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LA i Uppsala - Informationsblad

Swedish Regional Archives in Uppsala *EXCELLENT* Information


Uppbyggnaden av en regional arkivorganisation under Riksarkivet inleddes vid 1800-talets slut. Det första landsarkivet öppnades 1899 i Vadstena. År 1903 inrättades landsarkiv även i Lund och Uppsala.

Landsarkivet inrymdes vid sin tillkomst i Uppsala slott. Lokalerna valdes av sparsamhetsskäl och tedde sig redan från början otidsenliga. De mest akuta förvaringsproblemen löstes efterhand genom skapandet av depåer på skilda håll i Uppsala. Först 1993 flyttade Landsarkivet till nya lokaler i Uppsala arkivcentrum, där hela den inre verksamheten nu är samlad. I byggnaden finns också en annan myndighet, nämligen Språk- och folkminnesinstitutet (SOFI).

RA - Kontaktuppgifter
Welcome to Sweden and till RIKSARKIVET och LANDSARKIVEN

Landsarkiven, de äldsta inrättade kring 1900, är för sina respektive distrikt arkivmyndigheter för statliga myndigheter. Landsarkivets uppgifter fullgörs i Stockholms län av Stockholms Stadsarkiv och i Värmlands län av Värmlandsarkiv samt i Malmö kommun av Malmö stadsarkiv på uppdrag av Landsarkivet i Lund.
Läs om Landsarkivsorganisationens tillbakablick och framtidsperspektiv av landsarkivarie Carl-Edvard Edvardsson (Härnösand).
Landsarkivet i Göteborg:
Västra Götalands län
Landsarkivet i Härnösand:
Gävleborgs, Västernorrlands, Västerbottens och Norrbottens län
Landsarkivet i Lund:
Blekinge, Skåne och Hallands län
Landsarkivet i Uppsala:
Uppsala, Södermanlands, Örebro, Västmanlands och Dalarnas län
Landsarkivet i Vadstena:
Östergötlands, Jönköpings, Kronobergs och Kalmar län
Landsarkivet i Visby:
Gotlands län
Landsarkivet i Östersund:
Jämtlands län
Stockholms Stadsarkiv (SSA):
Stockholms län (egen webbplats)
Värmlands län
Malmö stadsarkiv:
Malmö kommun


Sveriges Släktforskarförbund

a more active message board for Sweden,
and "discussions in English"

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Just submitted Danish parish registers and census online help to Cyndi's List

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Genealogy
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Unpuzzling Your Past: A Basic Guide to Genealogy, 3rd Edition
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For anyone who is new to the Internet, I would like to suggest my own book
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Netting Your Ancestors - Genealogical Research on the Internet
by Cyndi Howells
ISBN 0-8063-1546-6

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

from my email

Every Wednesday at 9-10 PM (United States EST) there will be a "chat"
for anyone who is interested in Norwegian Genealogy.

Please join and take part helping one another exchange ideas,
information, resources and genealogy stories at the DISchat run by the
Genealogy Society of Norway - DIS (DIS-Norge).

When you get there you will see:
Skriv navnet ditt her "Navn??" og trykk "DISchat!"
Write your name here "Name??" and press "DISchat!"

Looking forward to meeting you!

Vidar Overlie

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Danish-English dictionary. is the same as Gyldendal's red word book.???
Google Search: "Linkage Records" genealogy: "Linkage Records. Certificates of Births, Marriages and Deaths, Census, Wills
and Probate records"

Google Search: "Linkage Records"

thnaks to Roy Stockdill
I learn something new about genealogy every day

Google Search: define:genealogy

No definitions were found for kone.
anglophone only?
No definitions were found for vand.

Google Search: define:water

the basis of life

Google Search: define:wife
trouble and strife

No definitions were found for trouble and strife.
Google Search: define:cockney

Google Search: "trouble and strife" cockney Cockney slang

Google Search: define:Linkage

a less well known google trick

define:word or string
The Denmark List FAQ: ""Welkommen! to the FAQ page of the Denmark List. Here you will find answers to many of your questions and links to the many resources available on the net."
Norway List: "Welcome to the NORWAY LIST Web Site "
The Kven Culture: the Finnish minority

"One of the oldest and most important areas of Kven culture is the municipality of Nordreisa in Northern Troms where the valley of the Reisa river, Reisadalen (Raisinvankka), is located.

There are many places which still preserve their old names in the Kven language and local people are proud of their Kven background.
Some old Kven people like Håkon Moilanen still live in the Reisadalen.

Mr Aimo Kalinin, who lives in Storslett (Hansinkenttä), is a teacher in the Sørkjosen (Rässikäinen) School and Former Chairman of the Finland Association in Northern Troms.
He knows personally the Kven People living in Reisadalen.

