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Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Turkey's time of trial: "In the wake of the Istanbul suicide bombings, attention has focused, understandably enough, on British casualties and the targeting of British interests. But the vast majority of the victims of Thursday's attacks, and of those on Istanbul's synagogues last Saturday, were both Turks and Muslims."

HSBC - The world's local bank: "To truly understand a country and its culture, you have to be a part of it.
That's why at HSBC, we have local banks in more countries than anyone else. And all of our offices around the world are staffed by local people."

Business as usual BUT no message of sympathy to widows and orphans

Bomb blasts in Istanbul: "Bomb blasts in Istanbul - HSBC remains committed to Turkey" ¨

As the orphan of a bank clerk myself, my father died Sept
24th, 1942 HMS SOMALI, I went into the Solihull to give £10 for the widows and orphans - no collection has been organised yet.

Now Sir John Bond, group chairman, that is not good enough
no doubt there is excellent staff insurance but solidarity is important.

A collection may only be symbolic in modern times but it would be a real expression of our feelings of horror and sympathy.

Rosetta Stone Language Shop: "Now you can learn a language with the award-winning method used by the US State Department to train diplomats.

Proven effective by NASA, the Peace Corps and over 4 million users worldwide, the Rosetta Stone Language Library teaches new languages faster and easier than ever before.

You will learn a language the way you learned your own native language, without translation, memorization, or studying rules of grammar. Using real-life pictures to convey the meaning of each new phrase, The Rosetta Stone integrates new vocabulary and grammar systematically.

It's the natural way to learn. It works."

now if you can get a job in Denmark

The TAXI was great for practicing my Danish and being a paid full time tourist whilst working as a Copenhagen taxi driver. There was great fly on the wall stuff for writers too.

K.I.S.S. Sprogcenter: "Intensive Danish language courses"

English Brochure

"Danish on everybody’s lips!"

I failed their exams and Berlitz was too expensive
and so I went to Xxxxx forgotten DAMNIT !
Misbrugte ord i det danske sprog.: "Misbrugte ord og dårlige sprogvaner"

A dane telling DANES about Misused word(s) and bad language-habits sic
one for your favourites if you are learnng Danish
Learn to speak Danish the Unforgettable Languages way:


2. ØL (OEL) is BEER






Add To Cart

yes and after painfully learning how to say to a shop keeper
"please give me a bunch of raddishes"
on my Danish as a foriegn language course.

I went into the supermarket and put them in my cart.
Not a word was spoken.

Learn to speak Danish the Unforgettable Languages way: "Lock a word in your
memory in 10 seconds!

The Danish word for CHICKEN is KYLLING (Pronounced KEWLING)
Imagine COOLING a CHICKEN by putting it in the freezer."

now if you talk about roast KILLING Google Search: stegt kylling: "Stegt Kylling (Braised Chicken With Parsley) Recipe - Chicken ... "

a typical NEWBIE mistake
you are eatung one of these KILLING

well not really that would be almost cannabalism

Learn to speak Danish the Unforgettable Languages way:

"Danish words will be presented like this: the Danish for CHEESE is OST (pronounced OST). Imagine an OSTrich eating CHEESE, in your mind's eye, AS VIVIDLY AS YOU CAN, for 10 seconds. Unless you picture the image for the full 10 seconds, you will not experience for yourself how amazingly effective the method is."


and the danish for mails box is POSTKASSE

on which children like to scratch out the P

so you com to put your letters in a cheese box

Remisevænget NORD Lokal-TV: "Posthus"

OSTHUS cheese house

SANTA CLAUS needs a BIG one Ca. 486 Kb

AND the truth about Father Christmas "Santa Claus is a fantastic ambassador for Greenland. Through the stories surrounding Santa Claus, the world learns more about Greenland. At the same time, there is a beneficial purpose to the work of Santa Claus, with money being collected in a special Santa Claus fund to provide presents for deprived children.
Santa Claus's activities are financed by the Greenland Government and handled by Santa Claus of Greenland a/s. The board comprises representatives from TELE Greenland, POST Greenland and Greenland Tourism - The National Tourist Board of Greenland."

