Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RootsWeb disaster NO LONGER because the new LIST Archives Search Engine is a major success

Test Concept -- Archives search engine -- Test Concept: "Search Ancestry "

bad typography Keyword and Advanced should not be underlined if they are not active links

NB Keyword(s) is house style

Searching for: +(+lapham +kristoffersen)
Viewing 1-25 of 26 matches from 30,276,734 documents

NOT works too

Search Tips

  • Search for a phrase by putting quotes around a group of words, like "john jones"
  • Perform a single character wildcard search using "?". For example, j?nes will find jones and janes
  • Perform a multiple wildcard search using "*". This will look for zero or more characters, so jon* will find jon, jones, and jonson
  • Use "AND" to require the search to find all words or phrases. "john AND jones" will only return results with both words
  • Use "NOT" to exclude words or phrases. For example "john NOT jones" will return all results with the word john but not jones


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