Sunday, May 24, 2009

Divide and conquer method of repairing a broken FTM file

by Courtney Tomkins from [FTM-TECH] Rootsweb mailing list :-

Divide and conquer method (-:

Custom report, all individuals

removed A surnames from report, tried to export individuals in report, crash
removed B surnames, ditto
etc, etc

removed F surnames - no crash

Repeated with only 970 F surnames in report, removed 50 at a time,
etc, until I found the "Winner"

I don't know what was "wrong with him" because program would crash when I tried to look at anything but his family page.

So I deleted the little b*****r.

Luckily he was the "end" of that line, as there were no children
listed for him, only a wife who is now all alone.

Not too bad, I had one once that didn't stop crashing until I removed the S
surnames. There were a lot of S surnames to go thru !


the problem was an FTM file which crashed when you tried to export a gedcom


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