Friday, October 24, 2003

Am. J. Epidemiol. -- Abstracts: Dolk et al. 145 (1): 1: "A small area study of cancer incidence in 1974-1986 was carried out to investigate an unconfirmed report of a 'cluster' of leukemias and lymphomas near the Sutton Coldfield television (TV) and frequency modulation (FM) radio transmitter in the West Midlands, England. The study used a national database of postcoded cancer registrations, and population and socioeconomic data from the 1981 census."

but the socio-ecomomic and class variations need to be taken into account too.
Google Search: "SUTTON COLDFIELD" TV MAST site:uk

stopping here time to eat !
Now I know what I see from my kitchen window and point my set top antenna at
(on top of the fridge freezer)
sub-TV : Practical Examples of Aerial Design: "Practical Examples of Aerial Design"
Television is coming back: "From 1936 to 1939 the BBC ran a television service - the first public service of television programmes to be given anywhere in the world. The BBC itself had been experimenting with television transmission for some years before 1936, but from that time onwards the ordinary citizen living in the London area could buy a television set, have it installed in his home, and see, every afternoon and evening, programmes that had real entertainment value: everything from ceremonial processions and top-line sport to studio plays, cabaret, discussions, and films. "

like me - born in 1936
I can just see the Lichfield mast out of my kitcchen window

The UK 405-Line Television Network: "hann"


Invalid or Unrecognised Lat/Long Reference (01.45,52.36) Supplied, use format ,lat,long as either a.a,b.b or a:a:a,b:b:b where a=lat b=long, -a is south +a is north -b is west +b is east or add N S E or W before or after the value
e.g. N51:59:52,W0:47:01

The location is at 416274m 301199m ( N52:36:30 W1:45:40 WGS84) grid location no mast ?

but i reckon you can see the mastin the aerial photo - UK Aerial Photo Coverage BANGLEY LANE

B78 3ED where I live
Born Sutton Coldfield, then Warwickshire now part of BRUM.grew up Solihull
. view fomthe seventh floor
My kitchen window faces north so 180 degrees from West to East

my 10 sitting room / bedroom windows face East so 180 degrees from North to South
so looking at an acute angle south bearing about 170 I found I can see the apron at Birmingham airport.

I spotted a tailplane showing above the etrees for the first time yesterday.

To bad I missed the CONCORDE last Tuesday - wll i prefer doing to viewing. to the north most of this is dead ground ie hidden by trees and buildings - an important factor in military map reading but I can hear the motorway like distant breakers on a rocky coast.
Chinese Surnames (1 - 25): "Top Chinese Surnames (range: 1 - 25)

Click on any Chinese character to see how to draw it."

the way a Chinese dictionary is organised cannot be alphabetical, because they do not use our Latin alphabet.

A friend tells me this is the best English to Chinese dictionary on line
but a Chinese to English dictionary has to be approached in a different way.

Chinese writing - which has at least 201 different pronunciatins, is taught stroke by stroke, so children learn any character by making brush stroke 1 in a particular direction then 2 . . 3 . .

If you click Wang so a nice little animation shows top across -- middle across -- TOP TO BOTTOM -- BOTTOM ACROSS

so in a Chinese dictionary it would be listed amongst the four stroke characters.
Displaying Chinese Text: "Most Chinese web pages contain Chinese as text rather than graphics. To read them, you need to install fonts and configure your browser. See 'Read Chinese in Net Applications' or read the following section for quick hints.

Configuring your browser to display Chinese text
The two most commonly used character sets are GB (GuoBiao), used for simplified characters (mainland China); and Big5, used for traditional characters (Taiwan and Hong Kong). Most popular browsers such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer can be configured to display either or both (separate fonts may be needed).

Microsoft Windows: Chinese versions of Windows are available. However, if you have the English version, then you need a helper application such as UnionWay or NJWIN or RichWin 97 for Internet or Chinese Star or Twinbridge AsianViewer in order to display Chinese.
Microsoft also provides multilanguage support fonts for simplified and traditional Chinese (or Japanese, Korean, etc).

Macintosh: see 'Read Chinese in Net Applications'

Unix: You can get Chinese fonts by installing cxterm, which is a Chinese-enabled version of XTerm. The file is cxterm 5.0.p3.tar.gz (also available here), Here is the README file. "
We’re sorry, the page you requested could not be found: "We’re sorry,
We’re sorry, but there is no Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists. You may wish to try another entry or to use the links below, which we hope will help provide you with the information you need."

no more chinese fonts for free ?

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Georgette Heyer Homepage: "Random House imprint Arrow Books is republishing Heyer's books in a 3-stage release of a total of 18 books."

I have a weakness for her "boddice rippers"

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

ActivAllergy from Acaris - allergy control products including Mite-Alert: "The first product in the range is the ActivAllergy Mite-Alert, a home monitoring system for house dust mite allergens, launched in May 2003. "

when I start AOL some pop ups give the days headlines, today a piece on housemites and home pollutants linked to this.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Missing Files download MFC42.DLL, COMDLG32.OCX, WS_32.DLL, VB Runtimes and many others from "
You downloaded a software and when you try to run it, you receive a 'missing file' error "


Ethnologue country index

One of my mega favourite web sites
Ethnologue report for China: "People's Republic of China. Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo.

National or official language: Mandarin Chinese. 1,262,358,000 (1998 UN).

55 official minority nationalities total 91,200,314 or 6.5% of the population (1990).

Han Chinese 1,033,057,000 or 93.5% (J. Matisoff).
Also includes Central Khmer 1,000,
Portuguese 2,000,
Shan, Tai Dam 10,000,
Tai Don 10,000.

Information mainly from J. Dreyer 1976; S. Wurm et al. 1987; J-O Svantesson 1989, 1995; J. Janhumen 1989; J. Matisoff et al. 1996; J. Evans 1999.

Secular, Chinese traditional religion, Buddhism, Taoism, Christian, Muslim, traditional religion.

Blind population 2,000,000.
Deaf population 3,000,000 (1986 Gallaudet University).
Deaf institutions: 7. Data accuracy estimate: B.
The number of languages listed for China is 202. Of those, 201 are living languages and 1 is extinct.
Diversity index 0.48."
Changed to GMT
Google Search: patrynomic watkins: GOOGLE said:- "Did you mean: patronymic watkins "

my spelling mistakes live on ;-)
Using Family Tree Maker's source documentation features (Page 1 of 4):

My biggest mistake as a beginner was not using this functionality enough.

Sunday, October 19, 2003 - det levende net: "15. okt 2003 kl. 07:37 /Opdateret 15. okt 2003 kl. 08:45
Danish Newspaper

Kina opsender bemandet rumfartøj
China up-sends manned space-travel-toy

Som det tredje land i verden har Kina sendt en mand ud i rummet. "
As the third land in world-the has China sent a man out in space-the

The danish are not politically correct yet
on the back page:-

At tænke sig in Politiken said

that they did not tell the astronaut what was going to happen, he thought he was going to clean the windows inside the capsule...
And: the reason why the chinese did not send up a dog was that they had eaten it....