Saturday, September 18, 2004

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SERIOUSLY about time we had 4 new domains other than UK


play with google strings
are all the 2 letter address combos taken ?

Search for genealogy The Register

SIGH and a nice blog got eaten by a server error - or this slow connection
I was exploring The Register: Sci/Tech News for the World
and they had a nice page on 419 sucker bait

then looking there for Family History found You lookin at mah website, pal? The Register
which is about the use of SCOTS the kind of english spoken in Scotland - which is very scandinavian influenced - and the Scottish Parliament website in 15 languages


Walcome til the Scottish Pairlament wabsite

The Scottish Pairlament is here for tae represent aw Scotland's folk.

We want tae mak siccar that as mony folk as can is able tae find oot aboot whit the Scottish Pairlament dis and whit wey it warks. We hae producit information anent the Pairlament in a reenge o different leids tae help ye tae find oot mair.

This section o wir wabsite introduces ye til the information that is tae haun on wir wabsite in Scots. continues

scandanavianisms abound

Ye can scrieve

hae a keek roon

can get gey thrang

The Scottish Pairlament walcomes official visits fae folk fae Pairlaments in ither countries.

Report on Inquiry intil the role o educational and cultural policy in uphaudin and bringin oot Gaelic, Scots and minority leids in Scotland (Volume 1) - Education, Culture and Sport Comatee (2nd Report 2003)
Yon report wis producit by the Scottish Pairlament’s Education, Culture and Sport Comatee. It wis publishit in February 2003.

and Scots legal terms have amny french words too.
Telephone - Reference Library: "The telephone was invented around 1860 by Antonio Meucci who called it teletrophone."

and the chinese invented the speaking tube in 968,
the Chinese inventor Kung-Foo-Whing invented the thumtsein.

The modern handset came into existence when a swedish lineman tied a microphone and earphone to a stick so he could keep a hand free. The folding portable phone was an intentional copy of the fictional futuristic communicators used in the television show Star Trek.
- from Wikipedia
All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Jordan's Genealogy Blog nice URL not been used since 2001
Data Wales index and search page.: "Notes on some aspects of Welsh history and culture.

Just where is Wales and what is this website all about? This page contains lots of textual links to enable a relatively quick browse of the site content. Scroll down to browse, or use the search form to look for a particular topic. Data Wales is written, illustrated and published here in Wales. The idea is to emulate the Parish Magazine (local history and local knowledge) rather than the Glossy Magazine (irrelevant ads and graphics). Welcome!"
Official government source for Scottish genealogy: "Scottish Family History Service Announcement"

from my email
Dear Customer

We are delighted to say September 18th 2004 sees the 2nd anniversary of our official launch, and in celebration of this occasion ScotlandsPeople met with the incumbent Registrar General for Scotland, Duncan Macniven. To find out about his fascinating role within the General Register Office for Scotland and his views for the future, please click on the following link

Since our launch in 2002 there have been many developments on the site and in a bid to enable you to search more effectively in the future we continue to improve the visitor experience and broaden the information available to you.

To read breaking news and find out what to expect from ScotlandsPeople in the following few months please click on this link [above - but what a pain - goes to a pdf documant not a web page]
In the meantime thank you for your custom and we hope you have success tracing your Scottish ancestry and continue to enjoy the site.


Download full press release PDF

why all the time wasting stuff for the single page below REALLY BAD WEB PAGE DESIGN

We are pleased to announce the setting up of a new Scottish Family History Service,
to be fully operational in 2006, which will create a "one-stop-shop" for genealogy
research by bringing together services currently provided separately by project
partners the National Archives of Scotland, General Register Office for Scotland and
the Court of the Lord Lyon. There will be a family history "campus" based around the
General Register House and New Register House buildings in Edinburgh.

As part of this project, early in 2005, online facilities currently provided by the
partners will be integrated to provide a seamless and enhanced service to family
historians through a redesigned ScotlandsPeople website, which is being provided by Scotland On Line.
The new site will offer improved availability and ease of navigation, together with
easy access to the records of the project partners.

The new ScotlandsPeople site will give access to indexes and images of statutory
registers of births, marriages and deaths, census and old parish registers, but will bring
these resources together with the indexes and images of Scottish wills and testaments
1500-1901 currently provided on the Scottish Documents website.

The new integrated site will allow customers to
search the index of Scottish wills, 1500-1901, view the wills of famous Scots and use
the research tools free of charge, as is the case now. The charge for downloading an
image of a will also remains the same (at £5.00). The payment structure for access to
indexes and images of statutory registers of births, marriages and deaths, census and
old parish registers will remain as it is on the current ScotlandsPeople site.

