Saturday, September 20, 2003

Well here in BRUM it's just after midnight 0004 sunday morning
I am not fully awake yet, had to go to bed early after TV "Who wants to be a Millionaire," but I suffer from broken sleep - part of the fun of the aging process so it is easier to get up and do something, like put the soup on for its daily boil - which keeps the stock pot hygenic and the soup sterile.
The same soup which was blogged a few days ago . .since then I have added 500 grams of liver and 500 grams of mixed minced beef and pork, and today half a cooked chicken, an onion and a carrot and a third of a cabbage - all gut up in bite size pieces. A pint of water to replace what has been eaten - or evaporated.

My mother's recipe for a basic stock is a carrot and oion and some meat bones.

Then you fine tune it with herbs, these days spices too, or curry or balti powder, or a couple of cheap cans of tomatoes with italian style seasoning.

Endless . . in principle I keep it on the go from now to the spring next year.

Sometimes I serve it with rice in a freezer bag:-
one measure finest rice, herbs or seasoning to tasete, about one and half measures of water, float in in the soup and static pressure keeps it seperate.

Farberware Programmable Pressure Cooker: "Quickly cooks foods under steam pressure with little liquid"
a less intelligent version of that one with no electronics just a ticking timer

Google Answers: Boiling point of water vs pressure greater than 1 bar

SNOW HYDROLOGY (GEOG 4321): PHASES OF WATER: "The overall relationships among solid, liquid and vapor phases of water "

NEW to ME Google Answers

Vapor Pressure: "The line on the graph shows the boiling temperature for water." which is why cooking in a pressure cooker is so much quicker, it just gets hotter in there because the steam cannot get out.

go to go
to computer school

been hand editing the h t m l for nearly two hours
more on both later

Good morning little laptop !

Good morning readers !!!

robot wisdom weblog

jorn barger's page is the equivalent of the features pages of my daily news, and is what I see when I start my browser
- MS calls it a "home page"

TV and radio may have been on with BBC news, but mostly I breakfast at my seventh floor kitchen window and quietly observe what is going on down below and in the air. (more another day)

Now I have brewed my second cup of tea and let it mash while starting this Sony. Second only to Apple, Sony has the best designs - well SUN work stations are wonderful but out of my price range.

I do my email first :-


An attack on AOL this time


get a good firewall and use it constantly

Subj: Power On/Firewall - (Reference: CBUK10610361 -
Date: 20/09/2003 08:01:46 GMT Standard Time
Sent from the Internet

Dear member

Our service provider (BT) have informed us that they require your
to be powered on, with the DSL modem connected to the line through a

BroadBand filter.  They have also requested that you disable
any firewall
you may have on your computer temporarily until further notice.

This is
so they may test your ADSL circuit. Please reply to this mail ASAP to

confirm that this is the case.

Kindest Regards,

AOL Broadband Team

Connection Tip...

How many telephone outlets do you have? Have you got more BT socket
points than filters?

If you have more than 2 phone sockets in your home/building, you need
to be aware that for BroadBand to work: -

- All phone sockets in use (with a peripheral such as a phone or fax
plugged into it) MUST have its own dedicated filter.

- If you have more phone sockets than filters (2 filters supplied in
each AOL BroadBand pack), then they must leave some sockets empty until

you get more filters.Additional filters are available to buy at KW: BroadBandExtras.

- BroadBand will NOT work if you have a peripheral (phone, fax) plugged
into another phone socket on the same line in the house, without a
filter also being plugged into that same socket.

If you do the above you are falling for a classic hack called human engineering

Google Search: "human engineering" hacking: "Perhaps not surprisingly, the bulk of reported frauds involve 'human engineering':
providing fake information "


experienced users know that all these emails are fake - but a lot of ordinary people have been caught out by this.

I have roughly copied and edited the h t ml


these big people never email us little people - we have to go to them !!!

Microsoft Windows Update

is where I get my security fixes and updates



----- Original Message -----
From: Internet Security Department
To: Commercial Customer

Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 5:39 PM

Subject: Internet Critical Pack


  Microsoft  All Products |  Support | 
Search | Guide 
Microsoft Home  


Microsoft Customer

this is the latest version of
security update, the "September 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which fixes
all known security vulnerabilities affecting MS Internet Explorer, MS
Outlook and MS Outlook Express as well as three new vulnerabilities.
Install now to help maintain the security of your computer from these
vulnerabilities, the most serious of which could allow an malicious user
to run code on your computer. This update includes the functionality of
all previously released patches.