The perils of ESL - english as a second / foreign language

more photos from the gl domain

A virtual photo album of Greenland Google Search: site:gl jpg
Untitled Document: "Forget memorizing vocabulary lists, grammar rules, or written homework. In each recorded lesson, you will be conversing with two native Danish speakers--plus have an expert teacher guiding you along in english."

But what dialect do they speak?

Rigsdansk or "Queen's Danish " is very unsmart
regional accents with standard vocabulary are in

BTW this approach is called the NATURAL METHOD which is the best way to begin any language.

Babies do it by instinct, and so can you.
A living dictionary sharing your bed is even better.
Untitled Document: "Try the most effective Danish courses ever developed!
See more info."

well they would like to believe that !

3 Google adverts sorece to above
South African Genealogy: "Welcome to my South African Genealogy Home Page" : Home - What is NaNoWriMo?:

"National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30. Valuing enthusiasm and perseverance over talent and craft, NaNoWriMo is a novel-writing program for everyone who has thought fleetingly about writing a novel but has been scared away by the time and effort involved.

Because of the limited writing window, the ONLY thing that matters in NaNoWriMo is output. It's all about quantity, not quality. The kamikaze approach forces you to lower your expectations, take risks, and write on the fly.

Make no mistake: You will be writing a lot of crap. And that's a good thing. By forcing yourself to write so intensely, you are giving yourself permission to make mistakes. To forgo the endless tweaking and editing and just create. To build without tearing down. "

My thanks to ROTC JEEP LIST
over in miscwritngville

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Google Search: "European Language Portfolio" or ELP

: "The European Language Portfolio is a document in which those who are learning or have learned a language - whether at school or outside school - can record and reflect on their language learning and cultural experiences.

The portfolio contains a language passport which its owner regularly updates. A grid is provided where his/her language competences can be described according to common criteria accepted throughout Europe and which can serve as a complement to customary certificates.

The document also contains a detailed language biography describing the owner's experiences in each language and which is designed to guide the learner in planning and assessing progress. Finally, there is a dossier where examples of personal work can be kept to illustrate one's language competences.
For more information see the following Web site:" developed and piloted by the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, from 1998 until 2000

3 Parts of a Language Portfolio:

Language Passport

"The Passport section provides an overview of the individual's proficiency in different languages at a given point in time; the overview is defined in terms of skills and the common reference levels in the Common European Framework; it records formal qualifications and describes language competencies and significant language and intercultural learning experiences; it includes information on partial and specific competence; it allows for self-assessment, teacher assessment and assessment by educational institutions and examinations boards; it requires that information entered in the Passport states on what basis, when and by whom the assessment was carried out.

To facilitate pan-European recognition and mobility a standard presentation of a Passport Summary is promoted by the Council of Europe for ELPs for adults."

found by links from the Italian Culture ministry

Count the number of clauses in that sentence
"Grammar. A group of words containing a subject and a predicate and forming part of a compound or complex sentence. "


The Passport section provides an overview of the individual's proficiency in different languages at a given point in time;

the overview is defined in terms of skills and the common reference levels in the Common European Framework;

it records formal qualifications
and describes language competencies and significant language and intercultural learning experiences;

it includes information on partial and specific competence;

it allows for self-assessment, teacher assessment and assessment by educational institutions and examinations boards;

it requires that
information entered in the Passport
states on what basis,

when and by whom the assessment was carried out.


doesn't read well on screen

Merriam-Webster OnLine CLAUSE: "Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin clausa close of a rhetorical period,
from Latin, feminine of clausus, past participle of claudere to close "

The Danish use a comma,
and I thought the semi-colon was an endangered species, but there seems to be a well established breeding colony in Brussells.

