-of-the-art iArchives software to convert your content into a customized database searchable over the Internet or an intranet. We help our customers solve difficult business challenges and take advantage of new business opportunities through the implementation of innovative technology.


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