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TIFF I love this old handwriting the first page of the RANDERS købstad - market town - 1787 census properælling/FT1787/01704/00192.tif

and TIFF image number 94 online
the last
the INDEX Randers 1787 TIFF plug in neededælling/FT1787/01704/00189.tif >> 00190 next
I just change the numbers to navigate and save the images.
then I use IrfanView for hiome sudy !
Statens Arkivers folketælling på Internettet

1787 Er på nettet

a whole new census for 1787
the images are on line HURRAH !

Statens Arkivers folketælling på Internettet

choose the year drop down menu - - - VÆLG ÅRGANG

throws an error first attempt :-(((((
Ancestry Message Boards - Message [ Fyn ]:

the NOTIFICATION system is working pretty patchily and the whole site is S L O W
"We are searching for information concerning two sisters.

Maren Larsen (or Madsen,) born 15 Dec. 1847 in Voltofte, Flemlose, Odense to Lars Madsen and Ane Cathrine Johansdatter. Maren married Hans Christian Hansen on 15 Nov, 1879 in Voltofte. We don't knowe whether she stayed in Denmark or emigrated to the US as did most of her siblings.

Ane Cathrine (used Madsen or Larsen-Madsen) was born on 5 Feb, 1852 also in Voltofte. She married Niels Larsen (born 1 April 1845 in Assens) on 9 Nov, 1878 in Voldtofte. They had at least one child, Kristen, born 12 April, 1882. We believe we found Niels and Ane Cathrine in the 1911 census, in Voldtofte.

We would appreciate any information anyone can share about these sisters."

so I am manullay checking all the Message Boards I administer
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages WATKINS and LAPHAM of Monmouthshire and Bristol UK: "These pages have been created in loving memory of my mother, Alison Mary WATKINS neé LAPHAM,"

updated today

FTM 11 worked well and much quicker

InterneTree misbehaving wrong main person
ndhangs (possibly my gedcom is too big

Hugh Watkins

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AlternaTIFF updates: "AlternaTIFF Updates
The current version of the AlternaTIFF TIFF plug-in and ActiveX control is 1.6.3, released on 30 Dec 2003. "

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Driving directions from Copenhagen Airport to Flakkebjerg: "Driving directions from Copenhagen Airport to Flakkebjerg, Slagelse"


Department of Crop Protection - Dias: "
Biological control of pests, diseases and other noxious organisms in agriculture and husbandry in Denmark will be strengthen in the years to come due to the formation of Danish Centre for Biological Control. Denmark is an international pioneer in the area of biological control ensuring healthy crops and benefiting the environment." - Om DJF:

DJF ledes af en bestyrelse udnævnt af Fødevareministeren.

Danmarks JordbrugsForskning er en sektorforskningsinstitution under Ministeriet for Fødevarer, Landbrug og Fiskeri. DJF er en statsvirksomhed med forskningsaktiviteter på centre i Foulum, Bygholm, Årslev og Flakkebjerg. Hertil kommer 4 forsøgsstationer samt Afdelingen for Sortsafprøvning i Tystofte. To forskergrupper er placeret ved Den Kgl. Veterinær- og Landbohøjskole i København.


Ministry of food, agriculture and fisheries: "Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries"

Fødevareministeriet: "Kampen mod fedme "

The fight against obesity
Alt Om Kost

all about food

6 fruits a day or veg 600 gram for adults
400 gram for 6 to 10 year old children

Efterskolerne Online: "Meet the Danish Efterskole
The efterskole is a unique Danish independent residential school for students between 14 and 18 years old. Presently some 22.000 students attend one of the app. 240 schools throughout Denmark."
Velkommen til Flakkebjerg Efterskoles hjemmeside

my daughter's new school
11 horses, 16 pcs and 106 students


Velkommen til Flakkebjerg Efterskoles hjemmeside: "

Vi er 108 elever- næsten lige mange
piger og drenge. Man kan kun være
elev på skolen et år, så alle elever
begynder her samtidig. Vi bor i 7
familier, hvor næsten elever bor på
dobbeltværelser. Der er i hver
familie 3 - 4 pigeværelser og 3-4
drengeværelser samt et fællesrum.

108 students living in 7 families

Google Search: STRØMSHOLT

amazing what one scribbled !

> The FreeBMD Database was last updated on Thu 3 Oct 2002 and
> currently contains 40,978,318 total records (38,094,140 unique
> records

thread drift

FreeBMD Home Page: "The FreeBMD Database was last updated on Sat 27 Dec 2003 and currently contains 71,735,384 distinct records (81,818,137 total records) . "

doubled in size in 14 months

The recording of births, marriages and deaths was started in 1837 and is one of the most significant resources for genealogical research. The transcribing of the records is carried out by teams of dedicated volunteers and contains index information for the period 1837-1983.

about 60 million brits alive today with three events each BMD 180 million entries in a database
a long way to go

