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[quote]Who are you, Bennett? If you are "official", please identify yourself as such.[/quote]

one of 305 users from Provo, Utah, USA

but internal company policy forbids them to use these boards for other than for their own research

too bad

that also killed off the useful feedback dialogue about errors on ancestry.co.uk

their ineffective public relations department claims a monopoly on external communication which is normal for any employer of more than one thousand people

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suggets a certain confusion about the rebranding

staffers have emails on a server ending (at) myfamilyinc.com

in this very important thread:-
Exporting GED files from Ancestry Trees: "Just tried the new facility. Are the the FAMC and FAMS records missing from the gedcom file?
Can someone else try an export and verify this?"

Ancestry.co.uk - Message Boards: "Ok-final comment (I promise). I now know more than I want about Gedcom files, and I take back the apology. Just because 3 out of 5 of my software prgs. (and FTM) seem to accept the gedcom, it's not in the correct format.

The LDS gedchk report I ran on my tree's gedcom shows 8 syntax errors and 219 cross-reference errors (missing FAMC and FAMS for individuals).

If you want the text file report, email me and I'll send it to you. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but now I'm just annoyed that you suggested a workaround and implied that everything except the gedcom, PAF, and FTM were defective."

jd4x4 (View posts) Posted: 22 Dec 2006 1:14AM GMT
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I'm not familiar with the "select all, then save" method..
My browser/OS gives me a choice to either "open" or "save to disk" when I click on the link.

Have you tried right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save Target As" (Windows & Internet Explorer) or right-clicking and selecting "Save Link As" (Windows & Firefox)?

e: Exporting GED files from Ancestry Trees New

JonathanLeHuray1976 (View posts) Posted: 4 Jan 2007 6:49PM GMT
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Yes I get the same thing. I'm trying to import my Ancestry gedcom into 'phpgedview' and 'The Next Generation' to display my tree on a website. When importing this file with phpgedview, I get 250 individuals but no relationships, with TNG I get just the source details but no individuals being imported.

Forum posts for both of these programs say it's a problem with Ancestry.
I had the same problem until I figured out that just adding a spouse doesnt add a MARRIAGE relationship! I sent a feedback and made a post about it here:
more on Marriages and Gedcom Exports: "I sent the following via feedback, fyi:

When clicking 'Add marriage information' from the Family view pages, the url generated is:

When it should actually be:

Also currently, adding a spouse does NOT add a marriage event, AND when attempting to add a marriage event, it will not be added if all 3 information fields are blank even though a selection button for the current spouse is checked. (A work-around is to add 'unk' or something in the Location or Description fields, if a date is unknown)

My suggestion would be to have the proper marriage event boxes display immediately after adding a spouse, so that a marriage (or some sort of union) is registered for the couple.

No union causes major problems in the otherwise excellent (imo) Gedcom Export."


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