Sunday, December 10, 2006

RootsWeb disaster? day 4

RootsWeb Newsroom » Blog Archive » Message Boards Have Been Updated has had 71 Responses

and from my email:-

Hello Hugh Watkins,
I am in California. I have been so frustrated by the sweeping changes
to this year. I don't think that there is any recourse,
but I was happy to see a complaint location provided by
your blog site.

I long for the old ancestry. It was so fun, so fast, so productive.
***** *****
Sunnyvale, California

but the ? in the blog subject means a small improvement to the boards has already been made
two lines for each message header,

but we still need navigation buttons previous and next - Effective Postings on Message Boards: "In my own research, I use the message boards of the Genealogy Forum on America Online" wrote George G. Morgan on 28 January 2000

and today
Welcome To GenealogyForum.Com which is where the leading AOL genealogy volunteers migrated to when AOL took over and reorganised thier community
and now hosted by RootsWeb


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