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Danmarks Statistik -Navne

Statistics about Danish Names is working again
was down for updating last week
Danmarks Statistik - Navne TOP-20 for hele Danmarks


male names ----- female names ----------- surnames
Nr. Navn Antal Nr. Navn Antal Nr. Navn Antal
1 Jens 57.691 1 Kirsten 50.309 1 Jensen 306.165
2 Peter 52.497 2 Anne 48.787 2 Nielsen 299.363
3 Lars 48.114 3 Hanne 42.641 3 Hansen 251.404
4 Hans 46.978 4 Mette 39.714 4 Pedersen 188.425
5 Niels 46.502 5 Anna 39.681 5 Andersen 173.830
6 Michael 46.292 6 Karen 35.694 6 Christensen 134.047
7 Jørgen 45.360 7 Helle 35.370 7 Larsen 130.547
8 Søren 44.628 8 Susanne 32.884 8 Sørensen 125.152
9 Henrik 44.454 9 Inge 32.705 9 Rasmussen 104.843
10 Thomas 41.835 10 Lene 32.379 10 Jørgensen 99.009
11 Jan 41.242 11 Inger 31.923 11 Petersen 93.198
12 Erik 39.438 12 Else 30.992 12 Madsen 70.683
13 Ole 37.739 13 Marianne 28.322 13 Kristensen 65.296
14 Martin 36.962 14 Bente 27.470 14 Olsen 54.483
15 Per 36.119 15 Lone 26.758 15 Thomsen 40.648
16 Poul 35.852 16 Maria 25.723 16 Christiansen 40.427
17 Christian 35.540 17 Jette 25.150 17 Poulsen 34.422
18 Anders 35.033 18 Pia 25.047 18 Johansen 33.230
19 Morten 34.786 19 Birthe 24.221 19 Knudsen 32.175
20 Jesper 34.575 20 Charlotte 23.970 20 Mortensen 31.462
befolkning pr. 1 januar 2003 - Recent Genealogy Databases: "Genealogy Databases Posted or Updated Recently

Genealogy Database TitlePosted
Sibton Abbey Cartularies and Charters - Updated 1/12/2004
Leading Men of London 1/9/2004
Charterhouse Register 1872-1910 - Updated 1/7/2004
Stoke By Clare Cartulary - Updated 1/5/2004
Pakenham Cartulary for Ixworth Thorpe, Suffolk 1250-1320 1/2/2004 "
57. Schoenberg: Gurre Lieder: "Gurre Lieder [Songs of Gurre] (1901/11)
(6 voices, multiple choruses, orchestra)
(text by Jens Peter Jacobsen; translated from Danish into German by Robert Franz Arnold) "

I never knew these were Danish originally

I'm a Schoenberg fan I love his book the structural functions of harmony
Gurre Sø, Kronborg statsskovdistrikts hjemmeside, Skov- og Naturstyrelsen

The Danish ghost - King Vlademar, who died in 1375 hunting in the forest at night.

The wild hunt is found all over Europe as a ghost story.

I first came across this as military music !
Google Search: lutzow's wild hunt

Captain Lutzow's Wild Chase (Lützows wilde jagd) (Weber)

Google Search: Lützows wilde jagd

Translated version of "Luetzows wild hunt
Theodor of grains
What shines there from the forest in the sunshine?
Hoer's more near and more near showers.
It pulls itself down in dark Reih'n,
And gellende horns sounds into it
And fulfill the soul with horror.
And if you associate the black ask:
That is Luetzows wild, bold hunt."
machine translation by Google ;-(

Lützows wilde Jagd

Lützows wilde Jagd
Theodor Körner
Was glänzt dort vom Walde im Sonnenschein?
Hör's näher und näher brausen.
Es zieht sich herunter in düsteren Reih'n,
Und gellende Hörner schallen darein
Und erfüllen die Seele mit Grausen.
Und wenn ihr die schwarzen Gesellen fragt:
Das ist Lützows wilde, verwegene Jagd.

music notes Weber 1814

WEBER, C. M. F. E. VON: "Weber started in February 1811 on an extended artistic tour, during which he made many influential friends, and on the 4th of June brought out Abu Hassan with marked success at Munich. His father died at Mannheim in 1812, and after this he had no settled home, until in 1813 his wanderings were brought to an end by the unexpected offer of an appointment as kapellmeister at Prague, coupled with the duty of entirely remodelling the performances at the opera-house.

The terms were so liberal that he accepted at once, engaged a new company of performers, and directed them with uninterrupted success until the autumn of 1816. During this period he composed no new operas, but he had already written much of his best pianoforte music, and played it with never-failing success, while the disturbed state of Europe inspired him with some of the finest patriotic melodies in existence.

First among these stand ten songs from Korner's Leyer und Schwerdt, including ' Vater, ich rufe dich,' and ' Liitzow's wilde Jagd ' ; and in no respect inferior to these are the splendid choruses in his cantata Kampf und Sieg, which was first performed at Prague, on the 22nd of December 1815.
Weber resigned his office at Prague on the soth of September * Spitta gives a different account ot the occurrence, and attributes the robbery to a servant."

Körner, Theodor: "Geboren am 23.9.1791 in Dresden; gestorben am 26.8.1813 in Rosenow bei Gadebusch/ Mecklenburg (gefallen) "

Projekt Gutenberg-DE

patriotic songs
Did it inspire this?
C. VON WEBER: "He now gave his close attention to the story of Der Freischutz, which he had previously meditated turning into an opera, and, with the assistance of Friedrich Kind, he produced an admirable libretto, under the title of Des Jagers Braut. No subject could have been better fitted than this to serve as a vehicle for the new art-form which, under Weber's skilful management, developed into the type of 'romantic opera"