Saturday, October 14, 2006


I have made three lately but as they are going to be updated I won't link to them.

I enjoyed reading the article below in an Ancestry News email

Timelining Your Ancestor

by George G. Morgan

Placing your ancestor into historical context is one of the most important means of understanding him or her better. Like you, your ancestors and their families did not live in a void. They were attentive to the news and events of their times. Information they received influenced their opinions and attitudes and helped them make important decisions. Hearing an announcement about a new tax was liable to cause them to become angry and to worry about how they would make financial ends meet. News of political or religious unrest or about the approach of a foreign army might cause tremendous stress and fear. Economic downturns, drought, famine, and disease all meant potential disaster for the people. Such news could also cause your ancestors to make the crucial decision to migrate elsewhere or immigrate to another country. click here to continue

Friday, October 13, 2006 is being transformed

from news:soc.genealogy.computing :-
This just went live yesterday afternoon. A site where you can try out
some of the new things that are planned for

Only one project so far, but it will give you an idea where this is
going. They have taken their cues from Google Labs apparently.

And their blog:

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 adds Advanced Search

The free Find in a Library® Web service at has added an Advanced Search.

Advanced Search includes the general keyword search available from the home page, but also provides the ability to search keywords in the title and author indices. You can combine any or all of these search fields for more precise results.

For an even greater level of specificity, you can limit your search results to items in a particular language, format and publication date range.

WorldCat's Advanced Search also allows you to search by ISBN or OCLC Number for known items.

Family History Show 5 May 2007

from my email:-
Saturday 5 May 2007
10am - 5pm
Royal Horticultural SocietyNew Hall & Conference Centre
Greycoat Street

The Society of Genealogists is delighted to announce that its 15th Anniversary Family History Show will be held in London on 5 May 2007 and promises to bring even more people to the intriguing world of family history.

Tickets will cost 8 pounds on the door or there is a special promotional TWO-FOR-ONE OFFER of two tickets for 10 pounds if purchased before 25 April 2007 (for postal delivery). Tickets will be made available from the Society's website and by telephone on 020 7553 3290, from January 2007.

Groups can obtain TWO FREE places for every 20 places ordered (minimum order 20). Please ask for details.

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned genealogist you'll find a wealth of exhibitors, lecture sessions, information sources and Society of Genealogists' experts to help you in your quest. There will be a free beginner's lecture as well as a newly expanded series of talks in the conference suite will take place throughout the day.
Lecture tickets will be 3.00 each at the door and 2.50 if pre-booked before 25 April.

Exhibitors forms will be mailed on 3 October. For further information including exhibitor bookings, contact:Lori Weinstein,
events co-ordinator, tel: 020 7553 3290 or

Press contacts are available from Else Churchill, Genealogy Officer,tel: 020 7702 5488 or email:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


i have jsut had two great days in Wales
now got my ISP fixed
too tired today

but expect many blogs over the next few days

Sunday, October 08, 2006

irish pedigrees

`Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation' by John O'Hart

Site search results for 'pedigrees' gave 155 hits is a free information resource on Irish antiquities, biography, genealogy, history (general, local and social), literature, and much more besides. You can search the library, browse the extensive subject index, or subscribe to our mailing list for free bulletins of what's new on the library.

see also the National Library of Ireland

Danish National Archives

great news this project is nearing completion

Parish registers and population censuses on the Internet

The Danish State Archives Filming Centre digitises parish registers and population censuses in order to make them accessible via the Internet. The digitisation project is primarily accomplished through scanning of microfiches and microfilms. There is no fixed timetable for the launch of each parish register and population census on the Internet, as this is a successive process.

The parish registers and population censuses will be displayed as pictures of the original records. The pictures show that many records are marked by poor storage conditions, poor ink quality and general wear and tear - a state of affairs that is irremediable. No registers have been compiled in which to search for personal names, occupations, addresses etc.

Parish registers are completed

All Danish church books, kirkebøger, older than 1892 are included in the digitisation project. The end year may, however, differ for South Jutland (North Schleswig) because the local parish registers were kept according to different rules in the period 1864-1920, when South Jutland was under German administration.

Census Folketælling are complete from 1787 to 1880 with 1890 and 1916 to come