Friday, May 15, 2009

Many Happy Returns of the day - DENMARK list is 10 years old

Welcome to the Denmark Rootsweb list FAQ site!:

"Welcome to the Denmark Rootsweb list, from Paula Goodfellow (listowner) and other members of the list,

This site is a basic guide to Danish research by and for the members of the Denmark Rootsweb list. If you're not a member of the list yet, but interested in Denmark history, we'd love to have you join the group.

The Denmark list is mostly meant to help English-speaking descendants of Danish emigrants to learn how to research their Danish origins. We talk about Danish culture, history, language, and of course Danish family history research. We don't do your family history research for you, but we do try to provide information and guidance in your research.

List messages are usually in English, but there's no reason that posts cannot be in Danish occasionally. Please sign your posts, with your real name, and remember good English conventions , such as proper spelling and grammar, if you are a native speaker of English. We don't want to make it harder for the folks on the list whose native language is not English."

see also Cyndi's List - Denmark / Danmark

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