Google Search: clause grammar:

"GRAMMAR JOURNAL -- Adjective Clauses
... It CANNOT be an English grammar text,handbook, or dictionary!): Three of the following kinds of adjective clauses or phrases: a. clause containing whom or ... "

Now discussing GRAMMAR on the net . . . . ( a BIG SIGH )

EDIT mode corrected BIG tagged by mistake

Google Search: semicolon"endangered species" grammar: "COMMON GRAMMAR, USAGE, AND SPELLING PROBLEMS"

sooon be time for TEA and the weakest link
must go

MUGS and HUGS on AOL 900am EST 1400 GMT

9-10AM ET: Mugs and Hugs in Ancestral Digs.
Join HOST FMLY Mikki and HOST FMLY Nance for a relaxed general genealogy chat. Visit our Genealogy message boards for continued discussion throughout the week.
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Savværk - like in saw works, you need one v for sav and another for værk

It is fun to be mentioned in your gogle now and then! <<

I think I copied it correctly from the kirkebog, which can have mistakes and archaisms but will check next time.

Danish is an academic language with correct spelling laid down by a committeee authorised by law.

The Italians and the French were the first with this to create ACADEMY

Académie française founded in1635

LINKS = Liens:
"Académie des beaux-arts
Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres
Académie des Sciences
Académie des Sciences morales et politiques
A.C.C.T. (Agence nationale pour la Francophonie)
Bibliothèque Mazarine
D.G.L.F. (Délégation générale à la langue française)
INaLF (Institut national de la langue française)
Institut de France "

they breed

academy italiano says Google Language Tools

not much luck trying that so another aproach Google Search: italia

(google has web directories in all sorts of languages)
Directory Web di Google - World > Italiano > Regionale > Europa > Italia

BTW Directory Web di Google - World > Italiano > Società > Genealogia

Dizionari Dizionario
Academia Belgica
getting closer in the right city I hope

I hope they have good links Academia Belgica LINKS: "Istituti e Academie a Roma"

Accademia di Danimarca Accademia di Danimarca: "Danish Literature"
and the trail goes to Florence Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze

links to
Gabriel : Gateway to Europe's National Libraries: "Gabriel is the World Wide Web service of Europe's National Libraries represented in the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL). In Gabriel you can find information about all the National Libraries of Europe, their services and the online exhibitions they offer. The objectives of Gabriel have been defined in the Gabriel Mission Statement.

Search all the websites of the European National Libraries"

OH dear time for lunch

Well Aunty might help
BBC - History - Georgian literature, art and music c.1800: "The eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries saw a mushrooming of scholarly and popular works that we still consider 'classics', for example, Defoe's Robinson Crusoe (1719), Hume's Treatise on Human Nature (1739), Johnson's Dictionary (1755), Smith's Wealth of Nations (1776), Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776), Austen's Sense and Sensibility (1811), Scott's Waverley Novels (1814 onwards), Shelley's Frankenstein (1818) and Tennyson's Lady of Shalot (1832)."

YES An Introduction to Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

>> The lack of a major English dictionary was by the early eighteenth century a source of national embarrassment to the English nation in general and to the English intellectual world in particular. English dictionaries were available, but none could compare to the products of the two great continental academies: the Accademia della Crusca, who in 1612 issued its Vocabulario degli Accademici della crusca, and the French Royal Academy, whose members worked fifty-five years in compiling Le dictionnaire de l'Academie francaise (1694), and spent another eighteen years revising it.

>> London publishers were acutely aware of the need for a national dictionary. Samuel Johnson was approached and he agreed to tackle the task. A group of publishers underwrote this expensive project. Johnson was to be paid £1,575 in installments, out of which he was to defray expenses and pay for any help he received. Johnson was aware that he faced a huge task; he visualized his effort not only as a scholar filling a void, but also as an Englishman contributing to the national literature.

Johnson's friend Dr. William Adams marveled that Johnson expected to finish the project in three years; Adams pointed out that it had taken the French Academy's forty members forty years to compile the French dictionary (in fact, it had taken the French Academy fifty-five years). Johnson was said to have replied: "Let me see; forty times forty is sixteen hundred. As three to sixteen hundred, so is the proportion of an Englishman to a Frenchman."

The task would take Johnson far longer than three years. The contract had been signed in June, 1746; the Dictionary did not appear in print until 1755.

good TV programme on that

Some Selected Definitions from Johnson's Dictionary: "GRU'BSTREET. n.s. Originally the name of a street in Moorfields in London, much inhabited by writers of small histories, dictionaries, and temporary poems ; whence any mean production is called grubstreet.

