Saturday, January 24, 2009

MacCarthy Mór Hoax

Irish Historical Mysteries: MacCarthy Mór Hoax: "It would not be unjust to observe that the two versions of the pedigree give radically different impressions, MacCarthy's account painting a picture of a genteel, primarily French-domiciled family, with no hint of any Belfast connection. The second and properly documented account conveys an image of a Belfast-based family of modest means and only recent aristocratic pretensions. Additionally, MacCarthy has persistently misstated the name of his great-great-grandfather as John instead of Bernard, and the date of death of his grandfather as 1947 instead of 1943. Furthermore, many if not most Ulster MacCarthys are really MacCartneys in disguise, as MacCarthy was used as a synonym of the latter surname. (10) The fact that Terence MacCarthy's grandfather was registered as a MacCartney at birth would tend to confirm that his family were of this stock, and were not connected either with the Munster MacCarthys or any French emigré branches"

Mac Carthy Mór hoax - Google Search: "Did you mean:Mccarthy Mór hoax - Google Search"
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