Saturday, March 27, 2004

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got spammed from aol genealogy chat by these people

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which is a money spinner front end linked to tracking at ancestry com

which is how to make money out of genealogy on the net
you get paid per clickthrough

as a genealogist I value my independance
so I see an ethical question there.
The Japan Times Online: "NO MORE DOG-EARED PAGES
Hand-held e-book readers to hit market soon"
Writing for the Web: Adapting Print to the Web: "Adapting Print to the Web"

I like it
1000 Danish surnames

HOT today

De 1.000 mest anvendte efternavne 1.1.2004
The top one thousand surnames in Denmark on January 1 2004
- with thanks to Dorthe Larsen at Danmarks Statistik

Hugh Watkins

Friday, March 26, 2004

from my mail box this morning !!!

Dear Mr. Watkins,
As a member a few Genealogy mailing lists, I'm impressed with the way you structure your answers to the questions that people post.
Some of the sites you have sent people to, have also been a help to me. I thank you for this.
Quiet a few months ago I gave someone a site to find a relative. An email came back with "love you love you thank you thank you" etc. etc. It's a good feeling to know that we are all out there helping each other.
If their was an award for top Genealogist Volunteer on the net you would be up for it.

Thanks again

best wishes

Western Australia

Thank you - what a nice start to my day !

I have just got up at 600am
4 nights ago I tried sleeping without my CPAP machine
because it was getting so noisy with the bearings worn out, and a theoretical risk of overheating and consequent fire - or plastic fumes in my lungs.

I had a horrible night , repeatedly waking up gasping for breath.

In the afternoon I went to Heartlands Hospital accident and emergency and asked for help
breathlessness was my presenting symptom, clutching my dying machine in its grey padded carry-case in my hand.

By the time I was processed the Respiration Physiology department was closed for the night, and I was unable to borrow a replacemnt machine.

The young A & E doctor suggested sending me home for the night
"please may I speak to your superior" was my response and I was given a bed and 5 litres oxygen a minute(?)
for the night. After settling for sleep I was woken up at 1130pm and moved to an overflow ward for the rest of the night where a most helpful male nurse from Belfast looked after us.

The O2 was not much help and having missed tea and supper, two cups of tea and a salad sandwich was all I got, I was half fasting and had all sorts of strange food related dreams - toast and a toaster was in one :-)

A little night walking ensused and another cup of tea. A high carb breakfast of "forbidden" foods like toasted white bread, wih butter and marmalade, and cornflakes, restored me for an hour then I ahd tolie down again. A Danish hospital would have served high fibre rye bread and slices of cheese.

I was a little "manic" talking my head off - as do people who live alone, The three of the other five patients were all due for discharge. Two with gale related industries. One had watched his greenhouse being demolished by the strong wind, unfortunately he must have been downwind, and he was hit on the head by a pane of glass which smashed on his head and the shards cut him and severed a tendon in his hand.

Another was a heart by-pass patient who had gone out and (too) vigourously started sawing boughs off a fallen tree which had landed on his back fence. As the heart specialists say "he dropped" - but not dead but woke up back in hospital. I said well getting old is like having an old car one thing or the other is always going wrong, and he added "with a wonky engine too "

In the bed next to me was an older man about 88 who was missing his cigarettes having abstained for 4 or 5 days. A "healthy" long term cigarette smoker aged about 85 and I tried to shock him into staying off cigarettes by pointing out the circulation problems regularly cause older smokers with poor circulation to have legs cut off daily in hospitals. My mother gave up smoking in her sixties.

Another man had an abcess in his jaw and the failed dental treatment meant he had a broken jaw. That brought back memories of my stay in Millbank military hospital, now demolished (and replaced by the Turner Gallery behind the TATE!) where I met an army cook who had had a terrorists bullet through his jaw in the Malayan (or Burmese?) jungle. His jaws were wired together and he was healing nicely.

