Saturday, January 10, 2004

learning new words every day with das lidl-scope
"Dr John Stockton" wrote snip
> My largest dictionary does not actually, AFAICS, define analemma.

better google it then
Google Search: analemma

and click on the underlined word in the blue bar

near bottom of page
Merriam-Webster - Search for definitions

Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, sundial on a pedestal, from Greek analEmma, lofty structure, sundial, from analambanein to take up, restore, from ana- + lambanein to take -- more at latch
Date: 1832

: a plot or graph of the position of the sun in the sky at a certain time of day (as noon) at one locale measured at regular intervals throughout the year that has the shape of a figure 8; also : a scale (as on a globe or sundial) based on such a plot that shows the sun's position for each day of the year or that allows local mean time to be determined
- an·a·lem·mat·ic /"a-n&-le-'ma-tik, -l&-/ adjectiv

or figure of eight

which suggests try an image search
Google Image Search: analemma

a new word for me too
amateur astronomy newbie am I !


Hugh Watkins
The Astronomical Unit
+ Stephen Tonkin | ATM Resources; Astro-Tutorials; Astro Books
Astronomy Books by Stephen Tonkin

help for DAS LIDL-SCOPE (70mm refractor)

Upgrading a 60mm Refractor

Hugh Watkins

Friday, January 09, 2004

Google Toolbar FAQ: "BlogThis? Is that something I want to do? "


Hugh Watkins
Google Search: english

Google Search: census

Google Search: genealogy

searching enlish spellings finds loan words and the ever diminishing number of english pages

Danes can be VERY Danish sometimes

PATRIOTISM - or chuavanism in Europå ?

and local patriotism - parish pump politics !

Google Search: IGI

i Mormonernes database

research in Danish batch numbers is just beginning to get on the web

:: igi-index | deutsches Batchnummern Verzeichnis - german Batchnumber Index

DisForum - Foreningsforhold - medlem til medlem - 4000 medlemmer this Danish society has doubled it membership in two years

DIS-Danmark - MødeKalender

meetings and lectures in danish on genealogy in Denmark this year 2004
Google Groups: View Thread "Er der en der skal paa Lands Arkivet i København?": "'FT1822' dækker over præsternes indberetninger over sognets beboere det
pågældende år og er altså ikke nogen officiel FT på linie med de alm.
kendte. De er derfor næppe filmet, men skal for hvert sogn søges frem i

In 1822 the Danish priests wrote a list of their parishioners in the church books.

Google Search: Nigeria or Spanish prisoner the only spam seen on this bloggery36 email address

mail me
THE BRITISH LIBRARY - The world's knowledge

I almost almost need to write a FAQ about the british library newspaper archives at Collindale

good idea if I could spell COLINDALE first

Google Search: british library newspaper archives at Collindale
Mrs. Google said :- Did you mean: british library newspaper archives at Colindale

very few newspapers are indexed but most are on film

your university or public library has access to the British Library resources
British Library Document Supply services: "Welcome to the British Library, the world's leading document provider.
We deliver a rapid and comprehensive document supply and interlibrary loan service from our extensive collection."

easy url to remember

British Library Public Catalogue

Newspaper Library Catalogue

Thursday, January 08, 2004 - Global Search Results

the only non fattening cake !

cyber cake

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HOST FMLY LdyJay: Happy Birthday {{{{{{{{{Hugh}}}}}}}} !!!! {S birthday
Hugh W36: thanks

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

68 years old today
one telephone call
no cards, no emails

got the new TV connected to the surround sound
and spent a happy hour playing Monsters Inc on my daughters old play station !
DVD player works
played a bit of GENEVIEVE with the wonderful harmonica sound track played by Larry Adler.

Doctor looked surprised when I told him my age
and the blooged antebiotic is doin the job.

Got a Santa hat half price while waiting for my medicine
plan to take up hitchhiking again when I can walk 5 or 10 miles a day - some hope

176.6 KG down from nearly 190 kg
target weight 160 KG next

ADKINS of diet fame lived only to 72 years
well below average life expectancy

I have to get to 85 to 95 to be of note in my lot

my ancestors WATKINS and LAPHAM of Monmouthshire and Bristol UK

my mother lived to 91 her elder sister 95
CIA - The World Factbook

CIA - The World Factbook -- Rank Order - Life expectancy at birth

United Kingdom 78.16
United States 77.14

late with an ante tobacco program
Denmark 77.10

an old ante-alcohol land
Sweden 79.97

CIA - The World Factbook -- Andorra a tiny welathy mountain valley in the Pyranees

Life expectancy at birth:
total population: 83.49 years
male: 80.58 years
female: 86.58 years (2003 est.)

Ethnic groups:
Spanish 43%, Andorran 33%, Portuguese 11%, French 7%, other 6% (1998)
Spain 79.23
plan: "Plan for tilgængeliggørelse af kirkebøger og folketællinger
Pr. 17/12-2003

provisionally planned uploads of images by the Danish Archives

Planen er foreløbig, og der kan forkomme ændringer.

Januar: Voldborg herred.
Februar: Djurs Sønder herred.
April: Bornholm.

Januar: 1787."

