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The Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives
to find a record agent to do archive searches


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Google Search: "Association of Genealogists and Record Agents"

Public Record Office | Research | Family History - Contact Details

Google Search: site:uk record agent marriages deaths

Google Search: Kirkebøgerr... URL. Statens Arkivers KIRKEBØGER på Internet: "Kirkebøgerr is danish
for church books or parish registers (abbreviation KB ) The ... - 15k - 26 May 2004 - Cached - Similar pages

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so go on line - TV has Hells Kitchen and BIG BROTHER
reality shows UK style

Telegraph | News | Viewers start to lose appetite for the Hell's Kitchen recipe: "t has not been a great week for champions of 'reality' television, of which ITV's Hell's Kitchen is the latest example. Three days ago, Bob Geldof predicted that such programmes would soon be shunted aside by quality documentaries. 'People want to see reality on TV, rather than yet more reality TV,' he said."

Google Search: Hell's Kitchen site:uk tv
Google Search: Genealogentag

googd google word GENEALOGENTAG

Google Search: Genealogen

Google Search: Genealogen glossar

Google Search: Genealogies glossar

new to me
WWW Virtual Library
WWW Virtual Library

Survey of the Month

Lemurs possess higher level intelligence than once believed.

WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology

MSNBC - Lemurs may not be so dumb after all

I have unsubscibed from most of my lists so have time to surf

So far, it suggests primitive animals such as lemurs need a good reason, such as a treat, to bother trying to count. Humans and monkeys, in contrast, will stretch their minds simply out of curiosity.

Lemurs are primates, as are monkeys, apes and humans. But they are considered far less intelligent. “The little bit of research that’s out there suggests their learning capacities are not as sophisticated as those of monkeys,” said psychologist Elizabeth Brannon, who led the research.

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MSNBC - Alan Boyle: Cosmic Log:
The deliciously baddest movies:
Today is the big day for "The Day After Tomorrow" — the disaster movie based on the idea that higher global temperatures could set off a new ice age. The flick is only the latest Hollywood offering to touch off a scientific and/or political debate as well — just as "The China Syndrome" did for nuclear power, or "Armageddon" did for the asteroid threat.

"Fried Green Killer Tomatoes"

Google Search: "Killer Tomatoes"

the OFFICAL Killer Tomatoes� Web Site!
Killer Tomatoes® is a registered trademark and servicemark of Four Square Productions, Inc., licensed to Killer Tomato Entertainment, Inc. Video: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978)Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!, John De Bello, David Miller (II), George Wilson (II), Sharon Taylor, J. Stephen Peace, Ernie Meyers, Eric Christmas, Ron Shapiro ...

Google Search: "Killer Tomatoes"

Plot: Police detective Lance Boyle investigates a murder but refuses to believe tomatologist Kennedi Johnson’s insistence that it is the work of a killer tomato. But he is forced to believe the truth of what she says after he saves her from a tomato attack. Combining their forces, they follow a trail that leads to Professor Gangrene who is posing as top-rating tv talkshow host Geronahew and planning a tv broadcast that will turn people into mind-controlled zombies. Killer Tomatoes Strike Back! (1990)The other Killer Tomatoes films are:- Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978), Return of the Killer Tomatoes! (1988) and Killer Tomatoes Eat France (1992). The idea was also spun out as a quite amusing animated children’s series - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1990-93).

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Google Search: disambiguation page fun word

Queen's College

Queen's College
Queen's College is the name of more than one institution, see:
Queens' College, Cambridge
Queens College, Charlotte
Queen's College, Hong Kong
Queen's College, London
Queens College, New York
Queen's College, Nassau
The Queen's College, Oxford

This is a disambiguation page. If you followed a link here, you might want to go back and fix the link, so that it points to the appropriate page.

DISAMBIGUATE - Cambridge Alumni Database

Alumni Cantabrigieness was compiled by J.A. Venn, a former president of Queen's College.
Al. Westmon. List of the Queen's Scholars of Westminster,…1561-1852. Joseph Welch, 1852.

