Saturday, July 17, 2004

New catalogue in St Pancras reading rooms: "Replacement of British Library Public Catalogue on the web

It is planned that later in summer, the British Library Integrated Catalogue will replace the British Library Public Catalogue on the web and allow:
Anyone to search the catalogue, free of charge, and order copies of parts of many items.
St Pancras registered readers to request material for delivery to St Pancras reading rooms via the website.
British Library document supply customers to place document supply requests. "

COPAC Home Page: University Research Library Catalogue

COPAC® is a union catalogue. It provides FREE access to the merged online catalogues of 24 major university research libraries in the UK and Ireland PLUS the British Library & the National Library of Scotland.
where the experts hang out on
about ships and mariners "A guide to Oracle, Windows, Linux and OS X commands"
Paul Veenvliet's web habitat_other Stone moroko (Pseudorasbora parva),

Google Search: Stone moroko

AKA Japanese minnow or amurcheh.

fish names are a world of their own
thank goodness for latin
Nordjyllands Amt - Båndgrundlingen - en ny fiskeart i Danmark

latin: Pseudorasbora parva
is spreading in Jutland

Google Search: "Pseudorasbora parva"

Have You Got a Licence Cont .......
Controls on the Keeping or Release of Non-Native Fish in England and Wales

Topmouth Gudgeon

Peptidase of Pseudorasbora parva

Clicker barb
Google Search: "Clicker barb"

Practical Fishkeeping magazine | Are your fish illegal?

Am I breaking the law? in UK
If you’ve got a coldwater tank or pond and it contains anything other than the usual goldfish, Koi, Tench or Orfe, there’s a possibility that you could be breaking the law

Weather loaches are on the list. Do I need a licence?
Probably not. Although the list mentions the Weather loach, Misgurnus fossilis, this is not the fish in the UK aquatic trade. The Weather loaches imported
into our shops are actually
M. anguillicaudatus, which comes from Central China rather than Europe. M. anguillicaudatus (a warm water species) isn’t considered a threat to our environment, so it’s not covered by the legislation.

The trade say that Weather loaches have become less common due to health problems.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

RootsWeb Message Boards [ Boards Administrators ]

Boards > Topics > RootsWeb > Administrative > Boards Administrators

RootsWeb Support and where the message boards get discussed
gatewayed to
RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: BOARDS-ADMINS

Ancestors from Norway - My articles

how to get started with Norwegian-American genealogy

and much more
Google Search: hugh admin
LOL where I am busy telling people what to do
Index of Counties (Amter), Districts (Herreder) and Parishes (Sogne) in Denmark:
"This page has lists of all Counties (amter), Districts (Herreder) and Parishes (Sogne) in Denmark

. Crossreferences between the lists makes it possible to find the District in a County and the Parishes in the District.

The Counties lists has clickable maps, that gives an overview over the County and fast access to the Districs in the County"

Thank you yahoo geo cities


Denne side indholder lister over samtlige amter, herreder og sogne i Danmark. Der er lavet krydsreferencer imellem listerne, så det er muligt at finde herreder i amtet og sogne i herredet og visa versa.
På amts siderne er der desuden klikbare kort, som dels giver en oversigt over amtet, dels letter opslag.

Fund og Fortidsminder

best free maps of historical Denmark
Glossary to the census and marriage I must remember to add this to
dnkcen Site Map

or make a better one LOL
Registration Services - Certificate Ordering Service: "Welcome to the General Register Office for England and Wales online ordering service
The General Register Office (GRO) holds a central copy of all registrations for England and Wales. Local Register Offices also hold records of events registered in their area.

For recent events registered within the last 18 months, applications for certificates should be made to the Register Office in the district where the birth, death or marriage took place.

Following the successful launch of the on-line ordering site for residents of the United Kingdom we are now ready to offer this service to customers residing outside of the UK. This will, initially, be on a trial basis, allowing us to test and monitor the success of this expansion to our current service. "

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bits of Blue and Gray: "The Weekly Fireside Newsletters from the American Civil War History chat on AOL now in the Genealogy Community (AOL Keyword: Genealogy Forum), previously in the Golden Gate Forum project is coming right along... "

great site

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Médailles et Décorations

this French guy produces execrable english by machine translation
and the union flag is cock-eyed too LOL

the Germans are vomiiting too



The decorations are fixed on the left side of the chest in an order of very precise precedence.

This list will permit you I hope for it in your research to situate the medals of your forebears.

