Saturday, September 29, 2007

Family Tree Maker blog Blog:
"Welcome to the new Family Tree Maker blog!
* Posted by Benjamin Nettesheim *
September 28, 2007

Welcome to the new Family Tree Maker blog! As the Family Tree Maker Brand Manager, I’m excited to now have a platform to communicate updates, improvements and information about our strategic direction to the community as quickly as possible.

Of course I welcome comments and discussion. I would also like to make sure everyone knows about our Family Tree Maker feedback form.

yes but users need feedback too - you need to create

We receive a regular report from this feedback form and although we can’t respond to every inquiry, we will respond periodically to the most frequently asked questions and comments via this Family Tree Maker blog."

Benjamin it is time for you to develop a new killer app or two - even on the clunky .net framework

kick start the community by publishing the API and a plug-ins developer kit
Google and FlickR do and profit by it
Google Maps API - Google Web APIs - Flickr Services

Rebuild FTM 16 as a stand alone java app with full functionality on any platform including as a plug in to .net see
API java - Google Search

Purchase or copy all the templates of Custodian 3 database as plug ins custodian 3 - Google Search

Create alternative HISTORICAL place name plug ins from the US and UK census editions which TGN already owns . . and then the rest of the TGN properties including the gazetteers in the Ancestry Database Card Catalog -

primarily for the ancestrylibrary edition Ancestry Database Card Catalog - needs a standard OPEC interface to for the individual institutions and World Cat to add to their own catalogues

If you don't understand any of the above you better engage me as a consultant and trainer


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