Searle, W. G. History of Queens' College, 1867

The English Place-Name Society

Founded in 1923 to carry out the

Undertaken with the approval and encouragement of the

Inquiries are invited by
Hon. Director, English Place-Name Society,
School of English Studies,
University of Nottingham,
Nottingham NG7 2RD.

00 44 115 951 5919.

Tel. 0115 951 5919.

the rest ofthe world
00 44 115 951 5919.

The English Place-Name Society is a Registered Charity (No. 257891).

Google Search: "BRITISH ACADEMY" english language:

The British Academy, established by Royal Charter in 1902, is the national academy for the humanities and the social sciences. It is an independent, self-governing fellowship of c. 750 scholars, elected for distinction and achievement in one or more branches of the academic disciplines that make up the humanities and social sciences.

The Academy's objectives are:

to represent the interests of scholarship nationally and internationally;
to give recognition to excellence;
to promote and support advanced research;
to further international collaboration and exchange;
to promote public understanding of research and scholarship; and
to publish the results of research.
With the help of a Government grant-in-aid the Academy also acts as a grant-giving body, sponsoring its own research projects and facilitating the work of others, principally by offering research appointments and personal research grants

The British Academy - the national academy for the humanities and the social sciences

The British Academy
10 Carlton House Terrace
London SW1Y 5AH
Tel: 020 7969 5200
Fax: 020 7969 5300

never knew we had one !
PCCW Homepage

or in Chinese �q�T�լ�D��
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UK Broadband launches NETVIGATOR
Thames Valley Debut for Wireless Internet Access

Thames Valley, UK, May 6, 2004 - UK Broadband announced today the launch of a high-speed wireless broadband service - NETVIGATOR - that will revolutionise the way people access and use the Internet.

Six areas in the Thames Valley will be the first places in the country to experience the NETVIGATOR service, which offers wireless broadband to the home and the office, with an initial choice of a 512Kbits per second or 1Megabit per second. This is 10 to 20 times faster than a standard dial up Internet connection.

NETVIGATOR provides this broadband access without the need for a telephone line or cable connection. The system is self-installed in a few minutes, with a plug and play device available in high street shops, or ordered over the Internet.

"This is truly revolutionary as it allows customers to install their broadband service within minutes and offers dedicated service with very high speed access," said Mike Butcher, CEO of UK Broadband. "This technology is going to change people's lives."

Because the NETVIGATOR technology is wireless, you can have a broadband connection in any room in the house. This high-speed broadband "always on" access makes it easy to surf the net, download videos or music, and bank or shop over the Internet.

"Broadband wireless opens up the Web to people," said Mr. Butcher. "Many people have been reluctant to switch to broadband through fixed telephone lines because of the cost, delays in getting connected and the frustration of dealing with multiple service providers. NETVIGATOR is different. It is simple to install, and since it is wireless, you don't need an engineer to visit your home."

NETVIGATOR is one of the most advanced broadband offerings available. NETVIGATOR is operated by UK Broadband Limited, a subsidiary of PCCW Limited, which is one of Asia's leading integrated communications companies. PCCW operates NETVIGATOR in Hong Kong and has over 700,000 broadband customers. UK Broadband owns a nationwide UK and Northern Ireland contiguous licence to enable wireless broadband services.

The service will initially be available in Aldershot, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Windsor, and Wokingham.

After completing this launch, UK Broadband will announce its national rollout plans for this new generation service in the UK and Northern Ireland.

Notes to Editors

The NETVIGATOR system will be available at either high street shops; by going to; or by calling 0800 056 9889.
NETVIGATOR uses wireless technology and initially is only available in certain areas. The coverage will increase over the coming weeks. It is possible to check whether a location is covered by Netvigator by visiting the website,
Subscribers will receive a one-month no obligation free trial , followed by a monthly charge of £18 for 512Kbits/s and £28 for 1Megabit on the basis of a 12-month contract.
About UK Broadband
UK Broadband Limited is currently introducing its fast and easy wireless broadband service NETVIGATOR to the UK. NETVIGATOR brings high-speed broadband through a wireless network, providing flexibility and portability for use in the home and office.