The specific medals to the associations carry themselves exclusively at the time of the public démonstration " deprived " of the concerned associations and on the right side.


The shoulder braid makes the tour of the arm to the level of the armpit and carry himself very close to attached the left shoulder.


During the ceremony of the funerals, the tricolor flag maybe placed on the coffin of a Former Fighter, titular of the card of the fighter or voluntary fighter. An agreement formulated by the secretary of the interior in 1999 spreads this privilege to the holders of the Title of Recognition of the Nation


Die Dekorationen sind auf der linken Seite der Brust in einer Ordnung festgelegt von sehr genauem Vorsitz. Diese Liste wird Ihnen erlauben, ich hoffe auf sie in Ihren Forschungen, sie festzulegen Medaillen Ihrer Vorfahren.

Aufmerksamkeit: der Hafen der Abzeichen wird den Verfügungen des Artikels unterworfen 259 des Strafgesetzbuch. (Abzeichen eine Ähnlichkeit mit Abzeichen des Staates präsentierend, Hafen von Abzeichen ohne die verlangten Bedingungen zu füllen).
The Genealogist

>> Get instant access to a large selection of U.K. Census Name Indexes by subscribing to our ever expanding online database or join our team of volunteer indexers and get a free subscription as well as additional rewards based on your contribution to the project.<<

The final name index for each project will be available free of charge to all participants and your name will be acknowledged. The minimum amount of work to qualify for a free index subscription for one year is half a piece. Completing a whole piece will allow us to supply you with a non-expiring subscription to the index. For those completing more than one piece, as a way of thanking you for your dedication, you will receive a £10 S&N Gift Voucher per additional piece indexed.

about 4,500 names
Registration Services - Certificate Ordering Service: "Following the successful launch of the on-line ordering site for residents of the United Kingdom we are now ready to offer this service to customers residing outside of the UK. This will, initially, be on a trial basis, allowing us to test and monitor the success of this expansion to our current service. "

the system worked well for me

but if you make a mistake you come to pay

FreeBMD Home Page: "The recording of births, marriages and deaths was started in 1837 and is one of the most significant resources for genealogical research. The transcribing of the records is carried out by teams of dedicated volunteers and contains index information for the period 1837-1983.

FreeBMD is least busy between 23:30 and 09:00 GMT daily.

FreeBMD - Images
to check that you have got it right

With BIG names SMITH etc list parents if you know them

use GENUKI Home page
to check parishes and registrtaion districts

EG by site search

Google Search: timberscombe

Index of Places in England and Wales

Timberscombe SOM Williton
the hundred of Williton, in the county of Somerset

Location Williton, Somerset


Closed in 1936 and post July 1837 civil registers moved to Exmoor

Registration and Census District (1852 - 1946) 5c

Location Exmoor

Closed in 1974 and post July 1837 civil registers moved to West Somerset

Location West Somerset


2 Long Street

Tel +44 (0)11984 633116
which is where my BALL ancesters records should be
Google Search: "fanny bartley ball"

I need her birth and her parents
daughter of Thomas Buckingham Ball
she was older than her husband so her age in the census is very uncertain

all these could be family

Search for Type: All Types Surname: ball Start date: Sep 1837
End date: Dec 1870 District: Williton

Whilst FreeBMD makes every effort to ensure accurate transcription, errors exist in both the original index and the transcription. You are advised to verify the reference given from a copy of the index before ordering a certificate.

Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page

Births Sep 1842

Ball Emily Williton 10 465

Deaths Dec 1842

Ball Emily Williton 10 365

Births Sep 1845

Ball Elizabeth Williton 10 470
Ball Emma Williton 10 183

Deaths Dec 1845

BALL Elizabeth Williton 10 344

Marriages Mar 1846

BALL Mary Ann Williton 10 873

Births Dec 1846

BALL Sarah Ann Williton 10 516

Births Sep 1849

BALL Elizabeth Williton 10 464

Deaths Dec 1850

BALL William Henry Williton 10 353

Marriages Jun 1852

Ball Maria Williton 5c 527

Births Dec 1861

BALL Sarah Ann Williton 5c 351

Births Dec 1862

BALL Elizabeth Williton 5c 358

Deaths Mar 1864

Ball Sarah Williton 5c 301

Deaths Dec 1864

Ball Edith Jane Williton 5c 235

Deaths Mar 1868

BALL John 33 Williton 5c 241

I am patiently waiting for more census to come on line

Hugh W
Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Where to stick grocer's apostrophe:

