Saturday, August 14, 2004

Vestoppland Slektshistorielag

new URL working today

Meld deg inn i Vestoppland Slektshistorielag i dag!

Medlemskontingenten er:

200 kroner for medlemmer i Norge
250 kroner for medlemmer i andre nordiske land
300 kroner for medlemmer utenfor Norden

Adresse: Vestoppland Slektshistorielag

Postboks 266

Coop Danmark A/S - forsiden

seen in the flyer dropped through my door
Tilbudsavis fra SuperBrugsen

Velkommen til NETtorvet

a digital shop too
lectures: Slægtshistorisk Selskab for Østsjælland
Fmd. Raymond N Brix,
Skovparken 66 st th
4600 Køge

Friday, August 13, 2004

Dokumentasjonsprosjektet: "Dokumentasjonsprosjektet var et samarbeid mellom de humanistiske miljøene ved Universitetet i Bergen, Universitetet i Oslo, Universitetet i Trondheim og Universitetet i Tromsø"
Genealogy Research Guides - Census, Military, Naturalization & Vital Records, Passenger Lists: "Genealogy Research Guides - Online Tips & Records
For USA Research & Beyond"
Enjoying the opening day of the Olympics
but I looked away for a moment and missed the Danish entry into the arena. No here they come - in greek alphabetical order !
Danmark after Deutschland

The opening brought tears to my eyes - the historical cavalcade of art and mythology.

I am listening to the english commentary on web radio
Eurosport, all sports, live, results, standing, football, formula 1, tennis, cycling, golf, motorsport, athletics, rugby, basket, Olympics, Athenes 2004: "EUROSPORT RADIO
The ladies on the staff of Rootsweb are behaving like chickens in a hen house - maintaining a pecking order at all costs LOL

I changed my mind about giving up some of my boards
but I find they are shutting me out anyway


one more Links and Announcemants to be rescued


Welcome to the Poulsen Message Board.

Administrator's Contact Information:

Name: Hugh Watkins

E-mail:in the side bar

In all Danish -sen name genealogy you have

to be clear that these are patronymics
and were used anywhere whenever
someone called Poul had a son.

Like my WATKINS from Wales - they are
and are 99.9% unrelated see my FAQ

Danish personal names and naming

Danish Archives FAQ

the way forward in Danish genealogy is
by parish and occupation.

To this day Civil Registration is done
by the local church offices and
- unlike the UK
there are no national indexes.

The Central Office of Civil Registration
is not available to genealogists for
another 50 years or so (Google CPR number)

The need for a strong defence force means
that there are very good records going
back to the 1780ies but these are not
on line or even filmed lægd ruller

The project of indexing of
folketælling = census is going well
- coverage and county maps -
and soon images of all
church books and census
will be on line, if unindexed,
to about 1891.

In 1923 police records, card indexes
of residents, were turned into the
Folkeregister for each kommune
= town or administrative unit,
often containing several parishes today.

Googling some of these terms with
place names, will find pages
about these administrative practices.

I am making another FAQ:-
Danish family history with Hugh
"How to find your Danish roots,

or your cousins abroad"

Is your data on the web where
Danish researchers might find it ?

good sharing

Hugh W

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I am cutting down on my rootsweb message boards

Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties

Aarhus (51) not mine
Bornholm (90)

Messages posted to this board also appear in the

Frederiksborg (17)

Fyn (44)

Kobenhavn [Copenhagen] (123

Nordjylland (30)

Ribe (57)

Ringkobing (31) << should be Ringkjøbing the county or amt not Ringkøbing the town

Roskilde (9)

Sonderjylland (43)

Storstrom (19)

Vejle (33)

Vestjalland (1)

Viborg (16)

the duties are very very light

Hugh W

Monday, August 09, 2004

Museets samlinger the Russia Duchess Olga Alexandrovna 1882 - 1960 as a painter
South African Maritime Museum is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of South Africa's Maritime Heritage.
turned up on a genealogy group

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Danish-English dictionary lookslike a web version of the infamous Red dictionary