System requirements Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP
This update applies to MS Internet Explorer, version 4.01 and later
MS Outlook, version 8.00 and later
MS Outlook Express, version 4.01 and later
 RecommendationCustomers should install the patch at the earliest opportunity.
 How to install Run attached file. Choose Yes on displayed dialog
 How to use You don't need to do anything after installing
this item.


Microsoft Product Support Services and Knowledge Base
articles can be found on the target=_top>Microsoft Technical Support web site. For security-related
information about Microsoft products, please visit the href="" target=_top>Microsoft Security
web site, or href=""
target=_top>Contact Us.

Thank you for using Microsoft

Please do not reply to this message.
It was sent from an unmonitored e-mail address and we are unable to
respond to any replies.

The names of the actual companies and products
mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.


target=_top>Contact Us
 |  href="" target=_top>Legal  | 
href="" target=_top>TRUSTe
©2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights
reserved. href="" target=_top>Terms of
 |  href="" target=_top>Privacy
 |  href="" target=_top>Accessibility


Friday, September 19, 2003

I was at Birmingham International station and saw the enormous cloud of smoke from behind NEC - never went to the museum, too late now.

Motorcycle Museum Fire - Most Of The Damaged Bikes Can be Saved - 24 Hour Museum: "While it appears that around 600 motorcycles from the museum's 900-strong collection have been damaged, Ken explained that only around 70 of them have been lost forever. The rest are salvageable and will be able to undergo a very long period of restoration."

"Assistant Divisional Officer of the West Midlands Fire Service, Dave Glenis confirmed that a cigarette, discarded near a pile of old air conditioning filters at the side of the museum was the likely cause of it.

'It burned through the eaves and then got through the roof space and it was only when it had taken quite a strong hold that it was discovered.' he said

Adding that traffic problems and the lack of a nearby water supply all hampered the rescue attempt, Dave said that although the exhibition halls had burned very quickly he didn't believe the motorcycles were carrying any petrol.

'If you imagine a motorbike with the foam on the seat, the rubber tyres and all the fixtures and fittings, once they start they burn freely and of course it's a museum with lots of open space and lots of people, so there's a lot of oxygen.'"

IOL : Hundreds of rare bikes lost in museum fire: "Fire swept through three of five exhibit halls in Britain's National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. So fierce was the blaze that, despite 120 fire-fighters being on the scene, more than 400 rare, classic or just plain unique British motorcycles - most of them irreplaceable - were damaged or destroyed"

ic Birmingham - Museum fire causes misery for brides: "Birmingham brides were today hastily making alternative arrangements after the National Motorcycle Museum blaze ruined their plans for weekend weddings."

"Owner Roy Richards opened the museum in 1984 and it has since attracted some 250,000 visitors a year and grown to become one of the biggest motorcycle museums in the world, incorporating 15 reception suites."

Isle of Man Online: "The museum was opened by TT legend Geoff Duke in 1984 and his trophies were housed in cabinets in the reception area. They were hauled to safety by staff who smashed the glass to rescue them.

The six-times TT winner and six-times world champion said: 'It's a great relief. They are very precious and obviously they couldn't have been replaced so, although the actual fire is an absolute tragedy, it's nice to hear the trophies are safe.'

Mr Duke's relief is perhaps greater than most because many of his trophies and memorabilia were destroyed in another fire on the Snugborough Trading Estate in the early 1990s, when he'd stored his possessions while selling his home. Those at the museum are his only remaining trophies."

Sometimes our possessions own us.

the new AOL USA Genealogy chat room

is where we are hanging out

12:01 AM New York time 0501 or 5:01 am UK summer time - Weather Maps - Dover, DE Local NEXRAD Doppler Radar:

URL from my AOL genealogy friend "BITS"
she has been watching the doppler radar to se what the hurrican was up to. It tore two limbs of a tree in their drievway but otherwise they were unscathed.

I dealt withour earthquake in the same way
log on and ask a friend "was that a quake ?"

Hurricane Rages North to the Nation's Capital:

"Even before nightfall, visibility was no more than 100 yards, but people in pickups and even on foot kept venturing out to look at the beach road, Highway 12, which was a maelstrom of stinging sand and spray, flying two-by-fours and paint buckets, and hidden obstacles of nail-bearing roof and deck debris.

