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from my Bristol_and_Somerset RootsWeb group mail:-

Just to let you know . . this scam has also reached Australia and I am missing over $160.00 (1 March) from my account.
So I suggest that anyone that has dealt with this company in past immediately check your accounts.


see below
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FAQ and help with census of the United Kingdom


Ancestry Message Boards with help for United Kingdom census

this same text with hot links

The census was taken on the following dates:--

10 Mar. 1801 No longer exists, with a few exceptions
27 May 1811 No longer exists, with a few exceptions
28 May 1821 No longer exists, with a few exceptions
30 May 1831 No longer exists, with a few exceptions

7 June 1841 FreeCEN - Cornwall, Warwickshire Scotland
Few local indexes exist - see GENUKI county pages

30 March 1851 FreeCEN - Cornwall Scotland
Many local indexes exist - see GENUKI county pages

7 April 1861 NEW - FreeCEN - England Scotland is due later in 2005
Few local indexes exist - see GENUKI county pages

2 April 1871 ONLINE - FreeCEN - England Scotland Wales
Few local indexes exist - see GENUKI county pages

3 April 1881 England and Wales index available online
- with Scotland on CD set
England and Wales in another version with images

5 April 1891 ONLINE - FreeCEN - England Wales
Few local indexes exist - see GENUKI county pages

31 March 1901 England and Wales index available online at TNA
1901 England Census at Ancestry and Wales is due later in 2005

All census

Local record offices and central libraries hold copies of the 1901 census and more on microform for their local area.
Please note some of these organisations require you to book in advance so calling before a visit is advisable.
GENUKI: UK and Ireland Topics - Archives and Libraries

The Familia website can help you find what is available from public libraries..

Family History Centers in UK and world wide are branch facilities of the Family History Library
in Salt Lake City.and may have or film.
Their online catalogue has recently been updated
Try Place search first to find indexes and to obtain film or fiche numbers about 5 or 6 layers down,
click view film notes button,
and use For a printable version of this record click here then click your browser's Print button.

First try for Census returns for parish, 1841-1891 in Place Search

Great Britain. Census Office as an Author search gives :-
Numbers 1-50 of 14464 titles by this author. --

!! more advice on this would be welcome please !!

Society of Genealogists has many resources for census and parish registers with excellent finding aids

Family Records Centre (FRC) London - on the first floor the National Archives holds the open census returns for the whole of England and Wales
with a substantial collection of finding aids

United Kingdom Census Records - links at Census Finder dot com

TNA help page for their searchable databases
The 1901 Census for England and Wales is ideal for researching your family tree
and you can also discover your house history by using the Place Search
and the 1901 census will be on U.K. Census Collection: too

Boards - Topics - - United Kingdom and Ireland is a feedback message board for
I and others post queries and global errors here eg:-
This name is not currently searchable : Hugh Watkins -- 16 Feb 2005
Re: This name is not currently searchable : L. Brown -- 24 Feb 2005

Do read all postings by Author: L. Brown and Author: Brian Edwards
who are managers at, Inc.
and use View Messages Listed By: Date (expanded) to get the latest news.

GENUKI Wales - GENUKI England - GENUKI Scotland

GENUKI Scotland census - Scotland's People
Scotish Census returns for 1841 - 1871 are currently being indexed

Type of Record Year Range Indexed? Images?
Scotland Census 1841 Spring 2006 ?

Scotland Census 1851 Spring 2006 ?

Scotland Census 1861 Spring 2006 ?

Scotland Census 1871 Spring 2006 ?

Scotland Census 1881 Yes ??????
Scotland Census 1891 Yes Yes
Scotland Census 1901 Yes Yes

============== CLOSED =====================

2 April 1911 has a 100 year closure - will be opened 1st January 2012

19 June 1921 100 year closure
26 April 1931 Destroyed during WW2
29 September 1939 WW2 National Registration - 100 year closure
8 April 1951 100 year closure
23 April 1961 100 year closure
25 April 1971 100 year closure
5 April 1981 100 year closure
21 April 1991 100 year closure
29 April 2001 100 year closure

Census Advice: Read This First - Census, 1801-1901: Statistical Reports

Information about FreeCEN Coverage:- - Database Coverage - Recent Additions
Search the FreeCEN Database - Volunteer to help - Transcription Software

Grand Total - 4,101,197 names

GENUKI CENSUS - easy search TNA family history resources PRO

The householder was to complete their individual household
schedules recording who was in their household during
the period Sunday night to Monday morning.

