Monday, June 15, 2009

Elkington Family

Elkington Family: "This Website has been created to help those called Elkington or who may have relatives called Elkington

Some of the trees are taken from the works of Arthur Edward Hardwicke Elkington and his cousin, Christine Elkington, who worked tirelessly to record all the Elkington families known to them at the time of their work. Their notes have been used to form the records contained in these trees and backed up with Family Documents, Wills, Family Bibles, Church Records and Bishops Transcripts"

George Elkington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "The science of electrometallurgy was then in its infancy, but the Elkingtons were quick to recognize its possibilities. They had already taken out certain patents for the application of electricity to metals when, in 1840, John Wright, a Birmingham surgeon, discovered the valuable properties of a solution of cyanide of silver in potassium cyanide for electroplating purposes. The Elkingtons purchased and patented Wright's process, subsequently acquiring the rights of other processes and improvements.

The Elkingtons opened a new electroplating works in Newhall Street, in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham in 1841, and the following year Josiah Mason, a pen manufacturer, joined the firm and encouraged the Elkingtons to diversify their output, adding more affordable electroplated jewellery and cutlery to the large pieces the company had been producing. Electroplated wares became very successful in the Victorian market and by 1880 the company employed 1,000 people at the Newhall Street site and had a further six factories.

There is a Blue Plaque commemorating him on the old Elkington Silver Electroplating Works (The old Science Museum), Newhall Street, Birmingham."

Elkington Birmingham History - Google Search


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