'I'm just watching the morons drive through this,' said Fire Chief Doug Penland of Kill Devil Hills, idling in his four-by-four with another firefighter from a safe distance."

Townies have no idea that weather can kill -- them too - NATION/WORLD: "More than 300,000 people in North Carolina and Virginia had been urged to move to higher ground. Even seasoned storm veterans gave in to the five days of warnings that started when Isabel was a Category 5 leviathan with 160 mph wind.

But a few thousand hardy - or foolhardy - souls ignored evacuation orders. Virginia Beach police suggested they write their names in permanent marker on their forearms so they could be identified if they are injured or killed.

At Howard's Pub on the Outer Banks' isolated Ocracoke Island, bartender James Tucker said he and five other employees resolved early today to 'hang out and drink beer until the cable runs out.'

A hurricane warning remained in effect from Cape Fear in southern North Carolina to the Virginia-Maryland line. A tropical storm warning extended northward to New York's Long Island, including parts of New York City.
At 3 p.m. EDT (1 p.m. Colorado time), Isabel was centered about 50 miles east-southeast of Greenville, N.C., the hurricane center said. It had picked up speed, moving northwest at around 20 mph. Isolated tornadoes were possible in eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia." much snipped

Current Weather Conditions:
Birmingham / Airport, United Kingdom

"Wind from the S (190 degrees) at 7 MPH (6 KT)
Visibility 4 mile(s)
Sky conditions mostly cloudy
Temperature 60 F (16 C) "
Just an "indian summer"

for a week now BHX airport is 3 miles from here

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages WATKINS and LAPHAM of Monmouthshire and Bristol UK:

Surname List

Index of Individuals


all updated but I have just received a TREE on paper
from a cousin with another 100 plus names.

Actually this is a neat JAVE file viewer :-

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Alison Mary Lapham

To locate an individual quickly, type F on your keyboard. ¨
This will display a list of all individuals in the tree. "
--- snipped

do read all the instructions !!!

some friendships still appear as marriages because of the file upload and conversion process FTM 10 auto web publishing.

Joseph S Forman (son of Forman) was born December 20
a father figure to me HBW, and died April 9, 1994 source AMW BB.
He married Alison Mary Lapham, NOT but was a real family friend and with no issue should be remembered in our family history at least.

SimpleOCR - the only royalty free OCR engine!: "Download SimpleOCR, a fully-featured, free OCR application. 100% ad-free SimpleOCR is funded by sales of our API and document imaging systems. Click here to request a demo of our API."

This turned up as "spam" but an unsolicited email is OK if it is relevant to one's interests

Try at your own risk !!!

The Spybot and its companion have zapped more than 400 dubious bits and pieces linked to pornsites even. The start up items manager had reduced noticably memory overhead and CPU usage - so the stuff that I like and use is noticably faster.

PepiMK Software

A Young idealistic guy in Germany has made a free spyware detector

PepiMK Software
and has written quite a bit of software
PepiMK Software
Spybot which I am downloading and installing
Spybot - Search & Destroy - - Free downloads, shareware, and more.: "The release of the latest version of Spybot - Search & Destroy adds some truly useful features to an already excellent app.
Not only does Spybot check your system against a comprehensive and timely database of adware and other undesirable system invaders, the new Immunize feature provides a front-line defense against a plethora of uninvited Web-borne flotsam, blocking it before it reaches your computer.

Spybot includes a set of incredibly useful tools
that complement its basic functionality, including
Secure Shredder, for completely destroying files;
Hosts File, for blocking adware servers from your computer; and System Startup, which lets you review which apps load when you start your computer.

The ugly but functional interface features advanced and easy modes, but it doesn't let you switch between them while it is running. The functionality of Spybot makes it a must-have for all Internet users, and this version is a worthwhile upgrade if you have a previous install. "

GreenpeaceUSA - Home Page
he linked to an ante plutonium page on Greenpeace International which seems to be down.

STOP PLUTONIUM - Secret Shipments of Highly Radioactive Plutonium Waste: Publications: Media Center: Greenpeace USA: "weapons-usable plutonium "
which is also highly poisomous and like any heavy metal needs to be kept out of the food chain.
Sea Shepherd This has ruined the lives of the hunters on Greenland and led to my Faeroese friends calling the organisation GREENS��T as in "bull. .���� . ."

