Wednesday, November 24, 2004

test posting

from my email:-

actually a test of blogging by email - and some basic tags

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

from the newsgroup alt.genealogy:-

Dani wrote:
> Just curious as to which US Censuses are available. I remember hearing that
> one (1900?) wasn't available due to some enormous fire. I could be very
> wrong, though. :)
> Thanks
> Danielle

has the info you're looking for.

Jim Lahue

FamilyNet Newsgate

Blacksheep Ancestors wrote in a message to All:

BA> From: (Blacksheep Ancestors)

BA> Hi everyone

BA> I just started a new website called Blacksheep Ancestors. It's a
BA> Directory of Links for Prison & Convict Records, Court Records,
BA> Executions, Famous Outlaws, Bandits & Criminals. The locations are
BA> USA and Canada

BA> It's at

Someone already started one a couple of years ago -- perhaps you should have
checked before duplicating their efforts.

Steve Hayes
E-mail: - If it doesn't work, see webpage.

FamilyNet <> Internet Gated Mail

You can post a request on the Texas board on the Find a Grave site.
The main site is: (there may even be a listing
already for the person you are searching).
The forums are:

I posted a request there for a grave in California months ago and got a
photo the same day. I've also had some requests up for a while with no
response also. It just depends on if there is a volunteer in the area.


A Feast of Ancestors! Enjoy Free Access to the Register Online
Over Thanksgiving Weekend!

NEHGS is pleased to offer free access to its New England Historical and Genealogical Register database on over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

Normally only available to NEHGS members, the Register database will be accessible to everyone from Thursday, November 25 through Sunday, November 28, 2004. We encourage all NEHGS members to spread the word about this offering, and we hope that those of
you who are not members find a veritable feast of ancestors in the Register database!

Published quarterly since 1847, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register is the flagship journal of American genealogy and the oldest journal in the field. The online
database includes issues from 1847 to 1994.

The Register has featured articles on a wide variety of topics since its inception, including vital records, church records, tax records, land and probate records, cemetery transcriptions, obituaries, and historical essays. Authoritative compiled genealogies have been the centerpiece of the Register for more than 150 years. Thousands of New England families have been treated in the pages of the journal and many more are referenced in incidental ways throughout. The articles in the Register range from short pieces correcting errors in print or solving unusual problems to larger treatments that reveal family origins or present multiple generations of a family.

Look for details on how to obtain free access to the Register in a special eNews bulletin to be sent out Wednesday, November 24. A link will also be available on that date on the home page of our website,

"Karl-Heinz Hansen" <> wrote
> Nej det var ikke sikkert, men så var det ofte, da mange piger blev gravide
> som tjenestepiger, ofte en retssag om myndighed over barnet.
> Da både min mor og far er børn af enlige mødre, fandt jeg navnet på fædrene
> i myndighessagerne. Dette var i retten i Aabenraa.
> "dannebrog" <> skrev
>> Kun en faderskabssag i retsbetjentarkivet. Og det er ikke sikkert en sådan
>> sag blev anlagt.
>> M.v.h.
>> Ulrich
>> --
>> Ulrich Alster Klug
>> København - Denmark