The atmosphere in Nordreisa is very enthusiastic about the Kven culture and the local people are looking forward to a new era of Kven culture as most of them have Kven ancestors. "

Jarmo Ryyti taught me about this minority Google Search: kvens faq finnish

Google Search: author:Jarmo author:Ryyti

in english
Google Search: author:Jarmo author:Ryyti nordic

Monday, July 19, 2004

W surnames - efternavn W: "Winge, s. 1(unreadable) 92 420 608 629 "

92 Vestergrave Randers Købsted tif

Jens Winge 56 years Tjenstefolk bithplace WInge Wiby Amt

Stednavn :
Sogn Amt Kommune Herred Gammelt amt Bemærkning


Sønder Vinge Viborg Middelsom Viborg FT 1801"
Randers, pages s. 411- to 478-
Dytmærsken 420
Gjertrud Marie Winge nee Thomsen age 42 widow

page / s. 608- Opslag 566 Østergade
THAT'S THE ONE Randers Reb founded by

Rebslagermester Peter Winther WINGE age 45 married born Randers
the master rope maker

Outdoor displays
Google Search: site:dk "rope maker"

now 164 yeasr old Randers Reb was featured in the Business section my sunday paper Berlingske Tidende

share prices

search randers Reb

Google Search: Rebslagermester

Rebet strammer i Randers
18. juli 2004

Danmarks arvesølv
Den jyske erhvervsmand Keld Toft Lauritsen satsede for fem år siden en stor gevinst på den snart 164 år gamle virksomhed Randers Reb - nu må han slås for at redde både formuen og virksomheden.
22. juni 2004

Randers' borgmester, Michael Aastrup Jensen (V), ærgrer sig over, at Randers Reb mandag gik i betalingsstandsning. Men for byen som sådan er det potentielle tab af 80 arbejdspladser overskueligt, mener han.
22. juni 2004

Leverandørernes og bankernes tålmodighed med Randers Reb er sluppet op. Selskabet vil under en betalingsstandsning søge rekonstruktion eller salg.
21. juni 2004

Mens de toneangivende indeks faldt i Europa, lå KFX-indekset højere efter mandagens handel. Danisco bidrog med dagens største kurshop. Københavns Lufthavne vendte tilbage til hovedindekset.
21. juni 2004

Med betalingsstandsningen i Randers Reb mandag står 163 års dansk erhvervshistorie efter en række magre år på kanten af konkurs, og omkring 200 arbejdspladser er i farezonen. Samtidig er det historien om, at massiv udflytning af arbejdspladser til Litauen ikke har været nok til at rette en virksomhed op, hvor faldende omsætning, løbske it-udgifter og rod i lagerstyringen har trukket den ned.
Why Computers Crash - A Dr. Seuss Special

"I f a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port,
and the bus is interrupted at a very last resort,

and the access of the memory makes your floppy disk abort
, then the socket packet pocket has an error to report. "
FreeREG - Search English Parish Register Transcripts and Indexes

The FreeREG Project's objective is to provide free Internet searches of baptism, marriage, and burial records, which have been transcribed from parish and non-conformist church registers in the UK.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

1901 Census of England and Wales Online

note new URL
census PRO is out of date
java script is forbidden in blogger

some got copy pasted in anyway below
but is it stripped out ?
WYSWYG test post many broken links incomplete !!!

GENUKI Home page Civil RegistrationCivil Registration ContentsContents

Hugh's choice URL at GENUKI starting with:-


1837-1851 (Roman numerals)

Roman numerals were used for the reference numbers until 1851

  • Notes
  • use find on page to navigate and spell check
  • to spell check names use Ancestry - a freebie
  • Wild card help page from Ancestry but there must be at least 3 characters before any wildcard
  • use Soundex too

The wildcard query resulted in too many matches.

Wildcards are special symbols which are used in place of letters or numbers. They can be used to match distinct but similar words. An asterisk "*" replaces zero or more characters, and a question mark "?" replaces exactly one character. For example, a search for "fran*" will return matches on words like "Fran," "Franny," or "Frank." A search for "Johns?n" matches "Johnson" and "Johnsen," but not "Johnston."