Self censorship to avoid filters banning my blogs
American Red Cross
my whole hearted support. > Fur: Get Me Not! as I am a meat eater I think this is over the top because good husbandry, or even ecology, requires that one should utilise all parts of any animal one slaughters for food.
Amnesty International - Campaigns - Israel and the Occupied Territories: An ongoing human rights crisis: "The human rights situation in Israel and the Occupied Territories continues to deteriorate. In the past three years the Israeli army has killed more than 2,200 Palestinians and some 800 Israelis have been killed by Palestinian armed groups. Most of the victims were civilians and included more than 380 Palestinian children and some 100 Israeli children. The Israeli army has assassinated more than 100 known or suspected Palestinians militants, killing scores of men, women and children bystanders and injuring hundreds others."

I started off being pro Israel but now they have forfeited my support.
We have lived with IRA terrorism (which is the aftermath of colonialisation) in the UK for genearations and found out that revenge is no answer.

Even the VIKINGS knew better than the Israellis and the Palestimians.

Revenge was forbidden and compensation had to be paid for wrongs like murder.
BW Online | September 12, 2003 | Immunity from the Pop-Up Plague: "There are, however, several simple software programs to help you scan and destroy both pesky adware and sinister spyware.
Two of the most popular are Ad-Aware, published by Swedish firm Lavasoft, and Spybot Search & Destroy from German firm PepiMK Software's. Both work much like an antivirus tool. You can set them up to scan when you boot the computer or request only manual checks."

Why I installed SPYBOT
robot wisdom weblog: "CNet loses their html-junk (overdue design re-think)"

thanks again to Jorn and the BLOGGER'S BLOG

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Genealogical Society of Ireland: " webpages of the Genealogical Society of Ireland "

With so many lost records irish genealogy is very special and you need all the help you can get.
In my mailbox
Adamsgirls77 wrote:-"I am sorry this does not come from a familiar name, but I am trying to write this from a name that I won't get IMed from while I do this.
I don't want to be interrupted. I want to invite you to the NC/SC chat on >chat then we are in BRICK WALLS once you have signed in.
The chat is the same day(Monday) and the Same time(7-9) NEW YORK TIME
as it was on AOL.
If you can no longer make it or Tuesday is a better day...I am working on getting the AOL genealogy chats for NC/SC (US state abreviations ) to be on Tues. from 7-9pm. BUT that will not start this week.
Hope you can come, if not it has been great seeing you every week...Cheri and I will miss you. Stop by when you can.

GFSFelicia for

which led to the surfin' below
Google Search: FLUCLOXACILLIN: "Searched the web for FLUCLOXACILLIN. "

breakfast over - wrote it on the back of my wrist


"In general, all streptococci are sensitive to simple penicillin. There has been increasing penicillin resistance in pneumococci, but penicillin remains the drug of choice even in localised pneumococcal skin infections.
Many staphylococci are no longer sensitive to simple penicillin due to the bacteria producing an enzyme that inactivates it, called penicillinase (also known as beta lactamase). Penicillin antibiotics with penicillinase resistance include flucloxacillin an amoxicillin with clavulanic acid (amoxiclav). The latter is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is best reserved for mixed bacterial infections. Some antibiotics are resistant to flucloxacillin as well (MRSA). "
"Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
MRSA is the term used for bacteria of the Staphylococcus aureus group (S. aureus) that are resistant to the usual antibiotics used in the treatment of infections with such organisms. Traditionally MRSA stood for methicillin resistance but the term increasingly refers to a multi-drug resistant group. Such bacteria often have resistance to many antibiotics traditionally used against S.aureus.
This resistance to methicillin is due to the presence of the mec gene in the bacteria. This alters the site at which methicillin binds to kill the organism. Hence, methicillin is not able to effectively bind to the bacteria.
Infections caused by MRSA are the same as other staphylococcal infections because the organism itself is not any more virulent (or infectious) than usual type S.aureus.
Like other S.aureus, MRSA can colonise the skin and body of an individual without causing sickness, and in this way it can be passed on to other individuals unknowingly. Problems arise in the treatment of overt infections with MRSA because antibiotic choice is very limited. "
New Zealand DermNet information about the skin: "Where is MRSA found?
MRSA is found worldwide, predominantly in hospitals and institutions such as nursing homes. Much less commonly, MRSA is found in the general community. There are three main reservoirs (and hence sources of spread and infection) for MRSA in hospital and institutions: staff, patients and inanimate objects such as beds, linen and utensils. By far the most important reservoir is patients who may be colonised with MRSA without evidence of infection. The usual sites of colonisation with MRSA are the nostrils, skin, groin, axilla, and wounds. "