"One of the epidemic errors of the past 30 years - unnecessary, misplaced or omitted apostrophes in the words 'its'and 'it's' - has dwindled to only about 8% of people, possibly because the mistake has drawn so much ridicule. It was dubbed 'the grocer's apostrophe' because of its unnecessary use in plural words on shop signs or placards (Price's Slashed). "

"Towse" wrote in this message news:misc.writing.moderated
> Tbe Oxford University Press has checked through its 300m-word database
> and released a list of the most misused/confused words.
> 1) diffuse/defuse
> 2) rein/reign
> 3) toe/tow
> 4) pedal/peddle
> 5) draw/drawer
> 6) compliment/complement
> 7) their/there/they're.
> FWIW, seems the publicity about the grocer's apostrophe has been
> widespread enough that _that error is only made about 8% of the time
> while confusion of "diffuse" for "defuse" is made 50% of the time.
> --
> Sal
> Ye olde swarm of links: thousands of links for writers, researchers and
> the terminally curious <>
genealogy -- Encyclopædia Britannica: "History of genealogical study
Early written records
With the invention of writing, the oral became the written tradition. This occurred in Greece and Rome, where genealogies were recorded in poems and in histories. But genealogy did not at this stage become a science, because when writers dealt with it, they did so either incidentally in their narrative or because they were concerned with the family relationships. . . "
Merriam-Webster Online

I always use this via Google definitions function

About Google

Google Web Search Features

Searched All About Google pages for definition

googles own site search
All About Google Search

Google Search: definition:genealogy

Merriam-Webster - Search for definitions

Merriam-Webster Online - One entry found for genealogy.


now that is a great word

Thou wert no busie Polypragmons thrall,

Google Search: Polypragmon
Norwegian homepage - Brother's Keeper - genealogy program: "Brother's Keeper is one of the most popular Shareware generalogy program and is produced by John Steed. The program has been available in marked for many years and the history of the program started with FAMILY-3.
To use all of the function and facilities you have to pay a registration fee of USD 45 to the auther of the program.
After registration you will be forwarded latest version of the program, manual (English), password and user-id. The result is more function and facilites. "
DIS-Norge - Genealogiske ressurser

Nowegian sources

Digitalarkivet: "The Digital Archive is a result of the co-operation between the History department at the University of Bergen, and the Regional State Archives of Bergen, a part of the National State Archives.

New times need new solutions and this co-operation is an expression of such.

The National Archives of Norway, under the leadership of the Director General, are protectors of important parts of our national memory and heritage.
Previously we have passed on knowledge from this memory, to all those who have either written to us or visited our search-rooms, through publications, lectures, data-based registers and microfilms. Now new technical solutions can give our old and new users easier access to large amounts of information found in the National Archives and the Regional State Archives.

Archives themselves are mediators of information, and it is important for me as Director General of the National Archives, that we reach out to new groups with our sources and our knowledge.

The Digital Archive is a new solution to old needs - the need to consult source materials. I hope therefore that this new service will be widely used. However, please remember that all our old services are still very much at hand.
still the best for USENET
Cyndi's List - Genealogy Standards & Guidelines

Google Search: GEDCOM

XGenML, Developing a new XML standard for genealogy
The primary purpose of this group is to create an open XML specification for genealogical information.

The standard will be based on the work of others who have started to create genealogical models and XML standards, including the LDS church with GEDCOM 6.0 XML, Gentech, GenXML, GedML, GeniML, and any others.

This standard is to be an open standard, which will be able to be used by genealogical applications to easily create, exchange, provide and analyze this information.

not a success only 25 messages
help: some recent changes to smile banking

my favourite on line bank

Sunday, July 11, 2004

gdmxml: "This is the homepage for gdmxml, an XML implementation of the Genealogical Data Model. Specifically, it is a RELAX NG Schema to validate XML documents with genealogical information according to the Genealogical Data Model put together by the Lexicon Group from GENTECH. "

It has long been felt that the text file format of ged or GEDCOM files is outdated
and this is some of work is in hand to replace it

Genealogical Data Model

Google Search:

What is a GEDCOM file

Google Search: GedXML 6.0

a pdf from 2002 a "beta" version of the GEDCOM XML Specification, Release 6.0.
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service

Google Search: GENTECH 1.1

Google Search: GenXML 2.0