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Doctor Fox's Cabinet of Batch Numbers: "This web page contains a link to download an Access database file containing the latest updated list of Danish Batch numbers from the International Genealogical Index (IGI). It is also in a CSV-text file."

Really important news
Frequently asked questions about Elvis The King Presley - the Elvis FAQ: "Elvis was born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi"

one year but a day older than me so it was quite a shock in 1977 when he died - intimations of MY OWN mortality


Hugh Watkins

Monday, January 05, 2004

Panasonic USA I had a job finding this site
ended upwith lotta resellers

Panasonic Global
Panasonic UK - DVD Recorders, SD Memory, Plasma Screens, Toughbooks, Photocopiers, Televisions and Digital Cameras

I have always been a Sony fan until now
so I went back to the shop to make certain - and play with the remote control
only 10 page tele text but www replaces that for many things


66cmV T(tau) 50Hz Widescreen Television with Integrated Digital Tuner

DTG : FREEVIEW : Reception Enquiry: "Please enter your postcode in the box below"

Digital Television Group Home Page: "The Chief Executive, Stephen Carter, has made it clear that he regards the issue of digital switch-over as a high priority for the new body telling MPs 'We will do whatever is useful to reaching that.' He added, 'We do support an accelerated move to switch-off.'"

BBC - Press Office - Freeview launch date: "Freeview, the new digital terrestrial television service, will launch on Wednesday 30 October 2002 it was announced today (Thursday 3 October) by the BBC, Crown Castle International and BSkyB. " - the community website: "Why should I get it?
In the next 10 years, the government will order that analogue broadcasts be switched off in favour of digital when certain targets of availability and pricing are met. Put simply, digital television offers enormous benefits over analogue: better picture quality, better audio performance, a larger choice of video and radio channels, and access to exciting enhanced/interactive features. "

and on the radio

listen too JAZZFM Friewview has the London stream
There's nothing else like JAZZFM. A station for free spirits, it plays smooth jazz and classic soul, catering for lovers of mainstream jazz, blues and everything in-between. Why not get it on?
oneword digital radio
Oneword is the first and only national commercial radio station dedicated exclusively to the best in books, plays, comedy and discussion.
On air 24 hours a day, it aims to offer entertainment, education and interactivity for all those who love books and writing.

< < just now Peter Sellers Mind me harp Suddenly Its Folk song produced by George Martin (the beatles)
Google Search: "George Martin"

and Google Search: Tom Lehrer the old dope peddler

earlier some book trade manager types discussing genres and sales * * * * * guardian angels are selling well * * * * * *
started in USA 15 years ago

Google Search: borders bookshop sponsor one word
Panasonic TX28DT4 - Cheap Panasonic TX28DT4 Televisions: "Panasonic TX28DT4
Standard Features
66cmV Quintrix Flat 16:9 picture tube
High Speed 7 Day EPG
Favourites Option
Enhanced MHEG Operation
Watch analogue, record digital
Common Interface
Background channel Scan "

my new box coming tommorrow
£3 cheaper thatn the cheapest price there
interest free over 11 months EQUIVALENT TO £30 TO £40 MORE OFF THE PRICE

sighs with relief
with any luck it should be the last I buy - being 68 years on the seventh JAN. 2004

little brother with a 24 inch 55cm tube

Panasonic TX-24DX1 Widescreen TV

36 page manual of operating instructions in pdf

Panasonic TX-28DT4 Widescreen TV IT

Sunday, January 04, 2004

The Spring Norfolk Star Party: "Share telescopes
Talk astronomy
Dark sky with good horizons"

Friday 19th March to Sunday 21st March 2004

I have my machine, Sony laptop, by a triple window on the seventh floor of these flats, the view is due east

Out of the corner of my eye to my left I saw the moon quite high about 1730 ust
so into the other bedrooom, which is unheated opened the window , and took the old curtain off Das Lidl-Scope

With the 20mm eyepiece the image was so bright I had trouble seeing the darker plains
but the mountain shadows werefine

Changing to the 4mm I found it hards to focus, the sligtest touch set the scope oscilating like a table edge knife.

this is B37 east Brum or north Solihull and we were under slight cloud at the leading edge of the approaching warm front

Seeing under the cloudeds from the north facing kitchen window is very good to the tv masts near Sutton Coldfield or Lichfield
but there is a cloud cap on it all

Jupiter at the back foot of LEO is still below the horizon but I am not optimistic

Das Lidl-Scope
is a good google string

Google Search: DAS LIDL-SCOPE
which is why I use those words - I cannot speak german but the pictures tell much of the story

tuning is another good word to add
Google Search: DAS LIDL-SCOPE tuning

Lidl Teleskop - Test - Tips - Tuning

mine also has this wheel

any ideas on a cheap motor ?


Anybody care to tell us about their first moon sighting through a telescope ?

Hugh Watkins

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters: "from the puts-other-build-your-own-stories-to-shame dept.
I don't want to spen writes 'For all you fans of nanotech out there, a friend just posted me a link to instructions for building a scanning tunnelling microscope, from the University of Muenster. Interestingly, their licensing terms sound open source-ish "