My mother had this during her final stay in hospital. People Search: "Using this page you can search over 78 million records on the 2002 and the New 2003 Electoral Rolls. "

for living relatives a pay site not as good as :-
where you can search all listed Danish telephone numbers and addresses. FREE
Vaulting - Voltige - , Voltigieren - Gymnastics on Horse Back - Equiworld Equestrian Magzine: "One of the seven* equestrian disciplines recognized by the F�d�ration Equestre
just found a trick "view source" to get the code for the accented characters

"One of the seven* equestrian disciplines recognized by the
Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) for international
competition, and is most easily described as gymnastics performed on the back
(or other parts) of a moving horse. As in many other forms of athletic
competition (figure skating for example), participants are judged on both a set
of compulsory moves, and in freestyle competition called (in German) a

see more below - things teenage girls like to do at great expense for their parents.
Been blogging for about one and a half hours

I woke up all too early and took a antebiotic pill, I'm due to visit Solhihull hospital to have a small abscess cut out on the 24th, and wént to my doctor, on whose surgery wall he has hung a picture of his daughter doing equestrían gymnastics . . .. did not work in Google

A Horse of Course by Don Blazer - Equiworld - Equestrian Information on the internet: "Vaulting could be described as the art of gymnastics on a moving horse"

not her

but a good job there is a doctor in the house
Valley Farm: Vaulting: "Otherwise known as gymnastics on horseback, vaulting was a popular sport in Roman times and is probably mostly recognised now in the circus ring as bareback riding. Out of the circus ring this has become a highly competitive sport."

Any way he was running late so no time for gossip, just grab the prescriptions and run.

I have to take the medicine one hour before eating. Now I am going to have breakfast at the kitchen window with the dawn light and sounds.
A suburban lanndscape - a 'burbscape ? - the skyscape , and a soundscape hearing birds, few dogs, no cats, the rumble of distant surf . . no it's the traffic on the motorways !!!
World weather news

certain cliches are to be expected in chat rooms
Whats the weather like in Wales ?
I don't live there - I do Monmouthshire genealogy.

Weather Underground: Coleshill, United Kingdom Forecast

my answer is to give that URL the weather station is about 2 miles from here B37
State to recommend replacement for oldest of three planes | "In the past year, Bush was in New York when flames shot from an engine while the plane was still on the runway. The engine then shut down, forcing Bush to take another plane back to Florida.

Weeks later, while flying to Orlando, lightning struck the state plane Bush was traveling in, puncturing a wing. The plane landed safely"

no no no JEB's old plane
"Then, on a trip to Washington D.C., his plane lost radio communication and military jets were sent to intercept it. Bush staff on the plane received an e-mail asking it to respond in code to determine whether the plane was hijacked. They did, and it was escorted to a safe landing in Washington.

While Bush jokes about the incidents, his staff is more serious when talking about the planes' safety.

'If you had a car that was over 25 years old and you kept having to replace parts, you'd eventually realize you had to replace the car,' said Bush spokeswoman Alia Faraj. 'If your old car breaks down, you can pull over to the side of the road. With these planes you can't really do that.'"

The cliche is slighly bent ALL planes have this problem, why does he say: - "with these planes"?

As a former private pilot and gliding instructor I am fully aware of that.
The main difference between gilding and power flying is that
gliders fly because of the weather but power planes fly inspite of the weather.

Only a fool would take off in the middle of a thunderstorm, there are also very treacherous up and down currents in the air around thunder cloud cells and wind can suddenly shift direction , even during take off, even making take off impossible so you crash the boundary fence first.

The problem for a pilot of not really being captain of his ship, because of generals or politicians as passengers being senior to him can fire him, because they are not prepared to wait for safer conditions. is life threatening for all concerned.

In bad weather even crows walk
Google News Alerts: "Welcome to Google News AlertsGoogle News Alerts are sent by email when news articles appear online that match the topics you specify.

