Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Digitalarkivet: "The Digital Archives is a public service from the National Archives of Norway. Here you can search in transcribed source material for free."

20.01.2009 Atle Brandsar has registered marriages in Lom parish, Oppland county, 1801-1815. Slektsforum for Indre Nordmøre has registered stillborn and buried in Åsskard local parish in Stangvik parish, Møre og Romsdal county, 1911-1925.KOH

19.01.2009 The 1875 census for Haus that we published last week, was incomplete. We have now published a new version with the correct numbers of farms and persons. We apologise for any inconvenience.ASC

Mette Værnes has registered burials in Ytterøy local parish in Ytterøy parish, Nord-Trøndelag county, 1817-1843. KOH

16.01.2009 Hurum Historielag has registered Marriages in Hurum parish, Buskerud county, 1827-1846, Orkdal Historielag has registered marriages in Børsa local parish in Bryneset parish, Sør-Trøndelag county, 1803-1816, Jahn Thomas Lind has registered engaged in Nannestad parish 1791-1799, while DIS-Rogaland has registered several databases from Hetland og Helleland parishes in Rogaland county. KOH
15.01.2009 The 1801 Census has been published in a new edition. Farmnames are cheched and other errors corrected. For some of the census lists new records have been added and this will change the order of the data. The missing lists from Kautokeino in Finnmark are now published. The 1801 census is temporarily excluded from the Search all the databases. The global search for the 1801 census have been replaced by one large database for the entire census. Now you can search in all the data for the entire country!

The coded version of the 1801 census have been merged with the regular version. The codes are accessible once you click the Vis kodevariablane button.

Please read the documentation for details on the changes.

News in the Digital Inn: Jan Christensen has made several transcripts of various sources from Skien and Gjerpen in Telemark. Please go to his room in the Digital Inn for a complete list. Steinar Garnes has registered the 1875 census for Haus in Hordaland county. ASC

13.01.2009 Tore H. Vigerust has sent us new transcriptions: Rent roll for allodial property for Herjedal 1625, census for Molde 1746 and census for Trondheim 1736. Anfinn Bernaas has sent us the electoral register from 1915 for Tinn, Telemark county. Slektsforum for Indre Nordmøre has registered baptisms in Åsskard local parish in Stangvik parish, Møre og Romsdal, 1887-1910. KOH
09.01.2009 Slektsforum for Indre Nordmøre is a new guest at the Digital Inn. They have sent us several databases from Åsskard local parish i Stangvik parish, Møre og Romsdal county, for the period 1879-1925. See their room at the Digital Inn for further details.

Per Olav Broback Rasch has sent us two new databases: A register of tenant farmers in Lofoten from 1759 and a register of enrolled men in Buksnes from 1762, both in Nordland county. KOH

08.01.2009 Arnt Hole fra Buskerud Slektshistorielag har registrert 1875-tellingen for Sandsvær. Eiker Historielag har registrert utflyttede fra Haug sogn i Eiker prestegjeld i Buskerud 1905-1923. Fra Åshild Kittelsen har vi fått en database over gravlagde i Tromsø 1821-1828, mens Atle Brandsar har sendt oss en database over viede og trolovede i Lom prestegjeld, Oppland fylke, for årene 1748-1801. KOH


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