Saturday, December 13, 2003

C surnames - efternavn C

Indexing Randers 1860 Census
done A B C

using Adobe Photoshop elements to scan and save an image bmp of a poorish zerox
and then OmniPage Pro 14 to scan it then proofing
copy paste into Star Office 7.00

as a new html document

then simplifying the html

using find and replace
then pasting into the online editor at rootsweb
16 letters of the alpghabet to go

20 to midnight time to stop

Hugh Watkins


a big name in Denmark so going to have to go into more detail hee.
A surnames - efternavn A

time for lunch

just rediscovered the < tt > html tag
W surnames - efternavn W: "scanning use big index page "

now its getting serious

I am learning OmniPge Pro 14

ScanSoft - Support: "What Do You Need to Know about OCR?"

definitely beats typing

ScanSoft - Support - Hardware Compatibility List: "This compatibility list is only a guideline"

my Mustek 600 CU scanner is too old to be there

Oe surnames - efternavn Ø

Done from X to Å
Å surnames - efternavn Å Randers 1860 done

Friday, December 12, 2003

Rooted Thoughts: "A new beginning"

Elsi is FTPing her blog to a new address

and this is how

Hugh Watkins

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Google Search: genealogy


Hugh Watkins "To fool around or go about: "naffing about in a tutu" (Suzanne Lowry). "
Valorie's Blog: "Valorie's Blog
Genealogy and the rest of life. "

I seem to have started something ?
well not really - Google Search: genealogy blogspot

Hugh Watkins

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Aarhus Kommunes Biblioteker - Local History Aarhus, AKA Århus, is Denmark's second largest city and the library has developed a great website for genealogy and local history.

Their english is a little quaint but the data is good.
Names FAQ - Hyppige spørgsmål: "in the beginning after the hunter-gatherers, there were farmers and traders - and vikings "

edited and tidied

Hugh Watkins

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

DDD Dansk Demografisk Database
new URL to me
Danish Census

Lidl Online

been indoors for 7 days and of the 8 stitches from the op., 2 are still weeping, made an appointment to have the nurse to take them out on Friday
pause for music
pipe organ a Gigue by J???
turned up the woofer
and the echo on the surround sound system


Weather for b37 5bx

darn site knows my post code

BBC - Radio 3 - Radio 3 homepage

No play list ;.) for now

Radio Times - The best thing on TV, Film and Radio. gave me shock double issue to January 2 2004. So scooped up some half price Xmas cards should get there for the New year and a lottery ticket for tomorrow.

Forgot my free bus pass so had to go back Getting around in the West Midlands with CENTRO

So the first time speaking with another person so I had become totally garrulous - it took three googles to get that spelling right !
Played with a little boy at the bus stop "can you count backwards ?" 5 4 3 2 1 then from 10 until the bus rolled to a stop.

Two bus drivers chatting away, they musn't, so told them off in a smiling way . . horrible drivers here in West Midlands bus service bumpy ride because they are late, drive too fast and burn out their brakes . . as an old pro driver it is so easy to drive smoothly an the passengers enjoy it. The London bus drivers are much better.

well loaded up my trolley
like a taxi driver doing the dracula I came out at sunset, but I was home before the street lights came on.

LIDL, being German, is the only place round here with good rye bread, I got 12 days skimmed milk in one litre cartons and replaced all the tins I've eaten.

I was down to one can of spaghetti in tomato sauce - I have the sort of WWII habit keeeping a stock cupboard as well as a larder, well the larder is a fridge freezer these days, no more walk in larder full of preserves in glass jars, jam even a ham or two hanging or rusting cans, and an attic full of apples carefully spaced not to touch each other. there used to be 3 sorts of apples (classe in now speak) cookers, eaters and keepers, the last might still be eaten in March with that special musty taste.

- I also had left about a pint of home made soup and quite a lot of rice and some porridge oats, but to digest the protein in bread and other grains, you need a liitle milk or cheese to supply some vital amino acids. (a Danish dietician told me)

So home to an orgy of grapes, and coffee and the Weakest Link

now to heat the spaghetti.

Hugh Watkins
jpg parasites:
>>the lovely and talented Asha Anderson <<<
>broadcast on misc.writing

"The JPG Parasite page in my DeadBeat Gallery is dedicated to those poachers who secretly use someone else's website to remotely host a photo they've taken from them (hotlinking). It's one thing to download a photo for your personal use. That's common enough around the web. If you're at all decent about it, you rename it and store it on your own server. The jpg parasite, on the other hand, doesn't download the photo at all. He leaves it where he finds it and lets his host pay for the space and data transfer.

thanks Robert My Blahg

Monday, December 08, 2003

Randers Census Folketælling

updated with street lists

Hugh Watkins

Sunday, December 07, 2003

U surnames - efternavn U

structured the surname index for the Randers 1860 census surname index, or register as the Danes call it. X Y Z Æ also done

not putting it on the site map yet until further on

FT-1860 Købstad RANDERS register / indexes

I easily made 30 pages by h t m l boiler plate but many thousand names and links to be added and checked.

when this is finished the large first draft will be deleted and shrunk to a street index

OOPs boiler plate showing here
U surnames - efternavn U: "this part of the archive and these folio are in very poor condition and the film is no better to read. "
There is a full typescript ms. transcription in the archive in Randers but not in Copenhagen, and 716 pages or TIFF images to search.

Randers Census Folketælling

fixed THAT

Hugh Watkins

with some gwords randers denmark danmark census folketælling genealogy genealogi