Friday, May 06, 2005

Bitton Families

the people of Bitton and surrounding areas near Keynsham Bristol Gloucestershire
A fine new one place study
from my Bristol_and_Somerset list email:-

While searching through the Saltford and Bitton church records for my
WILLIAMS family of brassworkers, the names of various Bitton families, so
familiar from the B&S list, kept turning up like old friends. By recording
and sharing this info with the list I came into contact with Marsha, who has
copperworkers (THOMPSONs) amongst her ancestors.

Not being much of a typist, I mentioned to her that I'd like to put up some
of the info I'd found on a few basic web pages, if I could find a few people
to type up a page each. With my very basic html skills, I envisaged about
three pages of transcriptions, to share some of the info I'd found.

Marsha said she had wanted to make a Bitton website for some years, does
type, and had already reserved the bittonfamilies URL! And so we started. At
first we thought it would be just a database of transcriptions, but as we
worked the site grew and grew.

Nearly two years later I've learned a lot about html and web site building,
and we're finally ready to go live and share our work with our fellow
researchers. It has grown into a huge project and who knows where it can go
from here as others add to our communal knowledge. It is becoming a
"virtual" community, where you can wander through Bitton in the 17th, 18th
and 19th centuries - seeing who lived where, and meeting all the ancestors
and their neighbours.

Its been a lot of hard work and lots more to come, but I'm really pleased
with our achievement and love seeing the Bitton of old brought to life in
cyberspace. I'm proud to dedicate our work to the ancestors who inspired us
to create this website - the people of Bitton. Their lives were hard but
they had a happy and vibrant community, surviving through good and bad
times, hard labour, unemployment, the pain of childbirth and loss of many
infants, the support of friends and neighbours, etc. etc.

The families they successfully nurtured spread from Bitton to all corners of
the globe. Without them, we would not be here today.


Marsha Stringer (nee MEERE)
(near Boston, MA, USA)
(near Sydney, Australia)

Family Chronicle - 10 Websites for Scottish Genealogy

Family Chronicle - 10 Websites for Scottish Genealogy: "If you're of Scots descent, you're fortunate that many of the primary records for Scottish family history research have been digitized and made available for you to view and download via the Internet. Since 1 July 1999 Scotland has been a self-governing part of the United Kingdom (similar to a state in the US or a province in Canada), and the Scottish Government has provided £3 million to fund a project known as the Digital Imaging of the Genealogical Records of Scotland's People (DIGROS)."

Google Search: DIGROS site:uk

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar
just updated to beta 3
I like experimenting !

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

British Census Indexes, Transcripts, and Images Available Online or on CD

British Census Indexes, Transcripts, and Images Available Online or on CD: "British Census Indexes, Transcripts, and Images Available Online or on CD"

Lancs board help

The story of John Ward & Lucy Hallett

Monday, May 02, 2005

Gaardmand , Hangovers translation

RootsWeb Message Boards - Message [ General ]

on an notice board about danish genealogy:-

Looking at censuses and wondering what these things are. I am assuming Hangovers are roofing? I believe my relative was a carpenter. Is Gaardmand a location or a job description?

It took a couple of goes to answer that and understand how the OP got there :-)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

UK Surnames - more sucker bait

UK Surnames - A genealogy research and exchange site for United Kingdom Family History research
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the first rula about spam
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