Saturday, January 29, 2005

finding aids for census supplied by the Town Hall Archives, Copenhagen

Good old maps too

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Wednesday evening 26 January 2005

No genealogy today.

I went to the doctor after 500pm to get weighed and have lost 7 kilo
and got my blood pressure down noticeably.

Then I took the 1A bus from Trianglen to Kongensnytorv.,
because I was planning to take the Metro to Fields in order to walk about
in the warm for my daily exercise.

But no red lights at the old opera house meant there were tickets avilable -
but for what?
So I walked to the ticket office and found that I could get one of the last
eight standing room tickets for AIDA
at the new opera house.
I was thrilled to bits ! (I am blogging by email because the 3G ISP is
broken again)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Old Maps UK

Free 1:10560 scale Historical Mapping for the whole of the UK. Navigate directly to your chosen area using our comprehensive County and Town gazetteers and new to me an address search which returns a modern post code too

blogging by email

Again I am reduced to blogging by email - which rather loses the point of a web-log - see Getting to know AOL  in the side bar  for the whys and wherefores. This note is being written in Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00 and is formatted as rich text (html) as an experiment.
The only genealogy I have been doing today today was been hanging out in Mike Jon's Monmouthshire  group and looking for some HIGHLEY in Tintern - on the river Wye by the beautiful ruins of the abbey which is one of my favourite places in the world,
and is a god  illustration of the magic of a name
I have been reading a free newspaper metroXpress and about the public health issues in Kjellerup and the illnesses refugees from Somalia have when the come to that little town in Denmark.
Diabetes, cirrosis of the liver, cysts, problems with scars from bullet wounds, worms, parasites, tuberculosis (which our  ancestors called consumption), heart problems, and dietery defficiences.
The Somalian children had not been vaccinated, and mental problems included stress and schizophrenia.  all of which our ancestors suffered from.
I remeber as little as fifty years ago raw milk was risky to drink because of TB and brucellosis   A cyst in a roatesd slice of beef was out to me as anthrax in an english utility restaurant in about 1944. My mother politely left it on the rim of her plate.

Monday, January 24, 2005

BRUMLEBY - Københavns Lægeforeningens Boliger
this is based on the 1860 census

but now we have the 1855 folketælling on line too
Bumleby blok B
1 februar 1855
opslag 748 Udenbys Klædebo Kvarter

block B in 1860 looks like a lot have moved
my newest blog - - - Academy of English and Music I have carried this idea in my head for several years
Now a new blog
and I have just been adjusting the templates of all my blogs and learning more html see Google Search: tag li making lists of links in the side bars of the blogs

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Rees Message Boaed: "William Rees convict.

Hugh Watkins and I found a common link in William Rees, convict, transported to Van Dieman's Land for the theft of 2 sheep in 1838.
I have long been searching for William's descendants.
I have much information on William. Born Bettws Newydd, 1804. One sone emigrated to USA, as Hugh says. Another, William Rees, moved to Blaenavon, Monmouthshire, where they opened a grocery shop in the late 1800's.
In World War I a young ANZAC came to Blaenavon looking for his Rees family - he was a descendant of William Rees, convict. Unfortunately a grouchy Aunt sent him packing.
In Van Dieman's land, in 1854, William married a Frances Code, but he married under the name WILLIAM REEVES. So we don't know if Rees or Reeves is the name of his Aussie descendants."

by Sue Winch