Place of deposit of the source - Family Records Centre
at 1 Myddelton Street, London EC1R 1UW

TNA Class Reference -
department code + series reference

HO107 1841


RG9 1861

RG10 1871

RG11 1881

RG12 1891

RG13 1901

RG1 to RG8 are NOT census
The National Archives Online Catalogue is now the Catalogue (formerly PROCAT)
catalogue help

ENTER - TNA Class Reference
department code + series reference

type reference here
Go to reference

press return krey
and then use - Browse the catalogue from here

to find a place use search the catalogue
1. place name
3. department code + series reference (is optional)

the national archives - Research guides: A to Z

Search the Family History Library Catalog for records and resources.
use place search - click about 4 levels down to A film or fiche set may contain more than one parish.
For a printable version of this record click here then click your browser's Print button.
note film numbers

============ and on CD ==================
Barry.Ruck - FAQ on CENSUS with many LINKS.
Gordon W. Beavington - Transcription & Scanning Service
LDS Family History Software Products

Direct Line for Family History CD orders by debit/credit card: +44 (0) 8700 10 20 51
or please make cheques payable to 'The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS'
Church of LDS Distribution Centre
399 Garretts Green Lane
B33 0UH

This centre will accept orders from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Eire and Europe.
There is also a distribution centre in France if that is more convenient.
Elsewhere please contact your nearest distribution centre for availability, price and payment details

Very much indexing is undertaken by local volunteers
so for more help contact a local family history society
or subscribe to a RootsWeb county list
England Ireland Scotland Wales

The Federation of Family History Societies.

Societies listed on Genuki


this same text with hot links


Hugh Watkins,
updated March 4 2005 -

Friday, March 04, 2005

Kilby Prison Index of Prisoners 1930 use
Site Map
Ancestry Message Boards [ Black Sheep ]

over the water
The Black Sheep Index uk
Derek Wilcox's Black Sheep Index - 'an index of Victims and Villains (and some heroes too) extracted from newspaper reports of court cases and inquests between 1865-1900'. "
Baa baa black sheep nursery rhyme lyrics, origins and history: "'A Nursery Rhyme,
the first step to your children's education' "

GENUKI: UK and Ireland Topics - Occupations:
We all have the occasional 'black-sheep' in our families. This publication may help us to document their careers:-

D.T. Hawkins. Criminal Ancestors: A Guide to Historical Crime Records in England and Wales. Stroud, Alan Sutton, 1992, 458 pp. ISBN 0 86299 817 4.

A2A - Access to Archives Home
Don't forget that the A2A url is changing in a couple of weeks to, so do amend your links and bookmarks.

A2A is the English strand of the UK archives network; its database at already contains the electronic equivalent of over
700,000 catalogue pages describing archives held across England in national,
local and specialist repositories and dating from the 700s to the present
day. The A2A programme will make a further 150,000 catalogue pages
available on the web by July 2005.
Supreme Court of Ohio / Related Web Sites / Ohio Courts

NKYRoots: Jlk, I have a neat site for Ohio Court houses some have searchable databases on them have you seen that site
Anti Troll FAQ: "This FAQ describes what a Troll is, what they do, what can be
done about them, together with some suggestions as to why they do
may it. Other FAQs on similar subjects, have not covered the
?philosophy? and ?organization? behind this phenomena, and have
not covered the intent of destruction which is now evident."

How To Handle A Troll, and Beat Them at Their Own Game
The Internet Genealogy Community Study | Survey Results: "The majority of participants have so far been female (72%), and married (71%), and over 60% of all respondents fall into the 45 - 64 age bracket.

Is the Internet the complete answer for genealogy? So far, over 80% disagree."
The Internet Genealogy Community (IGCS) Study

This Internet Genealogy Community Study (IGCS) is being conducted by Kylie Veale as part of her PhD thesis, under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Allen of Curtin University of Technology, Australia.
The aim of the study is to investigate how genealogists use the Internet, and the consequences of the development of genealogy as a significant Internet-based activity.

Specifically, the study hopes to uncover:

The relationship between the Internet and the need of genealogists to publish and obtain information.

The ways in which genealogists interact via the Internet.

How genealogical commercial business has increased in recent years, in terms of information, services, and products.

How online genealogy involves changes to the degree of collaboration between genealogists.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

from Google Groups : soc.genealogy.britain


Dear All,

I thought I should alert everyone who might have used Research UK in the past to purchase certificates, etc. I have just discovered that £50.00 has just been taken from my bank account by Research UK in St. Leonards. I have not dealt with them for at least two years.

