Saturday, January 24, 2009

Genealogy Software - GenoPro

Genealogy Software - GenoPro: "I did download the beta 2.0 and I must tell you...I LOVE IT. I am still learning all there is to do with it, but being a die-hard 'Family Tree Maker' user, I think I have been converted. I find GenoPro so easy to use and easy on the eyes...thanks for a wonderful product and I intend to tell all my friends about you and this product. Thanks again.

Denise Scott Murchison
MandM Genealogy
Denison, Texas"

My Ancestors and Relatives: "You are currently viewing a report of My Ancestors and Relatives containing 327 individuals and 106 families. If you are using Internet Explorer and have GenoPro installed on your computer, you may click on this link to view the genealogy tree within your browser. View My Ancestors and Relatives in your browser . You may also click on this link to download a GenoPro format Gedcom file."

from this italian site:-

Tiblandi & Pellegrini: Araldica Genealogia Albero Genealogico: "Benvenuti su TIPESTORY.IT, il portale di ricerca genealogica delle parentele legate alla famiglia Pellegrini e Tiblandi. Il sito รจ in costante aggiornamento, al momento della presente redazione sono recensite oltre 1700 nominativi in circa 400 cognomi. Altri ne sono in arrivo in questi giorni...tornate a trovarci."


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