Monday, March 24, 2008

England & Wales Civil Registrtaion

England & Wales Registration Certificate Tutorials: "This Web site aims to help people tracing their family history by explaining the usage of the different entries on birth, marriage, and death certificates throughout the history of birth registration in England and Wales. The entries on the certificate and their interpretation has to have changed over the past 150 years, and the interpretation of certificates without knowledge of the legal requirements and practices of the period when the registration was made can sometimes be difficult. The birth registrations of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Southern Ireland are different from those of England and Wales and are not covered here."

FreeBMD Home Page:
The recording of births, marriages and deaths was started i july 1837 and is one of the most significant resources for genealogical research. The transcribing of the records is carried out by teams of dedicated volunteers and contains index information for the period 1837-1983. PLEASE NOTE: WE HAVE NOT YET TRANSCRIBED THE WHOLE INDEX. A breakdown by event and year can be viewed here

The FreeBMD Database was last updated on Tue 4 Mar 2008 and currently contains 146,506,668 distinct records (188,400,433 total records)."

England and Wales BMD Index: 1837-1983
pay to view images not yet transcribed

Complete BMD Indexes 1984-2005
This collection is transcribed meaning you’ll find the individual entry for the person you are searching for here.*
Births - Marriages - Deaths


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