Existing Scottish Documents customers will be able to transfer their customer account
to ScotlandsPeople, maintaining access to their previous searches and downloads. For
further information on this, please see the Latest News story on the Scottish
Documents site

Existing ScotlandsPeople
accounts will not be affected.
As work on the new site progresses, we will keep you up to date with developments.
We look forward to offering you an improved and expanded service in the years

and I hope a bEtter system of press releases too

The future of

the future
Latest Index Update: 90% of wills now available
15 September 2004

A full list of all 611,131 wills and inventories available online is given by court below. This is correct as at 10 September 2004.

The Testaments team is looking forward to making the remaining 10% of wills and inventories available. You can find a timetable of availability from the "Not yet available?" Help section. continues
The Scotsman - International - Denmark's 'Charles and Diana' to divorce: "The couple met in January 1994 in Hong Kong, where Princess Alexandra was born and where Prince Joachim was working for a Danish shipping company.

After their wedding in 1995 at a Danish castle, Alexandra gave up her professional life as a mutual-fund manager and dropped her British citizenship for a Danish passport. The couple have two sons, Princes Nikolai, five, and Felix, two.

While Princess Alexandra carried out official duties, serving as the patron of 21 groups, including the Danish Association for the Blind, a marine life museum and a girls choir, Prince Joachim was dubbed 'the party prince' because he spent more time at football games, racing vintage cars and going to rock concerts.

Yesterday's announcement stood in sharp contrast to the nationwide celebrations four months ago for the wedding of Joachim's older brother, Crown Prince Frederik, and Australian-born Crown Princess Mary, whose parents are Scottish.

Yet the popularity of the royal house seemed intact.

Ellen Margrethe Peitersen, a 72-year-old retired shop assistant, said that 'a divorce is better than trying to hide that there are problems with a couple. "
Google Search: Joachim Alexandra divorce

Oh it happens to the nicest people - looks like culture shock to me
I wonder what language they speak at home
and how open Joachim is to international ideas

Then the european princes traditionally have mistresses,
which upsets modern women, and the royal boys are raised to be tough mail chauvanists
NEWS: EBAY ACCOUNT THEFT: "An email arrived from on 5 October 2003 advising that my
Ebay account would be suspended as Ebay had not been able to verify my
account details during recent updates to their records. The email contained
a link to a form asking for name, user ID, email address, etc. The email's
layout was superb - Ebay logo correct, and so on. Should you receive the
same message, delete it.

The perpetrator of this identity fraud is located in Romania and has
substituted the user ID 'ujhasrd' for mine, 'bspmapper'. A new email
address has been registered on the account."
still going strong

Dear valued customer

We regret to inform you that your eBay account could be suspended if you
don't resolve your problems.
To resolve this problems please go to the link :


BUT luckily I don't have an ebay account

Thursday, September 16, 2004

National Archives of Australia: "The National Archives promotes good government recordkeeping and encourages community awareness and use of valuable Commonwealth records in its care.
We have galleries, a reading room and offices in Canberra and a reading room and offices in each State capital and Darwin."

""brokan"" wrote in news:soc.genealogy.nordic

> It may be of interest that a significant number of Danes served in the
> Australian Army in World War 1 ~
> For their records go to ~
> Click on - Guest - on the bottom left corner ~
> next page ~ in 'Keyword' write denmark
> and in 'Dates' write 1914 - 1920 and then Search in bottom left
> Next page click on 'Display' and you will get service records of 365 items.
> Also note that the names with a 'View digital' will give you photo copies
> of the ORIGINAL service records ~ pay books ~ medical records ~
> courts martials ~ POW records, etc ~ some with as much a 50 documents!
> Amazing stuff them Aussies have put together ~~ fascinating!
> For Norway
> ~ same procedure ~ just write norway in 'Keyword' instead
Steam Bicycles. follow the links too
Weather Underground: Coleshill, United Kingdom Forecast: "September 16, 2004 Sun RiseSun Set
Actual Time6:43 AM BST7:18 PM BST"

back on my perch on the seventh floor B37 UK
south wind so hear the roar of the jets echoing off the houses as they take off away from me at BHX

from my mail box:-

what is a sprain in Danish?
en forstuvning - måske også forstrækning,
varmepude og ikke bære tunge ting

I had that word in my head
but having learned it in danish didn't have the link to english

weather on GMTV
- 6 degreess outside but a steady 22 in here without any heating on apart from TV and my bodyheat - my bedclothes made me sweat so slept under a cover without the quilt - well insulated

And yesterday's comedy in English parliament
5 guys made a demo inside
they got in via the back stairs with 3000 police outside

Keystone cops

all about the end of hunting foxes with a pack of hounds
Google Search: demo Parliament

knippelsuppe outside (danish for truncheon-soup)
how many soup allusions do you know?

messingsuppe is one of my favourites danish for a village oompah band - brass-soup)

up at dawn after an irregular night so wil probably have a siesta

need to buy green stuff LIDL first stop
and havgryn - oats - best for low salt diets
mix your own musli


In May 2004, Fathers 4 Justice campaigners brought Prime Minister’s Question to a halt by hurling condoms filled with purple flour and glitter at Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Ron Davis, 48, and Guy Harrison, 36, struck Mr Blair on the shoulder and sparked fears that the chamber was under biological attack.