Through searching we have discovered that Research UK was sold to
Ancestor Detectives based in Hainault, Essex about two weeks ago.
We have spoken to them and they say they have received a number of telephone calls from people who have had money removed from their bank accounts, and that it is causing them enormous problems.

They have put it in the hands of Sussex Police. We have just been talking to the Fraud Office at Sussex Police ourselves, who are instigating a crime investigation. Should anyone need it, the number for Sussex Police is: 0845.6070999. They were extremely helpful.

My advice to anyone who dealt with Research UK is to check their bank
accounts as obviously this is very serious indeed.

Iris McCanna

Thank you, Iris, for reporting this & giving contact details for the police.

I have become aware of several other instances of this same scenario - in some cases the losses being greater than Iris's.

I've now been in lengthy contact with Sussex Police.

They will collate all reports on this.
Please contact their CRIB - Crime Recording Investigation Bureau on 0845 6070999.

They've now set up a reference number for the reports -
quote 587 on 3 March.

They *can* be contacted by email on , but as they have one person dealing with email, and 50 on the phones, they suggest those in the UK use the phone!

Please do contact them if you're a victim of this.

This update of the situation has also been posted on the list
for admins of ENG/WLS lists.

Iris, you were not the only one, they got me for 90 Pound Sterling plus the new company charged me 19 Pounds Sterling for a birth certificate, I am not

Passenger Lists of Ships to Galveston Texas: "Search for your ancestry on Olive Tree Genealogy! Free Ships' Passenger lists, Palatine Genealogy, Canadian Genealogy, USA Genealogy, Native American Genealogy, Huguenots, Mennonites, Almshouse Records, Orphan Records, church records, military muster rolls, census records, land records and much more will help you find that elusive ancestor."
Texas Seaport Museum > Galveston Immigration Database: "The museum staff transferred records from microfilm of Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service passenger manifests from the National Archives, books containing additional source material and isolated passenger lists published in The Galveston Daily News. Additional sources continue to be researched for future inclusion in the database.
In all, the names of more than 130,000 passengers from the period 1846-1948 have been entered. The database lists only those who first disembarked in Texas. Many immigrants came through New York or one of the other East Coast ports and trans-shipped to Texas. Family legend may hand down a Texas port of entry, while immigration records reflect an Eastern port."
welsh surnames: "The IGI takes 1 January 1813 as the cut-off date - before this date all IGI entries are listed using patronymic naming system, regardless of what the actual entry contained. In practice most people had already adopted surnames by 1812 and by the 1851 census examples are very few and far between.
The years of transition from patronymics were ones of confusion and it is essential to look for both patronymic and fixed surnames when researching families in the 18th century. In the IGI, searches should be done in the given name index as well as the surname index.
A man may have decided to use a fixed surname - but the village priest may have insisted on using patronymics in the parish register when he married him or baptised his children. Some people changed from patronymics to surnames half way through their families so that some children may use patronymics whilst their younger brothers and sisters use a surname. Sometimes a man would change from a patronymic to a surname at the time of his marriage - but his brothers may chose to continue with patronymics.
Every family is different and you need to be aware that surnames use was not standardised for a while"

Counties in Wales: " IGI Batch Numbers" Hugh Wallis

Google Search: welsh patronymics

DON'T Join the Welsh Patronymics Project. Members

HISTORY UNEARTHED DAILY. yes your money is history

welsh surnames
1066 and all That: "Throughout most of the period covered by this chapter a well-educated Englishman was trilingual. English would be his mother tongue; he would have some knowledge of Latin, and he would speak fluent French. In this cosmopolitan society French was vital. It was the practical language of law and estate management as well as the language of song and verse, of chanson and romance. The Norman Conquest, in other words, ushered in a period during which England, like the kingdom of Jerusalem, can fairly be described as a part of France overseas, Outremer; in political terms, it was a French colony (though not, of course, one that belonged to the French king) until the early thirteenth century and a cultural colony thereafter.
It is hardly surprising, then, that generations of patriotic Englishmen should have looked upon the battle of Hastings as a national catastrophe. "
1066 and all That: "by 1086 something had clearly changed. Domesday Book is a record of a land deeply marked by the scars of conquest. In 1086 there were only two surviving English lords of any account. More than 4,000 thegns had lost their lands and been replaced by a group of less than 200 barons. A few of the new landlords were Bretons and men from Flanders and Lorraine but most were Normans. In the case of the Church we can put a date to William's anti-English policy. In 1070 he had some English bishops deposed and thereafter appointed no Englishman to either bishopric or abbey. In military matters, the harrying of the north during the winter of 1069-70 also suggests ruthlessness on a new scale at about this time. In Yorkshire this meant that between 1066 and 1086 land values fell by as much as two-thirds. But whenever and however it occurred it is certain that by 1086 Anglo-Saxon aristocracy was no more and its place had been taken by a new Norman elite."
Tour de France : bienvenue sur le site officiel Tour de France - Du 2 au 24 juillet