The company acquired 13 of 15 licenses auctioned in the UK last year to enable wireless broadband services. It later acquired the remaining two licences in that band. UK Broadband Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of PCCW Limited (SEHK: 0008, ADR-NYSE: PCW).

About PCCW

PCCW Limited is one of Asia's leading integrated communications companies, with group revenues of approximately 2.6 billion U.S. dollars. The Company has approximately 12,500 employees and operations spanning Asia, Europe and the U.S. PCCW is also a 50 percent owner of Reach, Asia's largest international traffic carrier. PCCW provides innovative products and services in areas such as new generation fixed-line telephony, broadband, IT, wireless and delivery of home entertainment. PCCW is the operator of one of the world’s most advanced broadband networks and has over 700,000 broadband customers. Internationally, PCCW provides technical services to network operators and enables organizations to bring their business to Asia, and take Asian business to the rest of the world.

For further information:

Tom Buchanan or Giles Croot, Brunswick, Tel: +44 0207 404 5959
Ross Clarke or David Wallen, Live PR, Tel: +44 0207 6301100

AOL ponders wireless service in the UK - ZDNet UK News: "AOL is considering a partnership with the newest entry to the market for wireless data services, UK Broadband

Internet service provider AOL UK is looking to launch a high-speed wireless Internet access product in the UK, a move that has the potential to turn Britain's broadband market on its head.

The ISP hinted at the move earlier this week, when it announced that it was 'currently working on a number of new products and services, including video-on-demand, 2Mbps broadband, extended voice over IP services and wireless broadband connectivity.' "

Wireless broadband firm takes aim at BT - ZDNet UK News: "A new player has joined the battle to create Broadband Britain, with a high-speed wireless service using the 3.4GHz band now available in some areas

Pacific Century Cyberworks has finally launched the first phase of the rollout of a high-speed wireless-broadband service that could eventually challenge BT, NTL and Telewest. "

========== just done the deal 00 - strong>Broadband BYOA (Bring your Own Access)

AOL Broadband combines all the benefits of high-speed Internet access with the best features of the AOL service: ease-of-use and convenience, unbeatable content, community and customer care.

If you have a third party broadband connection, you can view unique AOL content at a great lower monthly rate of £6.99 per month.

EG in by TCP/IP aat work

B�rnekulturnet, Sitemap

children's culture in Copenhagen county Denmark

Børnekulturnet, hovedside

the central library
:: G e n t o f t e B i b l i o t e k e r n e ::

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Automated Genealogy

Index to the 1901 Census of Canada

The site hosts a volunteer project to produce a free, online index to the 1901 Census of Canada. The site is based on transcribing from the census images provided by the National Archives of Canada and anyone with a web browser and an internet connection can participate. The site has over 2,000,000 lines transcribed, has approximately 40,000 links to other records, and is completely free to browse!


Media Room - What's New - Library and Archives Canada: "Research for Project Naming began in 2001 with the selection and scanning of photographs. The next stage involved youth travelling across Nunavut showing Elders these photographs on laptop computers. The people in the images were then 'named' by the Elders and the new information was added to the Library and Archives Canada photographic database. Through Project Naming, hundreds of Nunavut residents who were photographed between the 1920s and the 1950s have been identified."

YourMapsOnline Home Page

from a William Mackenzie atlas
Toronto Emigrant Office Assisted Immigration Registers Database

This database is an index to the four volumes of assisted immigration registers created by the Toronto Emigrant Office between 1865 and 1883 (series RG 11-3). The registers are a chronological listing of those new immigrants who were assisted by the government to travel to many different destinations across southern Ontario. Over 29,000 entries have been transcribed from the registers

There are also passenger lists to Canada before 1865 on The
Olive Tree Genealogy.

There are also some passenger lists for ships to Canada
which were kept by shipping agents in the originating
country. The Passenger Books of J & J Cooke, Shipping
has passenger names on ships sailing from Londonderry to
Quebec, and St. John New Brunswick from 1847 to 1871.

