Monday, August 17, 2009


Anthony J. Camp - ROYAL MISTRESSES AND BASTARDS: "This major new reference work takes some twenty-nine members of the Royal Family, both male and female, from George I to Edward VIII and deals critically and in great detail with their alleged affairs and offspring. Over four hundred relationships are considered (and listed on this website).

It investigates all the claims that have come to the author's attention in over fifty years of research, backed up with very wide reading in biographies, memoirs, newspapers, satirical prints, diaries, probate records and a vast range of other contemporary records in the British Isles and overseas. The research has also taken advantage of the many computerised indexes to records that have become available in recent years but have been little used by other biographers. The resulting work adds very considerably to the existing knowledge of a great number of people on the fringes of history, corrects many accounts and provides, for the first time, a firm source-based reference work by an authority in the genealogical field against which future claims may be considered."

Anthony J. Camp, Royal Mistresses and Bastards, Fact and Fiction, 1714-1936: the website of the book
DESCRIPTION: lists members of British Royal Family 1714-1936 with their mistresses and illegitimate children and corrections and additions to the printed book (2007


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