In March, protesters Harry Westaway, 28, and brother Simon, 23, both from Lewes, East Sussex, scaled Big Ben in a protest against the Iraq war.

A Commons sitting in February was suspended as anti-war protesters chanted “whitewash” during a debate on the Hutton report.

In November 1994, two people campaigning against the Criminal Justice Bill scaled the roof of the Commons and unfurled a pink banner.

Three lesbians abseiled into the House of Lords in February 1988 after peers voted to confirm the ban on the promotion of homosexuality by local authorities.

In 1978, three bags of horse dung were hurled into the chamber from Strangers’ Gallery in a protest over prison conditions in Northern Ireland.

Two CS gas canisters were thrown from the Strangers’ Gallery in a protest also connected with Northern Ireland in 1970, during a debate on the Common Market.

Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was assassinated in the Members’ Lobby of the Commons in May 1812.

200,000 starving Londoners rioted at Parliament in 1795, shouting “No war! No king! Peace!”

In November 1605, Guy Fawkes was arrested for attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the Gunpowder Plot.

thanks to News - Latest News - Order! Order! Demo Days at Westminster

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

How to Update Your Computer with the JPEG Processing (GDI+) Security Update: "How to Update Your Computer with the JPEG Processing (GDI+) Security Update
Published: September 14, 2004"
BBC Radio Player 6 music

opps THIS:-<a href="">BBC Radio Player

Monday, September 13, 2004

Google Search: $395 computer

some suggestions

eg new carpets for the car
Google Search: $395 automobile
Ancestry DNA Testing: "Ethnicity DNA Testing (AncestrybyDNA 2.5/DNA Identity Profile) provides you with a simple and objective description of your deep ancestral origins as well as a certificate of your unique genetic fingerprint. The test gives you an estimated percentage of ancestry from the four major historical population groups:"

lots of fun for hyperchondriacs too
- only $395 but what else could you use that money for?
eg a better computer
Google Search: napoleonic code type of legal system as is used in Scandinavia too

and not the common-law legal system Google Search: adversial system type legal

Legal code - encyclopedia article about Legal code. Free access, no registration needed. What does Legal code mean? What is Legal code? Provided by the Free Online Encyclopedia.

Google Search: common-law legal system

Common law: "The common law originally developed under the auspices of the adversarial system in historical England from judicial decisions that were based in tradition, custom, and precedent. The form of reasoning used in common law is known as casuistry or case-based reasoning. Common law may be unwritten or written in statutes or codes.

The common law, as applied in civil cases (as distinct from criminal cases), was devised as a means of compensating someone for wrongful acts known as torts, including both intentional torts and torts caused by negligence and as developing the body of law recognizing and regulating contracts.

Today common law is generally thought of as applying only to civil disputes; originally it encompassed the criminal law before criminal codes were adopted in most common law jurisdictions in the late 19th century.
The type of procedure practiced in common law courts is known as the adversarial system; this is also a development of the common law."

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Tomorrow's History - Maps: " major feature of this site is the presentation of high-quality, seamless modern and historic Ordnance Survey mapping.
By permission of the Ordnance Survey, all Tomorrow's History website users are able to view modern Ordnance Survey maps for anywhere in the North East (the modern local authority areas of Northumberland, Durham, North and South Tyneside, Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Hartlepool, Darlington, Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland). There is then the choice to view a more detailed map, or an equivalent historic map from the old Ordnance Survey County Series.
Six Inch to One Mile County Series maps of all the modern local authority areas, as above, are included in all the first three editions, surveyed around 1860, 1898 and 1913.
For urban areas of Tyneside, Wearside and Teesside there is also the highly detailed Twenty Five Inch to One Mile mapping, which is detailed enough for most individual houses to be identified. Users are able to compare maps of different dates, and to print out small areas of mapping.
Maps are also integrated with the main Tomorrow's History database content, so that it is possible to move from a particular map to view whatever historic images or documents are held on the system for that area."
Translated from 'Nordmændene i Amerika
by Martin Ulvestad, 1907"

Index of /~maggiebakke great work but needs a site map

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a really good idea to have your website ISP independant

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