The first part, though calculated only for the meridian of grubstreet, was yet taken notice of by the better sort. Arbuthn.
I'd sooner ballads write, and grubstreet lays. Gay. "

the Danes have Google Web Katalog - World > Dansk > Reference > Ordbøger: "Retskrivningsordbogen -
Begrænset online-udgave, fra Dansk Sprognævn."

Dansk Sprognævn

Retskrivningsordbogen på nettet
3. udgave, © 1996-2002 Dansk Sprognævn

savværk sb., -et, -er, i sms. savværks-, fx savværksarbejder.

which Correct - writing - dictionary is in every school satchel, well rucksack in DNK DK


Obtaining Enumeration District numbers for the 1930 Census in One Step

>>> On April 1, 2002 the 1930 United States Census became available for viewing. In order to find a person in the census you will need to know the enumeration district (ED) in which the person lived. Today there are many resources available for determining the ED, although that wasn't the case when this website was initially created.
By far the easiest way is to use a name index.
That allows you to enter a person's name and get the ED.

There is a microfilm name index for head-of-household available at NARA that covers the southern states.
And at least one commercial website has a name index for the entire country. In addition, NARA has address indexes for certain cities. And NARA has a website that is especially useful for obtaining the EDs of small communities.

This portion of our website is most useful when you don't have access to a name index or you can't find the person by name on the existing name indexes. It presents an interactive interface for the major cities that allows you to "compute" the ED. All cities having at least 25,000 people in 1930, and many smaller ones as well, are on this website. We are grateful to all the volunteers who generated the data for many of the cities.

BiasHELP - Fighting Hate on the Internet and Beyond: "Bias, discrimination and hate crimes continue to tear our communities apart. We are still recovering from the most devastating hate crime ever perpetrated on American soil that took place on September 11, 2001.

As a result, there has been an increase in hate crimes and discrimination committed throughout our country — particularly those motivated by the victim's ethnicity or religion.

During the period directly after the terrorist attacks and even leading up to the anniversary of the event, incidents of people being victimized and discriminated against because of the way they look or worship have escalated."

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Public Record Office | Research | Introduction: "Alphabetical Index of Information Leaflets"

As good as a book on english and Welsh archives
I blogged earlier:-

"Saværket Vestergade Storehedinge Købsted his birthplace is the Saw works in Vestergade(west street) Storehedinge - timber processing plant

so when he grew up he was a carpenter
and built three houses in Phoenix, the one for himself."

in UK english he was born in a sawmill or saw mill or timber mill and in US lumber yard

And the priest wrote that birthplace in the parish register.
Statens Arkivers Filmningscenter

This is where Danish archives are filmed and from whom you may order fiche or mikrokort

In answer to a question on The Danish Connection
at - Your private family website. It's quick and easy.
used by members of RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: Denmark : DENMARK:

writing about navnebevis af Bye og Herredsfogden
name--certificate/evidence of/by Town and herred (hundred or deanery or district) Officer
bit like a sheriff in older times in the villages

usually Kongligt Bevilling (Royal Order) for change of name after the new Name-law in about 1910 ish

original ministry files for name changes are stored by Rigsarkivet remotely
but can be seen after 3 days on order.

The Kirkebøger,or church records, or parish registers,
are the organ of CIVIL registration in Denmark
Roman Catholic or Civil or Jewish weddings also turn up recorded in them

and ALL births - even if never christened - like Moslems or Hindus today

After several vicarage fires the books began to be kept in duplicate and NEVER overnight under the same roof

Ministerialbog is the original

Kontrabog is the copy
often updated by some clerk in a hurry with horrible handwriting
they are both written on the same forms
and say Ministerialbog at the front

CJC LDS film is of the one and the Fiche from Viborg filming centre Statens Arkivers Filmningscenter is of the other and online Statens Arkivers Kirkebøger på Internet

My friend in Denmark has purchased fiche of her home village church-books
and is having a lot of fun sorting out her favourite ancestor who has 20 children by five different wives

The only problem she has is the marriages are in the bride's parish
so she hasn't a clue to where they come from

I can see a case for creating a name index of bride groom and witnesses of all marriages in Denmark before the 1845 census when birthplaces began to be recorded Statens Arkiver - folketællinger

BACK to Ane Marie (note these are always double names when spoken)

so many Hans
Hans Jørgen
Hans Christian
never never never Hans Anderson the writer

so Ane Marie needed proof of her name and it could easy be an additon to the records at later date (often in noticeably different handiring)

Fik = got or received
without seeing the image I cannot speak with authority
but 1915 could be correct especially if in another hand.

