Saturday, December 09, 2006

disaster at - Message Boards

seen on a message board:- - Message Boards: "I was sent an e-mail from Ancestry ..there had been a response to my post of yesterday at the Slocum board. I tried the link in the an error msg.
Then I waded through my Favorites to find the board. I found my post which showed 0 responses. I clicked on my post & got another error msg.
Of what use are the boards? I get errors over & over when trying to post. I have to copy each post I make into an e-mail to myself now because I know the 1st one won't go through & will be lost.

I wrote to them yesterday, using their Send Feedback link. They acted as if they hadn't a clue I was writing about the message boards. DUH!
The lack of curtesy has me wondering about the mentality of some of those employed by Ancestry who are supposed to be helping but instead act as if I'm not at all important enough to be given an answer or solution to the problem."

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