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(Update adding 13.9 million names)

"On 1 July 1837 a civil registration system for births, marriages and deaths was introduced in England and Wales.
Registration was undertaken by civil registrars who reported to the Registrar General at the General Register Office (GRO) in London, now part of the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Copies of anyone's birth, marriage or death certificates can be obtained by the public.
They are vital to family historians because of the genealogical information that they include."
(Mark D. Herber, Ancestral Trails, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1998)

Since the original birth, marriage and death registers are not open to the public, getting access to the information on one of these certificates is done by first searching the national birth, marriage and death indexes that have been created by the GRO for this purpose.

The indexes for the three events are each divided into quarterly volumes, with the names for each quarter listed alphabetically. Once an entry in one of the indexes is found, you are then able to use that information to order of copy of a death, marriage or birth certificate from the GRO/ONS.
The other information that can be obtained from the index includes: year, record type, quarter (March, June, September, and December), district (each county in England and Wales was divided up into registration districts), volume, and page

Note: names were entered into the volume of the quarter in
which notification of the event was received, not necessarily the
quarter in which the event actually occurred.

This database is available to subscribers with access to the UK and
Ireland Collection at:
RootsWeb: Our Sponsor

Genealogy: It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Thank you for choosing as a genealogy resource. With your help, and's support, we remain the oldest and largest free genealogy site.


Our staff continues to work hard to provide the best tools and resources for your genealogy research. We hope you continue to explore the possibilities we offer.


We depend on for our financial support — if you support, you support us. Their support enables us to develop new programs, evolve existing ones, and expand the collections and services we offer you.

The site offers over 1.7 billion names, and new records are being added to the site each business day. Access 550 million names in's complete U.S. Federal Census Images Collection, which includes all census images from 1790-1930. Subscribe to Ancestry's new United Kingdom and Ireland Records Collection, with records of 100 million names from England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.
from my email:-

Subject: 1861 census now available on
they forget to say England - only

As any genealogist knows, among the primary building blocks of family history research are census returns and birth, marriage and death indexes. Accordingly, we are pleased to announce that a full transcription and original images of the 1861 census are now available online at

The way we have scanned, transcribed and indexed the 1861 census will provide you with new and advanced searching techniques. One of the highlights is that when you search for an individual, you will also be able to search simultaneously for another person who lived in the same household, simply by entering their name into the search criteria. This should help you locate your ancestors more quickly and easily than in any other census online.

The census information for London, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey is the first to be made available and you can start searching these records now. Over the coming few months, we will launch further data, county by county, and we will notify you each time a new set is ready.

The next counties will be:


To help you start using the census, you can also read a new article on our website titled 'Understanding the Census'. The article has been written by Dr. Nick Barratt, the resident genealogist on the BBC's 'Who Do You Think You Are?' TV programme.
: "
The majority of the information that has been typed into this website is from a book that was published in 1879.The name of the book is 'Descendants of William Sumner of Dorchester Mass.' by William Sumner Appleton.

In 1854 was printed, for Gen.William H. Sumner of Roxbury, a 'Memoir of Increase Sumner, Governor of Massachusetts,' to which was added a 'Genealogy of the Sumner Family, by William B. Trask.' Some additions were printed in the N.E. Historical and Genealogical Register, for October, 1855. Mr. Trask was entirely competent to have prepared a genealogy, which would have made this present volume unnecessary; but Gen. Sumner was willing only to have very limited researches made, concerning principally the branches most nearly related to his own. The 'Genealogy' therefore is exceedingly imperfect, and so misleading as to cause one to suppose the family a very small one; and it was in consequence of this mistake that the present writer undertook the work, which has grown in progress to an extent never dreamt of, or it would probably not have been begun. Once under way, however, interest has kept pace with material, and I feel no regret for the time given to the work, or the trouble which has of necessity accompanied it.
by William Sumner Appleton "
ARTICLE - Help Save the Archives of Ontario: "Problems with the existing building include:
inadequate fire protection
upper floors sagging
other structural issues
mould infestation
lack of additional capacity
inadequate flood protection "

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Genealogy Chat Room use Jave MS IE o Netscape
Lolland-falster's slægsdatabase
difficult to dance with
good stuff but sooo s l ooo w w w w
from GENBRIT list:-

If you are really keen (or a glutton for punishment) there are twosites which might amuse.
At them, you can undertake online courses in early handwriting - withtests! Both are useful for Scottish handwriting and words (I've beenbattling away with some Scottish Wills from the 1600s).

