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Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals : American Family Immigration History Center

Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals : American Family Immigration History Center:

By the time of the American Revolution, the Island was owned by Samuel Ellis, a New York merchant and owner of a small tavern on the island catering to fisherman.

Samuel Ellis's heirs sold the island to New York State. The name Ellis Island stuck. Later in the year, the Federal Government bought Ellis Island for $10,000. "

Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals : American Family Immigration History Center: "The Immigrant Passenger Arrival Log allows you to record key data fields that are found on most passenger manifests.

Data elements include passenger name, gender, age, marital status, country of origin, name of ship and date of arrival, as well as date and port of departure and other information. As you search through passenger records, be sure to note that some immigrants made several trips to America. You may find an 8-year old in 1892 returning again as an 18-year old in 1902 and as a 28-year old in 1912.

The dates of travel, as well as other passengers that may have been travelling with your ancestor, can provide valuable clues about your family story. "

State Cemetery Project Pages

Other State Cemetery Project Pages

on Florida Cemeteries Project

Our goal is to get every headstone in every cemetery in every state online to help preserve these headstones as well as to:help others in their researchhelp those who can not or are unable to visit these cemeteries themselves.
With so many cemeteries getting and being obsolete and/or endangered, and with so many headstones being weathered, broken, stolen, vandalized, etc. etc. we would like to preserve these as well as the newer cemeteries and headstones for the present and future genealogists and family members and to honor the memories of our and your loved ones.

Please help us in our endeavor by volunteering to transcribe and photograph headstones in a cemetery near you.
Headstone photos you already have are also more than welcomed!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Macintosh tree software

Family for Mac OS X version 10.4 or higher

lets you easily create a tree of your family. A very intuitive user interface, zero configuration.

Spotlight like search and various export options, make it the ultimate application for creating family trees.

from Robert Kuilman, a 22 years old Computer Science student from the Netherlands who very much enjoys writing software for Mac

Eastman's genealogy blog

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Business in Sweden or Tokelau

the only thing missing on the web sites is a snail mail address and telephone number - pay no money until you have these

AFTER FINDING THREE, four, five, and in some cases six generations of ancestry in Sweden, some clients go on and try to find living relatives. Some clients actually only want to track down Swedish relatives. Finding living relatives can sometimes be a quite easy task, sometimes difficult, and sometimes almost impossible.

THE OUTCOME OF a search depends on from which region the immigrants came and if they moved around a lot before emigrating for America. As a rule is it always much easier to track down living relatives in rural districts than in the larger cities.

FOR FINDING LIVING relatives the Swedish Genealogy Company charges an hourly fee, but can also agree on a fixed fee. Then the price depends on the complexity of the case.

Swedgenco Sweden: Kerstin Jonmyren - Genealogy Professional Genealogist
Services: Swedish Genealogy Company (Swedgenco) focus on Swedish-American genealogy, and provides research services on the ancestry of Swedish-American immigrants.

AT EVERY ANNUAL congress of Sweden’s National Genealogy Society (Swedish: Svenska Släktforskarförbundet – SSF) people who have contributed to the Swedish genealogy movement are awarded with a diploma. This year (2002) at the congress in Borlänge the diploma was awarded to Kerstin Jonmyren for her “meritious contributions”. KERSTIN JONMYREN HAS been involved in the genealogy movement for about 25 years. For instance she was the co-founder and chairperson of the board of Kalmar’s Genealogy Society as well as founding member of the predecessor of Sweden’s National Genealogy Society. For the last couple of years she has also been vice chairperson and treasurer of Gotland’s Genealogy Society.

Swedgenco has the experience of quickly accessing and understanding almost all available sources in Sweden. Swedgenco also helps locating living relatives in Sweden. Translation services are also offered if required.

To provide a broader understanding of the immigrants' (and their ancestors) living conditions in Sweden the Swedgenco premium package includes a paper exceeding 20 pages on Sweden of the past.

site is not Swedish
but the New Zealand protectorate of the atolls of Tokelau

Government: "In November 1974 the administration of Tokelau was transferred from the Maori and Island Affairs Department to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NZ.

From then until September 1980, when the Tokelau administration regulations were amended, the New Zealand Secretary of Foreign Affairs was the administrator of Tokelau. New regulations then came into force whereby the Minister of Foreign Affairs was empowered to appoint a suitable person to be the Administrator of Tokelau. The New Zealand flag is used and the anthem is God Save the Queen. Most of the powers of the administrator are delegated to Tokelau. As from 1 July 2004 the delegations will be with the 3 council of elders. See section on 'How is Tokelau Governed?'"

Unless it is expressly extended to Tokelau, New Zealand statute law does not apply to the territory. In practice, no New Zealand legislation is extended to Tokelau without Tokelauan consent. The villages have the statutory power to enact their own laws covering village affairs. International covenants on economic, social and cultural rights and civil and political rights, ratified by New Zealand in December 1978, apply in Tokelau.
Civil and criminal jurisdiction is exercised by commissioners and the New Zealand high court.

There are nine Tokelauan police officers - three each on Fakaofo, Nukunonu and Atafu. They are responsible to the village authorities for the enforcement of law and order and to the public service for their various civil duties. There is little crime apart from petty theft and there are no prisons. Punishment generally takes the form of public rebukes, fines or labour.
© 2000 Modern House of Tokelau.

And under which jurisdiction are contracts on the internet controlled?

And where are the profits taxed?

new blogs subdomain on ancestry dot com

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Monday, April 03, 2006

technical problems in Denmark

Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline remains inacessable to me
Danish Census and church book images require a home made image viewer which this machine using WinXP sp2 rejects as a security risk

I have emailed them no answer yet
but the Danish archives Statens Arkiver in general are notoriously inefficient at replying to emails so I am not holding my breath.

I received the lame excuse "spam filters"

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Canada1901 Census

Automated Genealogy 1901 Census Transcription Project: "The ultimate objective for a project would be to have a complete, high quality transcription of the 1901 Census of Canada that is accessible and searchable for free via the web.

Since that would be a very large undertaking that would likely take many years to accomplish we have adopted a staged approach."

Alberta Family Histories Society
Data Census 1906 Census - Transcriptions

1906 Census - Transcriptions

Google search "in url" of transcriptions

Local Government International Bureau

LGIB database of twinning towns: "Results for 'Birmingham'.

Changchun China
Chicago USA
Frankfurt Am Main Germany
Johannesburg South Africa
Leipzig Germany
Lyon France
Milan Italy
Mirpur Pakistan"

North Somerset Genealogy

from my email:-
Having just changed to our new ISP, Steve and Moyra's North Somerset Genealogy website is at a new locationand is now re-branded as ORIGINS+

We now have Winford baptisms 1655-1812, over 2,300 entries transcribed by Beth Timmins of Baton Rouge, USA.

Beth is an ex-pat Bristolian who has been in the USA since 1947.

Steve and Moyra's Genealogy Pages