And when Jørgen (født Pedersen i 1911 købt) Strømsholt
Jørgen (born Pedersen in 1911 purchased) Strømsholt
the new surname this was annotated in the birth records of all his children too.

Baby Pedersen born June 16, 1899
Saværket Vestergade Storehedinge Købsted
Jørgen Otto Pedersen christened August 20, 1899
Store Hedinge Kirke by Stiftepræst Volpe
Jørgen Otto Strømsholt from December 23, 1911 ministri breve
Jurgen Otto Strumsholt 1921 Ellis Island
Otto Stromsholt 1930 USA Census 359 Craig Avenue Tottenville New York Richmond County

he and his son died in Phoenix Arizona and I hope for SKS to go to a local library to find his last records

Saværket Vestergade Storehedinge Købsted his birthplace is the Saw works in Vestergade(west street) Storehedinge - timber processing plant
more pictures of STORE HEDDINGE
so when he grew up he was a carpenter
and built three houses in Phoenix, the one for himself.

His son Walter Stromsholt, born Abt. 1928, died of tuberculosis about 1948 in Phoenix
and his daughter Gladys Ann Stromsholt born about 1923 married pilot Jack Edward Bobo
Butte County Marriage Records A-B

This file was transcribed from records at the Butte County
Recorders Office Archives by: Patti Jepsen-(


Butte County Recorder's Office
25 County Center Drive
Oroville, CA 95965-3335


California Marriage Records: "Due to the passage of Senate Bill 1614 by the California Legislature, signed by Governor Davis in September 2002, ALL Birth and Death Indexes for Counties in California were removed from the Internet on January 1, 2003.

Unfortunately Most Counties have chosen to remove marriage records also. If you have only one California marriage record, I will take the information. Please try to include the county and date." Patti Jepsen-(

Bobo Family Genealogy Forum more about BOBO people

Monday, November 17, 2003

FCIC National Contact Center - Finding Military Personnel: "The following list of Federal agencies and private organizations assist individuals in locating persons of unknown whereabouts. The Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits Federal agencies from providing the home addresses or telephone numbers of individuals without their written permission. Keep this in mind before beginning your search. In most cases, the agency or organization will only agree to let the person know you are trying to locate them. They may also agree to forward a letter written by you to the person that you are trying to locate. Be sure to include the appropriate first class postage with the letter to the locator service. It will be up to the individual to respond."
HeirloomsLost: "The goal of HeirloomsLost is to reunite family mementos of the past with the present generation. The chance of placing a letter from an antique shop in Oregon with its proper family in Kentucky might seem nearly impossible. However, thanks to the Internet and the search capabilities of our site, with your help, we can make this happen and have fun in the process. " "displays historical photographs of people for the purpose of providing a temporary space for homeless photos found in antique malls, stores and private collections. It is hoped that photographs can be claimed by relatives who are researching genealogy."
Story Page: "Quote of the Day

01 Nov 2003
'Pictures and memorabilia stored in a box will mean little to future generations if they don't know the story behind them.
By taking the time to write down stories and properly preserve photos in an album, the past can be shared and not lost.' --"
Bible Records Online:
"896 Bibles Now Online
4456 Instances of
2825 Different Surnames"
Find Old Family Photos At Dead Fred - Genealogy Photo Archive: "Dead Fred's Genealogy Photo Archive, a free, fun web site devoted to helping you visualize your heritage!" - Symbols of the Seal of California: "
Symbols of the Seal of California
Caleb Lyons explanation of the seal from 1849