Well enough of medical matters which should really be in the BLOOG

Monday, March 22, 2004

UKBMD - Births, Marriages, Deaths Indexes for the UK, On-Line: "What's not on this site ?
Every relevant link from within GENUKI. The GENUKI site is the premiere site for research for UK genealogy. As such there are hundreds of pages within this site that either list transcribed data, or tell you where to find it. So, rather than fill this site up with many links all pointing to the one site, I believe that it's sufficient to point you to the main entrance and let you look for yourselves using its menus and comprehensive search facilities. "GENUKI Home page
UKBMD - Births, Marriages, Deaths Indexes for the UK, On-Line: "Local BMD - these are the indexes created from the original registration entries held by the local registrars. Civil registration from its start is covered. More and more counties are putting their indexes on-line, so it is advisable to start looking here first. "

Indexing local civil registration rcords

Hugh Watkins

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Art From My Heart

thankyou Ray for sending me all those Bristol births and marriages

Arcturus: " Arcturus has a distinctly orange tinge compared to its neighbors.
The color coordinates with the star's current condition as a 'red giant.'

In other words it has burned through its stores of the simplest element, hydrogen, which is a star's primary fuel. Now Arcturus shines by fusing together atoms of helium.

Puffed up by this process, Arcturus has expanded to a diameter some 25 times that of our sun, though it is only a tiny fraction as dense. "

which is how our little planet will be burnt up

cranked up Das Lidlscope

but I was too slow to find the focus before Jupiter soared out of my observation window
4 hand-spans above the horizon.

Google Search: jupiter: "Jupiter
Jupiter. Jupiter. The Bringer of Jollity. ... More detailed and customized charts can be created with a planetarium program. Jupiter's Satellites. ...

Jupiter Events

HubbleSite - NewsCenter - Newsdesk - News Archive

Topographical Engineers - Time and the Moons of Jupiter: "Checking Greenwich Time Using Jupiter's Moons
Callisto, Europa, Io and Ganymede"
Google Search: jupiter moons now

Google Search: jupiter moons position

time to eat
the day I first saw ARCTURUS never to be forgotten

The Kaur Etymology: "Sikh Names and their significance

In 1699, Sikh Women were given the last name 'Kaur' and and Men 'Singh' by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs.

This initiate intended to end the caste system, social stratification and much of the apparatus of Hindu ritual and legalism.

In Indian society, an individual's name reveals his or her caste, and Sikhs were freed from the caste system by having all men incorporate Singh in their names and all women, Kaur.

Based on the premises of gender equality, Kaur was also given to Sikh Women to establish an identity independent of their father or husband. "

in 1699

familyarchives: "Robert Bremner
Philip Bremner
John Bremner
Helen Fenton Bremner
Annie Bremner (Mary Ann)
Katherine Bremner Brown
Helen Bremner Shannon
Edwin Parker Bremner
Alexander F. Bremner
Frederic McGregor Bremner
Katherine Bremner
Grace M Branchaud
Pricilla Smith"

Boards > Topics > Organizations and Societies > Business, Employment & Institutional Records
follow the money trail through the archives !
Ancestry Message Boards [ Business, Employment & Institutional Records ]

I am administrator of 145 boards so far
many are related to Denmark, to census, to names ending in -sen or -son or -gaard which are often Danish, and three welsh and two english counties where I have geographical knowledge.

sunrise summer solstice so due east and an aprox 12 hour day

Weather Underground: Coleshill, United Kingdom Forecast: "March 21, 2004 Sun RiseSun Set
Actual Time6:06 AM GMT6:22 PM GMT
Civil Twilight5:32 AM GMT6:56 PM GMT
Nautical Twilight4:52 AM GMT7:36 PM GMT
Astronomical Twilight4:09 AM GMT8:19 PM GMT
Moon6:38 AM GMT7:06 PM GMT
Length of Day: 12h 16m
Length Of Visible Light: 13h 24m
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent, 0% of moon illuminated "