Some handy uses of Google News Alerts include:
monitoring a developing news story
keeping current on a competitor or industry
getting the latest on a celebrity or event
keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams"

just trying to check out the Florida story mentioned bý Eastman below
Google Search: google beta

Gooooooooooooooooglin' for GOOGLE
"!We have some GREAT options for learning how to do this 'darned' family history research with some degree of competency. Although most of the staff have been 'onlining' for 10-20 years (doing family history) -- we've set up this brand new home on the web! Its all part of working through this magnificent obsession with genealogy!"
WELCOME to "THANK-YOU to all the members & hosts of the Golden Gates Genealogy Forum. that until this past week was located on AOL. As you will read in Dick Eastman's weekly newsletter , AOL shut us down, after nearly 2 decades of being around (from the old Q-Link days for Commodore computer owners.) But there are to be NO sour grapes here! This is a FUN PLACE to gather! "
Family History Radio: "The following items have been mentioned in Eastman's recent broadcasts. Click on any item on the above WEB SITE to learn more:
Society of Genealogists in London, England
Ohio to Increase Copy Fees
Getting The Most out of RootsMagic
Local and Trade Directories from England and Wales
Florida Records Threatened
Remains thought to be Jamestown leader
Ancestral Quest 2002
Annual conference of the National Genealogical Society
The Master Genealogist Silver Edition for $19.99
The Pocket Genealogist for Handheld PocketPCs
U.S. National Genealogical Society
Hillsboro County Public Library Cooperative
Florida Heritage
Family Research Link (England and Wales vital records indexes)
Cherokee Ancestry in Georgia"
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: "A newsletter for genealogy consumers, packed with straight talk, hold the sugar coating - whether the vendors like it or not! "
"An Internet radio show dedicated to giving you the latest genealogy news and information"
: "Welcome to Genealogy News and Technology with Dick Eastman.
This program, features a summary of the latest genealogy news and events. In addition to Dick Eastman's renown newsletter he will now provide a regular news briefs on Family History Radio.
We are very excited to have Dick Eastman on our team, states Al Jensen President of Family History Radio, He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of genealogy. "

Bush Governor of Florida closing Florida State archives and library
DearMYRTLE: FHL Catalog To be Updated Daily Online: "DearREADERS,
Having attended the FGS (Federation of Genealogical Societies) annual conference 3-6 Sept 2003 in Orlando this past week, ol' Myrt here is just bursting at the seams to tell you about the neat things she's learned. Couldn't sleep much last night planning upcoming columns.

#1 AND MOST EXCITING: Paul Starkey told us that the Family History Library Catalog located online at is now scheduled to be updated every 3 hours during the work week, a minimum of once a day. Previously this most up-to-date catalog version was accessible only at the reference desk in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This renders totally obsolete the CDs and microfiche versions of the FHL Catalog found in your local Family History Center. "

Monday, September 15, 2003

Welcome To GenealogyForum.Com

This is a new version of the site hosted on "free" space at Rootsweb
I just heard about it in an AOL chat room:-

-- "OnlineHost: *** You are in "Ancestral Digs". ***
OnlineHost: Welcome, we're glad you could join us today! Whether you're here to observe or participate,
please visit AOL Keyword: Parenting Chat Standards for tips on successful chatting.
To join the conversation, just begin typing."

Ancestral Digs (Keyword to: aol://2719:3-232-Ancestral%20Digs)
Ancestral Digs whch is just a test to include an AOL a h r e fin the blog

I also bookmarked The Genealogy Forum: File Library: U.S. Resources

If you wish to donate data to this FREE genealogy site,
send an email to"

They meet in their chatroom for Mugs & Hugs Family Hour from 9 to 10 am New York time, so often I take a break with them after lunch or returning home after shopping in UK

First I brew some tea or coffee and then have a good gossip across the Atlantic.

Some of the same people hang out here CHATS
Brick Walls - is the sort of place to go to ask for help with lost rellies in USA. Time is New York evening so we are 5 hours in front in UK

Genealogy Forum Chat Schedule their 700pm is my midnight and for three hours onwards so good if you can't sleep.

BTW "free" space no such thing, paid for by more or less discrete advertisments.
My Google Toolbar version 2 has just now blocked over 500 Pop Up windows
and has the blog button for use on any webpage.

I often use the button for "I'm Feeling Lucky" with the right keyword you go straight to the page you want, even quicker than favourites