Below is the original explanation of the State Seal, complete with all the spelling and punctuation errors of the time as written by Caleb Lyon, In Monterey, September 26, 1849.
Around the bevel of the ring are represented thirty-one stars being the number of states of which the union will consist upon the admission of California.
The foreground figure represents the Goddess Minerva having sprung full grown from the brain of Jupiter. This is introduced as a type of the political birth of the State of California without having gone through the probation of a Territory. At her feet crouches a grisely bear feeding upon clusters from a grapevine emblematic of the peculiar characteristics of the country. A miner in engaged with a rocker and a bowl at his side, illustrating the golden wealth of the Sacramento upon whose waters are seen shipping typical of commercial greatness and the snow-clad peaks of the Sierra Nevada make up the background while above the Greek motto 'Eureka' (I have found it) applying either to the principle involved in the admission of the State or the success of the miner at work."
some one has fixed a version of this image frm some film into the California State great seal

Google Search: state seal jpg california - Teacher: The State Seal: "A lesson comparing the original state seal with the current seal "

in my email
Google Search: stateseal jpg california:Google says "Did you mean: state seal jpg california "
Google Search: stateseal jpg: Google says "Did you mean: state seal jpg "
BLOGGER - Knowledge Base: "What to do if your Mom discovers your blog..."

mines dead BUT YOURS ?
Statens Arkiver - Slægtsforskning Danish National Archives, family history research : "Dét må alle se: These may all see
The rules of privacy in Danish archives

In parish registers = kirkebøger

Dåb .Christening.50 år or years (aar in old mss )
Konfirmation...50 år confirmation - at about age 14
Vielse...50 år marriage
- often written in the parish clerk's smallest handwritng
to cram all the details in ;-((
Begravelse...10 år burial
Folketælling...75 år census
Skifte...50 år probate
Adoption, m.m 75 år" adoption

With special permission of the Arkiver newer archives may also be seen.
You have to apply in writing and from 5 to 50 working days may elapse before you receive an answer.
Strict conditions apply on pain of fine or 6 months imprisonment.

Statens Arkiver - Tilgængelighed:

"Så gamle skal sagerne være:
So old shall cases-the be

20 år
Dokumenter, som der ikke findes andre regler om.
Documents to which other rules do not apply.

Forlænget frist
extended deadline

Fx dokumenter om følsomme sikkerhedspolitiske spørgsmål
For example documents about sensitive security issues

75 år / years
Fortrolige oplysninger om enkeltpersoner, om adoption, skilsmisse, selvmord, kriminalitet, etc"
Confidential information about individuals, about adoption, divorce, suicide, criminality, etc

Sunday, November 16, 2003

In a message dated 16/11/2003 04:11:03 GMT Standard Time, Xxxxxxx writes:

Whats with the Larsen? Is that what everyone is called?

no only sons of LARS
the girls were Larsdatter - the daughters got called Larsen too when patronymics were forbidden

Danmarks Statistik: 2001

Statistik Navne Hvor mange hedder...(Opdateret 16. Januar)

Statistics >names > how many called (opdated 16 January 2003)

2002 2003 Ændring/change

Mænd og kvinder med efternavnet 'larsen' 131398 130547 -851
men and women with surname .. . . .

Mænd der har fornavnet 'lars' 48353 48114 -239
men who have first name
2002 2003 Ændring

Mænd der har fornavnet 'jens' 58508 57691 -817
2002 2003 Ændring
Mænd og kvinder med efternavnet 'jensen' 309161 306165 -2996
the number one name TODAY out of about 5 million Danes

dates and places are critical with big names

top 20 names
Statistik Navne Mest populære for- og efternavne for alle danskere Navne TOP-20 for hele Danmarks befolkning pr. 1 januar 2003