Here are some suggestions on how you can better use wildcards to complete your search:

  • Use more characters before the wildcard. For example, use Able* instead of Abl*.
    There must be at least 3 characters before any wildcard.
  • Specify both a first and last name or a partial first and last name.
  • Try using the single-character wildcard "?" rather than the multiple-character wildcard "*".
    (e.g., using "Hans?n" matches both "Hansen" and "Hanson" rather than using "Hans*").
  • the wildcard query notes copyright © 1998- 20042004 , Inc. and its subsidiaries
  • UK census collection

  • Ref.No. Registration District
    ------ ---------------------
    I London & Middlesex
    II London & Middlesex
    III London & Middlesex
    IV London & Surrey
    V Kent
    VI Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire
    VII Hampshire & Sussex
    VIII Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire
    IX Cornwall & Devon
    X Devon & Somerset
    XI Gloucestershire, Somerset & Warwickshire
    XII Essex & Suffolk
    XIII Norfolk & Suffolk
    XIV Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Lincolnshire & Suffolk
    XV Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire & Rutland
    XVI Oxfordshire, Staffordshire & Warwickshire
    XVII Staffordshire
    XVIII Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire & Worcestershire
    XIX Cheshire, Derbyshire & Flintshire
    XX Lancashire
    XXI Lancashire & Yorkshire
    XXII Yorkshire
    XXIII Yorkshire
    XXIV Durham & Yorkshire
    XXV Cumberland, Westmorland, Lancashire & Northumberland
    XXVI Brecknockshire, Carmarthenshire, Glamorganshire, Herefordshire,
    Monmouthshire, Pembrokeshire, Radnorshire & Shropshire
    XXVII Anglesey, Caernarvonshire, Cardiganshire, Denbighshire, Flintshire,
    Merionethshire & Montgomeryshire

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    an alphabetical list of all the registration districts in England and Wales, 1837-1930

    Index of Place-Names for the whole of England and Wales

    List of Counties

    FHSC Links
    a wider search
    Web Results 1 - 100 of about 2,430 for "REGISTRATION DISTRICTS IN". (0.36 seconds)

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    www Society of Genealogists

    WWW hugh at blogspot dot com/

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    Newbies' Guide to Genealogy and Family History

    GENUKI Contents - Useful information and advice - not to be overlooked!

    Registration Districts in England and Wales


    British Counties, Parishes, etc. for Genealogists
    Association of British Counties - the original 86

    Reference Numbers for each County

    (links under construction)

    County                  1837-1851        1852-1946
    ------ --------- ---------
    Anglesey XXVII 11b
    Bedfordshire            VI              3b

    Berkshire VI 2c,3a

    Brecknockshire Breconshire XXVI 11b
    Buckinghamshire         VI              3a
    Caernarvonshire     ???   XXVII           11b
    Cambridgeshire          XIV             3b
    Cardiganshire           XXVII           11b

    Carmarthenshire XXVI 11a
    Cheshire                XIX             8a
    Cornwall                IX              5c
    Cumberland              XXV             10b
    Denbighshire            XXVII           11b
    Derbyshire              XIX             7b
    Devon                   IX,X            5b
    Dorset                  VIII            5a

    Durham XXIV 10a
    Essex                   XII             4a
    Flintshire              XIX,XXVII       11b

    Glamorganshire XXVI 11a
    Gloucestershire Glamorgan        XI,XVIII        6a
    Hampshire               VII,VIII        2b,2c
    Herefordshire           XXVI            6a
    Hertfordshire           VI              3a
    Huntingdonshire         XIV             3b
    Kent                    V               1d,2a

    Lancashire XX,XXI,XXV 8b,8c,8d,8e

    Leicestershire XV 7a
    Lincolnshire            XIV             7a

    London I,II,III,IV 1a,1b,1c,1d

    Merionethshire XXVII 11b
    Middlesex               I,II,III        1a,1b,1c,3a

    Monmouthshire XXVI 11a
    Montgomeryshire         XXVII           11b
    Norfolk                 XIII            4b

    Northamptonshire XV 3b
    Northumberland          XXV             10b
    Nottinghamshire         XV              7b
    Oxfordshire             XVI             3a
    Pembrokeshire           XXVI            11a
    Radnorshire             XXVI            11b

    Rutland XV 7a

    Shropshire XVIII,XXVI 6a
    Somerset                X,XI            5c
    Staffordshire           XVI,XVII,XVIII  6b
    Suffolk                 XII,XIII,XIV    3b,4a
    Surrey                  IV              1d,2a

    Sussex VII 2b

    Warwickshire XI,XVI,XVIII 6b,6c,6d
    Westmorland             XXV             10b
    Wiltshire               VIII            5a

    Worcestershire XVIII 6b,6c
    Yorkshire               XXI,XXII,       9a,9b,9c,9d
    East Riding

    North Riding

    West Riding

    FreeBMD Main Page

    FreeBMD Volunteers' and Transcribers' Page

    Transcription Software Including SpeedBMD and WinBMD

    Transcribers' Knowledge Base

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    I need this to help me in my work as a WinBMD user and FreeBMD transcriber
    My first "unknown" district name turned out ot be that of a workhouse union too,
    but the pick-list needs the first letter to be readable and I did not know that county

    The same districts were used to compile the censuses returns for the years 1851
    - or was it the new ones ?

    Compiled 30 September 1995 by Michael L. Wheatley
    edited 11 April 2004 by Hugh Watkins

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    GENUKI Contents

    some more code to play with