Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Renee's Genealogy Blog

Renee's Genealogy Blog: "One thing I also learned that the current NFS website is now being called new FamilySearch 'classic'" . . .

Last Thursday evening at the Alpine Tabernacle, Randy Bryson from FamilySearch, spoke to the Family History Consultants in attendance. We were excited to learn they are working the roll-out of new FamilySearch differently to the the Utah/Idaho Temple districts. Here are some of the things we learned.

* All registered Family History Consultants and Priesthood Leaders will receive notice, within days, that they have access to new FamilySearch. If you haven't registered, you are encouraged to do so NOW at http://consultant.familysearch.org.

* June 9th, the Mount Timpanogoes temple will no longer accept Temple Ready Disks. Patrons will need to submit a FOR (Family Ordinance Request) instead. How will they do that you ask? By going to their local Family History Center where registered Family History Consultants will turn Temple Ready disks into FORs. They will sign patrons into NFS through the Helper function.


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