Fornavne Efternavne

Nr. Navn Antal Nr. Navn Antal Nr. Navn Antal
1 Jens 57.691 1 Kirsten 50.309 1 Jensen 306.165
2 Peter 52.497 2 Anne 48.787 2 Nielsen 299.363
3 Lars 48.114 3 Hanne 42.641 3 Hansen 251.404
4 Hans 46.978 4 Mette 39.714 4 Pedersen 188.425
5 Niels 46.502 5 Anna 39.681 5 Andersen 173.830
6 Michael 46.292 6 Karen 35.694 6 Christensen 134.047
7 Jørgen 45.360 7 Helle 35.370 7 Larsen 130.547
8 Søren 44.628 8 Susanne32.884 8 Sørensen 125.152
9 Henrik 44.454 9 Inge 32.705 9 Rasmussen 104.843
10 Thomas 41.835 10 Lene 32.379 10 Jørgensen 99.009
11 Jan 41.242 11 Inger 31.923 11 Petersen 93.198
12 Erik 39.438 12 Else 30.992 12 Madsen 70.683
13 Ole 37.739 13 Marianne 28.322 13 Kristensen 65.296
14 Martin 36.962 14 Bente 27.470 14 Olsen 54.483
15 Per 36.119 15 Lone 26.758 15 Thomsen 40.648
16 Poul 35.852 16 Maria 25.723 16 Christiansen 40.427
17 Christian 35.540 17 Jette 25.150 17 Poulsen 34.422
18 Anders 35.033 18 Pia 25.047 18 Johansen 33.230
19 Morten 34.786 19 Birthe 24.221 19 Knudsen 32.175
20 Jesper 34.575 20 Charlotte 23.970 20 Mortensen 31.462

notice ALL 20 top surnames originally patronymics

Jørgen = George
Jens = John = Hans = Johannes = Jan
many biblical and saints names
Carl = Charles

double first names always said together even if no hyphen
Hans Christian
Carl Ludvig

C in older forms and K is more moden Karl

little k karl = farmhand or bloke
in old english CHURL
>> The word churl comes almost unchanged in meaning and pronunciation, though not in spelling, from Old English ceorl, “freeman of the lowest class.”
An Anglo-Saxon ceorl had a social position above a slave but below a thegn, “thane.” <<

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English ceorl man, ceorl; akin to Old Norse karl man, husband

The tribe of ANGLES came from ANGELN to the south of Jutland

and the SAXONS were a little further south.
All were speaking variations of Old Germanic
like the Scandinavians speaking "the Danish Tongue" now caled Norse

Ethnologue report for Germanic: "Language Family Trees
Indo-European, Germanic"
MAP Languages of United Kingdom: "See the Ethnologue listing for United Kingdom."
Ethnologue report for United Kingdom: "National or official languages: English, Welsh, French (regional). 58,649,000 (1998 UN). Literacy rate 97% to 99%.

Also includes Judeo-Iraqi Arabic, Moroccan Spoken Arabic, Taizzi-Adeni Spoken Arabic, Assyrian Neo-Aramaic 5,000,
Hakka Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Yue Chinese,
Western Farsi 12,000,
Greek 200,000, Gujarati 140,000, Hebrew, Hindi,
Italian 200,000, Japanese 12,000, Kashmiri 115,000, Kirmanjki, Kurmanji 6,000, Latvian, Leeward Caribbean Creole English, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Maltese, Eastern Panjabi, Mirpur Panjabi 20,000, Western Panjabi,
Parsi 75,000,
Northern Pashto, Southern Pashto 87,000,
Portuguese, Saraiki, Shelta 30,000, Sindhi 25,000, Somali,
Southwestern Caribbean Creole English,
Sylhetti 100,000, Tagalog 74,000, Tamil, Turkish 60,000, Urdu, Vietnamese 22,000, Yoruba,
people from Ghana, Nigeria, Guyana, West Indies.

Information mainly from I. Hancock 1974, 1984, 1986; M. Stephens 1976; R. McCrum, W. Cran, R. MacNeil 1986; B. Comrie 1987.

Christian, secular, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu.

Blind population 116,414.
Deaf population 909,000 to 3,524,725 (1998).
Deaf institutions: 468 in England, 2 in Northern Ireland, 14 in Scotland, 34 in Wales.
Data accuracy estimate: B.

The number of languages listed for United Kingdom is 17. Of those, 12 are living languages, 2 are second languages without mother tongue speakers, and 3 are extinct.
Diversity index 0.07."
Ethnologue country index: "Languages of Europe (map)
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