Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Harvey Spot

The Harvey Spot: "For those of you who were scared away by the floppy disks and archaic black screen system that was 'Temple Ready,' it's basically been replaced by the new website. And let me tell you, this website is amazing. Just type in your membership record number and confirmation date and ba-da-bing!

*Instant, real-time access to church records over the internet.
*Your immediate family's information automatically populates.
*Little flashing icons above a family's name tells you when temple work is needed or complete.
*You can find out if that long lost relative really did have her ordinances completed, and
*You can connect up with other users who added relatives that might be yours.

No more PAF updates or backing up your information on floppy disks.

It's amazing...and totally 21st century. Really."

" . . . stake president stood up to speak . . . . . His impression was that the membership of our stake needs to live the 4 principles of family finance which the church teaches us. He didn't expand on that further, so I looked them up on the church website tonight.

They are:
(1) Pay Tithes and Offerings,
(2) Avoid Debt,
(3) Use a Budget, and
(4) Build a Reserve.
Somehow when he spoke those words, it felt like I was being hit with a ton of bricks that this stake president truly had been inspired to teach us to follow this counsel."


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