English Handwriting:'ve been working my way through this one. Loved the "Mermelate of Quinces".

Scottish Handwriting
This one also offers a weekly poser.This week's one (from Argyll) isn't too bad One odd word was "Marty".
But had I gone to the online Scottish dictionary at would have found it (and that it was restricted to Argyll)!

==== GENBRIT Mailing List ====
(gatewayed with the soc.genealogy.britain newsgroup)
[RootsWeb] the binaries are my mistakes

Other UK mailing lists for regions & subjects:
Welcome to The Internet Archive Wayback Machine: "The Internet Archive Wayback Machine puts the history of the World Wide Web at your fingertips. The Archive contains over 100 terabytes and 10 billion web pages archived from 1996 to the present.
To start using the Wayback Machine to surf the web as it was, just type a URL (a web site address) into the box above, click the Take Me Back button, and start exploring the past. "
Domestic Records Information 11

Family History in England and Wales

Last updated: 5 February 2005 | © Crown Copyright 2002

The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey

Images and transcripts of the 1871-1901 censuses together with name indexes are available online at; there is a fee to download copies of the returns.

The returns for 1871 to 1891 have been co-branded with MyFamily Inc. at, who will gradually make available the returns for 1841-1901; there is a fee to download the images.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Gloucestershire County Council - Record Office The Gloucestershire Record Office aims to preserve historical records relating to Gloucestershire, and to make them available for research.

a neat search engine
Welcome to the Record Office on-line catalogue": "

Document Ref P250
Title Pitchcombe: Anglican Parish
Date 1709-1988
Description Registers 1709-1988;
registers of services 1858-1975;
benefice and incumbents' papers (1709)-1984;
churchwardens' accounts 1796-1932;
churchwardens' papers 1816-1951;
vestry minutes 1843-1931;
tithe 1838

AdminHistory Diocese of Gloucester; united with Harescombe until 1932;
united with Edge 1932-1982;
united with Edge, Harescombe and Brookthorpe 1982

so I am going to search for the birth of Fanny Bartley Ball 1839 in 1971 and 1901 reportedly born in Pitchcombe GLOS

GENUKI: Pitchcombe, Gloucestershire


Web design secrets: Learn the secrets of web design
Web design secrets: Learn the secrets of web design page 2

Web design secrets: Learn the secrets of web design page 3

What ever you do, remember these two points:

Always try and make things as clear as possible to your visitors.
What may be obvious to you may not be to your visitors!
The National Archives | The Catalogue | Research Guides: A to Z: "Research Guides: A to Z : Research guides

This is the best place to get started.
The guides give specific research advice that will help you to use the catalogue"

The National Archives | the Catalogue

The National Archives | Home Page

they forget to say which nation LOL

but the site tells all

Penpergwm, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 9AR.
Tel : 01873 840232

The King of Prussia is a famous coaching inn on the old Abergavenny to Raglan road, and is an extensive building comprising a traditional bar, lounge bar and dining room with a large function suite. There is a large beer garden at the rear featuring a children’s play area. The King of Prussia is popular with people from the surrounding local villages and also people travelling through the area.

<< close to the former ancestral farm
InformationWeek > PC Maintenance > Langa Letter: Getting The Grunge Out Of Your PC > February 28, 2005: "Fred Langa cleans the dirtiest PC he can find, and along the way shows you how you can easily tackle yours. "
Unconfirmed Sources: "Academy Awards Results Leaked: George W. Bush Wins Best Actor! "

Sunday, February 27, 2005

History Rogues Gallery

British Transport Police is the national police force for the railways providing a policing service to rail operators, their staff and passengers throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

British Transport Police Homepage
Icelandic Settlers in Utah

A disconnected home page opn Iceland Telecom is the leading provider of wireless communications services in Iceland.

a safety copy here
RootsWeb Message Boards -- Localities -- Scandinavian and Baltic States -- Iceland