Saturday, December 20, 2003

Bastardy and Baby Farming in Victorian England: agem

A many years ago
When I was young and charming
As some of you may know
I practiced baby-farming.

-- Buttercup
Gilbert and Sullivan, HMS Pinafore, 1878

Friday, December 19, 2003

Google Search: bristol accent
Will Stevens wrote:
Certainly, there are lots of jokes relating to the intrusive L e.g. the
Bristolians who had three daughters: Idal, Eval, and Normal.

AND of course Bristowe is the old name of the town

Bristol: "The 'Bristol l' is a feature which occurs only in the immediate area of Bristol, and concerns the addition of /l/ words ending in /?/. Thus, Eva and evil will be homophones. The Bristol l is not very common and is stigmatised."

Google Search: bristol accent

New Web Map Reveals Previously Unseen 'Bow Tie' Organizational Structure: "May 22, 2000 — A new map of cyberspace shows that the Web resembles a bow tie, "

and deep web

Google Search: "deep web" " bow tie"

still not general knowledge

Hugh Watkins
Photos: "Photo Page:
Great art, like a fine red Cabernet wine, gets better with airing.
My favorite photos, altered and otherwise."
What is a Ghazal?: "Ghazal in short, is a collection of Sher's which follow the rules of
'Matla', 'Maqta', 'Beher', 'Kaafiyaa' and 'Radif'. So to know what
Ghazal is, it's necessary to know what these terms mean.

To understand these terms easily , we will take an example.

1. koi ummid bar nahin aati
koi surat nazar nahin aati
2. aage aati thi haale dil par hasi
ab kisi baat par nahin aati
3. hum wahan hain, jahan se humko bhi
kucch hamaari khabar nahin aati
4. kaabaa kis muh se jaaoge 'Ghalib'
sharm tumko magar nahin aati

What is a Sher ?
It's a poem of two lines. This definition is deceptively simple.
Please note that, every Sher is a poem in itself ! A Sher does not
need, anything around it, to convey the message.
All the 4 stanzas in our example are independent poems, Sher's.

So Ghazal is necessarily a collection of two-line-poems called Sher.
[ So the Rafi solo 'rang aur noor ki baaraat kise pesh karu' is NOT
a Ghazal, as every stanza is of 3 lines, and not 2. ]

What are other restrictions ? Many, and important ones.
[ Any collection of Sher's is not Ghazal. " ------ - - - -Classical Definition of Ghazal

LOTTA folks dont know about Persian culture

Google Search: ghazal

a browser test
????? ???? ?? ???? - World > Farsi > ????? ? ????? > ??????

Google Search: persian poetry

Salamon Rushdie refers to this stuff in his books. before I picked up on it from there, I was ignorant about high literary culture on the Indian sub continent.

I am a pagan and a worshipper of love: the creed (of Muslims) I do not need;
Every vein of mine has become taunt like a wire,
the (Brahman’s) girdle I do not need.
Leave my bedside, you ignorant physician!
The only cure for the love-sick is the sight of his beloved –
other than this medicine is there no remedy.
If there be no pilot in our boat, let there be none:
We have god in our midst: the sea we do not need.
The people of the world say that Khusrau worships idols.
So he does, so he does; the people he does not need,
the world he does not need.

(Trans. Dr.Hadi Hasan edit HBW)

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Sylvia Plath Forum: faq: "This quote comes from the book 'Monkey' written by Wu Ch'Eng-En in the middle of the sixteenth century. It is on page 23 of the penguin classics edition. It is spoken by a Patriarch who is teaching Monkey the way of long life. The full quotation is :- 'To spare and tend the vital powers, this and nothing else is sum and total of all magic, secret and profane. All is comprised in these three, spirit, breath and soul; guard them closely, screen them well; let there be no leak. Store them within the frame; that is all that can be learnt, and all that can be taught. I would have you mark the tortoise and snake, locked in tight embrace. Locked in tight embrace, the vital powers are strong; even in the midst of fierce flames the Golden Lotus may be planted, the five elements compounded and transposed, and put to new use. When that is done, be which you please, Buddha or Immortal' "

On her tomb stone >"Even amidst fierce flames the Golden Lotus can be planted."

Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier

by Bruce Sterling
: "1971 Yippie phone phreaks start YIPL/TAP magazine."
Google Search: YIPL/TAP: "YIPL/TAP (Youth International Party -- Technical Assistance Program "
Computer hacking: Where did it begin and how did it start?: " Few see the wave of free-spirited anarchy the hacker culture is already unleashing."
New Page 1: "To thank you for visiting this site we have provided some books you can download for free. "
Mixed Metaphors: New Words in the Oxford English Dictionary: "New Words in the Oxford English Dictionary"

eagerly awaining an update CD
NPR : Google's Holiday 'Doodles': "Google's Holiday 'Doodles'
Search Engine Dresses Up Its Logo for Festive Occasions"

missed the Wright Brothers DARN

is there a collection anywhere ?
Danish Census welcome
I've got a funny sort of writers block - got a pile of Xmas cards to be written and sent. and I am letting them gather dust.
But writing well on my Danish Census site i guess a different sort of emotion is involved.

Feeling poorly been sleeping all day, too unwell to shop since my operation, so new year for greetings folks.

DIS-Danmark - Danish Web addresses

their home page in English is still missing
Databehandling I Slægtsforskning Computers in Genealogy society of Denmark
Sitemap - Danish State Archives

the absolute top source for Danish genealogy
but the very best stuff is in mss and old handwriting and not filmed

Hugh Watkins

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

RANDERS FT-1860 and more: "FT-1860 Købstad RANDERS register / indexes ARE NOW AVAILABLE"

Hugh Watkins - Bosworth Medical Centre, Birmingham, England: "This purpose-built medical centre was opened in 1970 " before that they used a ground floor flat, and now they are getting a new place on the site of the recently demolished old peoples home.

I watched the demolition ballet mechanique from my kitchen window for days.
Birmingham Heartlands & Solihull NHS Trust (Teaching)

Not much help
no direct telephone numbers to departments

no email addresses

I have a not unexpected post-operative infection and a lack of confidence in my GP

Twice I asked one doctor - GP - for help and I got in a stupid argument about saving money for the National Health Service - some bedside manner they have in UK.

I think the hospital is irresponsible just washing their hands of day surgery patients post-operative care and that their post-operative infection statistics are there by being massaged too.

H:S Rigshospitalet

Respirationscenter Øst

these guys look after me well

H:S Rigshospitalet: "Respirationscenter Øst
Afsnit 3072 (sengeafsnit)
Telefon: 3545 3072
Fax: 35457 2863
Afsnit 3193 (ambulatorium)
Telefon: 3545 7818
Fax: 3545 7718
H:S Tværfagligt Smertecenter
Afsnit 7612
Tagensvej 20B
2200 København N
Telefon: 3545 7612/7325/7124
Fax: 3545 7349"

they sent me spare filters for my CPAP machine after an email and I just telephoned them on their direct line to cancel an appointment because of this infection.

Sorry dear old England, again Denmark is much more wired than you lot.

I can of course go in via emergency, in Dk I can discuss my problem withj my GP on the phone but at this time . 1330 they don't even answer the phone until 200 pm

- sigh -

I can try Welcome To NHSDirect Online

on their site What is Necrotizing Fasciitis?
via google . . you dont want to know that.

After call centre filtering
finally got to speak with a second nurse, the first told me her computers was down, basically see your GP

: "If you are a community member and keep a weblog about reading or writing -- or that includes your reading and writing experiences -- I'll link it here."

"members of the Forward Motion Community."

: "We're a group of often insanely dedicated writers, and a smaller group of obsessive readers. We challenge each other to write better, to reach higher, to never give up on our dreams."
December 2003 newsletter - Oxford English Dictionary: "the question 'what's your favourite word?' "

John Simpson has 10 that interest him
bit of a bore - no surprises
T surnames - efternavn T last page done
next a better street index

Hugh Watkins

Monday, December 15, 2003

Q surnames - efternavn Q yes only R S T left to do 12 pages and time for bed!

then after that
DOWNLOAD 687kb RANDERS FT-1860 draft index July 23 2003( to be revised and divided and deleted.

all the little s. = side = in Danish page numbersDOWNLOAD 687kb RANDERS FT-1860 draft index July 23 2003

refer to this column:-

Side i Randers Lokal-historiske Arkiv Register
Pages in Randers local history acrive index

757 pages to be sorted

Hugh Watkins