Monday, August 11, 2003

well the thingy works

Site being probed:

Web Server: Microsoft-IIS/5.0

Domain Query Results

status: production
organization: Trusted Third Party Limited
owner: John Williams
address: Gamekeepers Cottage
address: Pinewood Road
city: Iver Heath
state: Bucks
postal-code: SL0 0NJ
country: GB

>>Dear Hugh,

Thank you for contacting The National Archivist.

We are sorry that the site was not live when you attempted to access it
this morning. The site went live at 0930 EST this morning.

You can access the site using the following link

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The National Archivist

er what is EST in UK

we have GMT

Eastern Standard Time
n. Abbr. EST
Standard time in the fifth time zone west of Greenwich, England, reckoned at 75° west and used, for example, in the eastern part of North America. Also called Eastern Time.

are they owned by USAians ?

I'll ask

Hugh W

It's nearly five hours late soon 500am BST on this MONDAY

In a couple of my lists it said :-

The National Archivist is going live on Monday 11th August
If you have any queries please dont hesitate to contact us at

RESULT null nix nothing

I hate OFFICIAL webmasters


GENEALOGE, well I though I made up this word, portmantoing Genealogy + lodging or LOGE like a box in the theatre - think Muppets

Googled it of course and it looks like good German


This is G o o g l e's cache of

here too

========= stolen ===============OOO000ooooooo........

Liste de mots mal orthographiés :

géénéalogies, génééalogies, éénéalogies, géénéalogie, géééalogies, génééalogie, géééalogie, éénéalogie, généaleaugies, généaalogies, généalaugies, généaleaugie, généalogiess, généalogiies, ggénéalogies, généalogiees, généaloggies, généaloogies, génnéalogies, généallogies, généalogees, généaloiies, généalggies, généaoogies, généllogies, généalojies, généalogieq, généalogied, généalogiea, généalogizs, généalogirs, généalogiws, généalogiee, généalogues, généalogiie, généalogoes, généaloggie, généalofies, généaloogie, généalohies, généallogie, généaligies, généaalogie, généalpgies, généakogies, génnéalogie, généamogies, génézlogies, ggénéalogie, généqlogies, généslogies, gébéalogies, généalaugie, géméalogies, fénéalogies, hénéalogies, généalogise, généalogeis, généaloiges, généalgoies, généaolgies, génélaogies, génaélogies, géénalogies, gnééalogies, égnéalogies, généalogiss, généalogei, généalogiz, généalggie, généalogir, généaloige, généalogiw, généaoogie, généalogue, généalgoie, 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I enjoyed the play ART but fell asleep the second time, sitting in the front row of the stalls in London's West End

Warren Mitchell looked down at me several times -- an actors life :-(

Whitehall Theatre: Opened 15 October 2001, Closed 4 January 2003

>> Comedy by Yasmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton. Originally directed by Matthew Warchus.

Play that deals about what happens between three friends when one of them buys a work of modern art. This play won the 'Best New Comedy' awards at both the 1997 Olivier Awards and the 1996 Evening Standard Awards.


Hugh W 36