Saturday, April 03, 2004

Birmingham City Council - Home Page

I hate this webmaster
very few proper URL on this site

typical of suff - easy to administer but impossible to link to long term.
Lost Danish census - manglende FT - FAQ

new today thank you Hedvig


one of my all time favourite sites


Friday, April 02, 2004

Google Search: poisson d'avril

french for APRIL FOOL
BBC News | 1998 | The silly season:

"Panorama's classic April Fool from 1957 - the spaghetti tree harvest

And what is so special about April 1 that otherwise normal people do their best to make their nearest and dearest look stupid? "
South Wales: Monmouthshire: Llanfair Kilgeddin

A wonderful job thank you !

part of:-

Welcome to the On-line Genealogical Research Engine pilot project, which aims to provide a premier free service for on-line genealogical research. "

Denebola.: "A blue star in the tail of the Lion"

just spotted this out of my window

abbreviated from Al Dhanab al Asad (1), "the Lion's Tail

Google Search: denebola

from my much loved google toolbar and from the AOL toolbar
AOL Search | Web

about to be uninstalled

Thursday, April 01, 2004

ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games: "Olympic Games
13-29 Aug. 2004"

age 68 watching from home is best

the women's marathon August 22
and the men's august 29 over the historical route

but over the great bridge at Sydney was unforgetable

and for opening and closing ceremonies
Norway ws the best so far
Japan next best
Tour de France : bienvenue sur le site officiel I plan on watching this every day on TV
again !!! July 3 to 25
Roskilde Festival

my youngest daughter is growing up and going to her first big rock festival

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates: "The Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records shall allow a person access to all birth certificates if seventy-five years have passed after the date of birth as registered on the birth certificate.'"

access to all death certificates if fifty years have passed after the date of death."

AZ Dept of Health Services


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Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates Results
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2) Death STROMSHOLT, WALTER OTT 1927.10.17 1948.10.28 .. .. MARICOPA
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family stories say the Otto had a drinking problem and went to USA because of prohibition, He died of hepatitic insufficiency
liver failure

Walter died of tuberculosis - here bronchiectasis aged only 21

BBC - Coventry and Warwickshire Culture - Compton Verney opening

Warwickshire is the proud owner of the country's newest art gallery, after a £64m restoration at the jaw-droppingly beautiful Compton Verney.


look at Marylebone
there used to be £10 day return after 10am for the over fifties
Welcome to Compton Verney - "Compton Verney is a new art gallery in Warwickshire. It was founded by British philanthropist Sir Peter Moores through the Peter Moores Foundation as a way of offering visitors informal and enjoyable ways of experiencing art."

from my email
In a message dated 31/03/2004 10:34:24 GMT Standard Time, writes:
Thank you for your message.

I’m sorry but at the moment getting to Compton Verney by public transport is difficult, but we are currently looking into this situation. You can of course get the train from Birmingham to Leamington & it would be a short taxi ride from there. I hope this helps.


Ina Cole

Communications Manager
Compton Verney
Warwickshire CV35 9HZ
01926 645540

I look forward to going there

I love installation art and Greenaway films

Compton Verney - "Peter Greenaway is one of the most original filmmakers working anywhere in the world today. At Compton Verney, Greenaway re-visits the setting of his first feature film, The Draughtsman's Contract (1982), a thriller played out against the backdrop of an English country estate. In this setting Greenaway introduces the figure of Tulse Luper (sometime hero of his earlier films and possibly Greenaway's alter-ego) to act as a guide and interpreter of events and their impact on the house and landscape."
- and the soon to be released The Tulse Luper Suitcases (2004).

At the heart of the exhibition is a collection of 92 suitcases that Luper has supposedly abandoned on his travels. The contents provide clues to his existence, his obsessions, the people he has met, and the places he has visited.

Monday, March 29, 2004


froo·gle (fru'gal) n. Smart shopping through Google.

been testing in Google Labs for a while

now in beta , Google's technology playground.

Google labs showcases a few of our favorite ideas that aren't quite ready for prime time. Your feedback can help us improve them. Please play with these prototypes and send your comments directly to the Googlers who developed them.
Guardian Unlimited Books | Extracts | The new elite:

"Above all, the rich feel much less need than their predecessors to account for their wealth, whether to society, to governments or to God. Their attitudes and values are not seriously challenged by anyone. The respect now shown for wealth and money-making has been the most fundamental change in Britain over four decades."
Guardian Unlimited Books | Extracts | The new elite:

"Once bound by family, school and class, the British Establishment was for years the dominant political and cultural force in this country. But no longer"
WelshGen UK Family History Research

>> Our goal is to connect Clients to Genealogists/Researchers providing both clients looking for professionals to find their ancestors and Genealogists the opportunity to find each other in a safe and reputable environment. Feel free to post a project for bidding or bid on current open projects.

<< and take 5%

I do not trust this site

Would you give your money to a stranger with a smile to hold for you?

No names of directors
no snailmail address

no company registration
do NOT touch it

no contact us buton in those dark clours - I think
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oops shoud be Warwcks

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Westmidlands BMD
The Register Offices in the county of West Midlands, England, hold records of Local births, marriages and deaths back to the start of civil registration in 1837.

The county's Family History Societies are collaborating with the Local Authority Registration Services to make the indexes to these records freely searchable via the Internet.

Although the indexes are not yet complete for all years and districts, the database will eventually cover West Midlands births, marriages and deaths for the years 1837 to 1950 and beyond.
Birmingham Register OfficeThe registers of births, marriages and deaths which have occurred in Birmingham since July 1837 are, with a few exceptions, held at the Register Office.

The original records of births, marriages and deaths are not open to the public but certified copies of individual register entries or certificates are available on application to the Register Office. The application must provide sufficient information to allow a search to be made and to allow any entry found to be identified as the correct one. Fees are charged for certified copies from register entries

Genealogy: It is appreciated that, in some cases, sufficient information may not be known and that the certificate is required to establish the details. Please seek further advice from the Register Office as it may be possible to carry out a search.