Thursday, January 29, 2009

JewishGen is temporarily down

JewishGen is temporarily down: "JewishGen is moving!

The re-hosting of the JewishGen servers from Texas to their new location at the data center is now in progress.

We hope to make this transition as quickly as possible. But in order to ensure the complete and reliable transfer of data, it is necessary to completely shut down all JewishGen servers for a period of time.

We will start up the new servers as soon as possible, but we may encounter some 'bumps' in our initial operations in the new location, as there are many programs and operations to be ported and configured.

We anticipate that after the transition, JewishGen will be stronger, faster, and more reliable than ever. Thank you for your continued patience and support, and we look forward to providing you with an ever-improving JewishGen experience.

Update: Thursday, January 29: We're making good progress, and hope to have the basic servers online and accessible within the next 24 hours."

see jewishgen - Google Search which includes Rootsweb message boards which are gratis

AND - jewishgen - Google Search


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