These can be found at JJ COOKE SHIPPING RECORDS online at

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where I am going to be next Tuesday evening

my CPAP machine is worn out so I have to go past RIGET

H:S Rigshospitalet

Respirationscenter Øst to whom I owe a BIG debt ogf gratitude for diagnosing my sleep apnea
Google AXWa>

What is Sleep Apnea? Sleep apnea is a serious, potentially life-threatening condition that is far more common than generally understood.

For many sleep apnea patients, their bed partners or family members are the first ones to suspect that something is wrong, usually from their heavy snoring and apparent struggle to breathe.
Coworkers or friends of the sleep apnea victim may notice that the individual falls asleep during the day at inappropriate times (such as while driving a car, working, or talking).

The patient often does not know he or she has a problem and may not believe it when told. It is important that the person see a doctor for evaluation of the sleep problem.

Behandling i hjemmet

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Danish Emigration late 1800's

This page is supposed to be a help for anyone who is starting to look for their danish roots.
- Here you find links that are useful for danish genealogy.
The southern part of Denmark belonged to Germany 1864-1920, that's why here's also links to German emigration.

<< noisy but helpful page

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DIS-Danmark: Amt-Herred-Sogn Danish CHURCH BOOKS up to 1891:
"Nygård, S.
Danmarks Kirkebøger :
en Oversigt over deres væsentligste Indhold indtil 1891
udgivet af Rigsarkivet. - Kbh.
Reitzel, 1933. - VII, 189 sider.
Horlacher Genealogy Site

HGS: 1700 Census Project

By order of 19 Oct 1700 a list was to be made of all men in Denmark (most lists seem to be dated December 1700 or January 1701).
It included statistical columns listing a mark for age brackets over 18, 14-18, 10-14, 5-10, and 1-5 as a way of finding out how many men the government could count on in the case of a war.

The 1700 census of men includes a listing of all men by household, giving the property appraisal (hartkorn), the name of the head, his age, all those men in his household, their relationships and occupations, and their ages.

The 1700 census appears to have also been taken in Norway, Iceland, and other areas under Danish rule and many of these have been transcribed and published.
HGS: School Census 1730s Project
HGS: Copenhagen School Census, 1735-1739
Danish Census of School Children, 1730s

HGS - Site Map

Statens Arkiver - Arkiv- og historielinks
OSS-1 - slægtsforskning - FAQ
Update in progress
Digital Preservation Coalition.doc

Digital Preservation Coalition

NAS is a member of the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), which was established in 2001 to foster joint action to address the urgent challenges of securing the preservation of digital resources in the UK and to work with others internationally to secure our global digital memory and knowledge base. It publishes a quarterly summary of digital preservation activity around the world in its ‘What’s New’ section,

e National Archives (TNA)
Digital Preservation pages, including links to information about:
TNA’s Digital Archive
UK National Digital Archive of Datasets (UKNDAD)
TNA trials and pilots
PRONOM (a database system that stores and provides information about file formats and the application software needed to open them).
Family History Centre campus in Edinburgh.PDF

Deputy Justice Minister Hugh Henry today gave family historians their
first glimpse of the physical layout and organisation of the Scottish
Family History Centre campus in Edinburgh.
The centre, to be fully operational in 2006, will create a ‘one-stop-shop’
for genealogy research. It will bring together services provided separately
by the General Register Office for Scotland, National Archives of
Scotland and Court of the Lord Lyon.
The new family history centre will span the adjacent General Register
House and New Register House buildings at the East end of Edinburgh’s
Princes Street to create a fully-integrated Register House campus.

Frank McAveety, Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport said:
“Research shows that many visitors to Scotland give “family roots and
ancestry” as the main influence on their decision to holiday in Scotland.
Scotland is fortunate in having some of the best genealogical resources in
the world. The development of a Family History Service provides a
valuable opportunity to attract more visitors and maximise use of this
tremendous resource.”